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There are many different types of baby carriers available these days as baby wearing has become increasingly popular with all the advantages it offers.  While I gave baby wearing a try, only once or twice, with our first, I became a huge fan with baby number two and our following children.  Now, with baby number five on the way, I’m excited to get to use my baby wearing skills again.


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Benefits To Baby Wearing:

1:)  CONTENT BABIES:  Most babies want to be held and are more content when being snuggled.  When considering the fact that babies have just been “carried” for the last nine months (unless a premie) while they grew, it’s no wonder that they are more content being held.  As most pregnant women can attest, babies tend to wake up and start kicking and moving when mom sits down for a rest or for bedtime.  Once born, this doesn’t usually change immediately.  All of our babies have enjoyed being held, rocked, snuggled, and carried.

2:)  BONDING:  Baby wearing is not just for moms.  Dads (and other family and friends) can easily enjoy the closeness and bonding that baby wearing offers.  With all the different style carriers available, there is practically one to suit every preference.

3:)  HANDS FREE:  I love holding my babies but the fact that carriers can allow me to do it while having my hands free is awesome!  I have cooked, cleaned, done laundry, and everything else imaginable while baby wearing.  This makes life so much easier whether it’s the first child or number five, like us.  I am able to get so much done while baby wearing.

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I received the Chimparoo Stretchy Wrap in Black to use when our little one arrives.  Stretchy Wraps are great because they can be used with newborns but should only be used until baby is too heavy to get a good supportive tight wrap/fit.  I’m really excited about this because many carriers don’t work real well with tiny babies but I’ve heard some amazing things about newborns and wraps.   The Chimparoo Stretchy Wrap is a “One Size” wrap and offers four different carrying positions.  Tying a wrap takes some practice but Chimparoo also includes a DVD with their product that can help.  One nice feature that the Chimparoo Stretchy Wrap offers that not all wraps do is a convenient pocket on the front where their logo is.  Perfect for storing a diaper and wipes or some cash and keys.

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Our 9 year old tried out the Chimparoo Stretchy Wrap with her doll, Lucy, since our baby is not yet here.

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Buy It: Head over to Chimparoo to see for yourself the great selection of products they offer.  The Chimparoo Stretchy Wrap is currently available for $64.95 but they also offer a variety of other carriers and products.

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