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Discount Party Supplies has a wide array of party ideas and supplies to choose from.  They have you covered from 1st Birthdays to each birthday after, bridal showers to baby showers, and from themed parties to special occasions and everything in between.  Discount Party Supplies is a leading online retailer offering these great party goods at discounts up to and even over 50% off MSRP.

With a family of six, it seems like we are always celebrating someone’s birthday. We are pretty low key for my husband and myself but we do have parties when the children’s birthdays roll around.  The first time we did a themed party was when our daughter turned five.  Till then, we just had minimal, if any, decorations and the cake was whatever I found cute the day I ordered it.  However, when she turned five, we had our first “friend” party.  It was princesses all around.  From decor, to balloons, to cake and the guests.  Princesses abounded every where you turned.  Since the kids had such a great time having a theme, they have since decided that each party from then out needed one.  Our third child just turned three this month and he recently decided that Batman is quite cool.  He had never had any exposure to him until about two months ago when we checked an old video out from the library.  Since then, Batman has been a constant topic of conversation and play in our home so I was thrilled when Discount Party Supplies sent us a Batman Party Package to review.

Batman 8

We were sent an assortment of Batman party supplies from Discount Party Supplies for our son’s party.  He has been talking about his birthday ever since his two brothers had their party in June.  Surprisingly, he slept till 11 am the day of his party!  He’s usually up by 7 or 8 but I think the excitement got to him.  By the time he awoke, the garage was decorated and everything was set to go.  Some of the guests had even arrived.  It was so fun to see the amazement and joy in his face when he walked in and saw his party all ready to go.

Batman 5  batman 4  Batman 7

batman 3  batman 2  Batman 6

While parties are always fun, the theme adds to the flow of the day.  I have found that our guests of all ages enjoy when there is a centralized theme to our parties as well.  The supplies we received from Discount Party Supplies were quality, fun, and helped make our party a success to remember.

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Buy It: Head over to Discount Party Supplies to see for yourself the great selection of products, themes, and supplies they offer.

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  • daisy Sosa

    This would be awesome. My son is about to be 4 and he hasn’t had a bday party ever :-/

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  • Joy Erb

    I was very excited about my order and even designed my son’s cake to match the dinosaur plates I ordered. The order didn’t arrive by the shipping date the USPS noted, so I called the company the day before the party and asked if they knew where it might be. The woman I spoke to said that it was probably lost in the mail but that they had until 6:30pm to deliver it. She said if it was not delivered by that time I should purchase new supplies at my local party store and that they would reimburse me for my order including return shipping. After not receiving the order, I did purchase new supplies after 6:30pm. Less that one hour before my party began the next day, the order arrived, but I had already opened all the new paper products and made up the favor bags with my new supplies. When I called to get my money refunded, they said I had to pay for return shipping. The new woman I spoke to said that my order wasn’t guaranteed to be delivered until the following Monday (although this was no where in writing.) She said one of her employees must have been mistaken in telling me they would refund the money and that she had a few new employees. She was unwilling to rectify the situation, and I am stuck with paying return shipping on a large box of supplies that I can not use. This also left me with a cake that didn’t match any of my decorations and a lot of stress in shopping right before a party. I would not recommend their service again due to their poor customer service. They should remember that the “customer is always right,” especially when they admitted that their own employees had make the mistake. I will not be using their services again.

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