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Nobody enjoys being sick.  Thankfully, we have been quite healthy so far this Winter, and in general, but when someone does come down with something, it sure can be miserable.  One of my least favorite and worrisome times are when the kids run a temp with an illness.  I know and understand that a temperature is the bodies way of fighting and killing whatever the illness is, but they still scare me.  So when we do run into temps, I keep notes on times that temps are taken, what the temperature was, and if/when any meds are given.  This way, if we do end up having to go to the doctor, we have all the info documented and can hand it to the doctor.  This method has come in very handy in the past and our doctors and nurses have been very pleased when they see how well we’ve tracked the illness.

EXERGEN SmartGlow Temporal Artery Thermometer Review & Giveaway (US) 3/22

I’ve mainly used oral thermometers in the past and just put them under the kids’ arms but this takes a long time. So when I was given the chance to review the EXERGEN SmartGlow Temporal Artery Thermometer, I was really excited about finding a better way.

~Reads Both Fahrenheit & Celsius
~LED Lighted Display
~Audible Noises & Beeper (Programable and can be turned off!)
~Memory Recall Mode For Up To 8 Readings
~Easy To Use!

EXERGEN SmartGlow Temporal Artery Thermometer Review & Giveaway (US) 3/22

Thankfully, nobody has been sick since receiving our EXERGEN SmartGlow Temporal Artery Thermometer.  However, we have just randomly tested each of us.  I’m happy to report that it seems quite accurate.  Each person has a slightly different reading but when returning back to a certain family member, the reading stayed consistent with their first temp reading.

I really like this thermometer.  It’s super easy to use.  I just depress the button and slowly run it across a forehead and hairline and have a reading in less than 5 seconds.  This will definitely come in handy the next time we have a sick child.

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EXERGEN SmartGlow Temporal Artery Thermometer Review & Giveaway (US) 3/22
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  • Deb E

    I have not used these type of thermometers before but in nursing school, I was always so afraid of hurting the kid’s ear when talking temps that way. These are so much safer and easier.

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