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My daughters are budding artists. They love crafting, drawing, writing, sewing…anything that allows the to be creative and express themselves. Their passions bring in A LOT of supplies. They have scissors, stamps, crayons, markers, pencils, pens, fabric pieces, glue, sewing needles, and paper galore! Both girls’ have an “art bin” in their bedrooms to store most of the fabric and paper goods. That leaves all of the smaller stuff scattered around their rooms and shoved into their desk drawers. They can’t find anything in the mess.

I turned to my favorite storage and organization company for help in controlling the art supply chaos. Thirty-One Gifts sent me two sets of Little Carry All Caddies in Preppy Pop, Oh Snap Bins in Navy Rugby Stripe, Fold N Files in Preppy Pop, Double Duty Caddies in Preppy Pop, and Glamor Cases in Navy Perfect Pendant. They also sent me a surprise gift, a Rudolph the red nose reindeer Littles Carry-All Caddy.


The girls were excited to organize their art supplies with the Thirty-One Gifts containers. I tend to be a micro-manager. I made myself stay out of their bedrooms so they could set things up the way that they wanted them. It was fun to see the final results. The girls used some of the containers in the same way and some completely different from one another. I hope they take full advantage of the Thirty-One Gifts organizers and keep their art supplies picked up.


My Rudolph the red nose reindeer Littles Carry-All Caddy is currently holding scented pinecones. However, I think I will use him to hold napkins during our Christmas family get-together. If I had thought ahead, I would have ordered several of these. In addition to my two daughters, I am going to have two nephews and three nieces at my house for our Christmas party. Santa Claus will be making a visit. He brings each of the kiddos a gift. It would have been great for him to have given the gifts in Littles Carry-All Caddies. In addition to Rudolph, Thirty-One Gifts also has the caddies in red with white Swirl Dot and Santa Suit. Hopefully, I will remember this next year!


I love Thirty-One Gifts products. I have at least one of their products in every room of my home. In fact, I love them so much, I am considering becoming a Consultant.

Have you tried Thirty-One Gifts? Which products are your favorites?

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  • Deb E

    I love little organizing bags and the colors here are awesome. Pinks, greens and stripes are my style and I’d love to give or get a set of these.

  • Jeanine Carlson

    These are such a fun way for kids to learn how to organize their crafting supplies, school supplies, toys, etc. And they’re so cute!

  • Dandi D

    These look really neat and would make great gifts for my nieces!

  • Amy Orvin

    My mom would really love these bags to stay organized. She is very crafty and could something sturdy to carry all of her supplies.

  • Laurie P

    We have some items from thirty one, great quality and style!

  • Darla

    I really like the patterns. The company seems popular and I see why.

  • I love the Thirty One products. I need some more organization so I guess I am off to my lady that sells them.

  • Lauryn R

    My father is a very talented artist. Even though it didn’t pass to me, it skipped a generation and my oldest daughter is already very talented as well. These awesome art supply carriers are just what she needs! 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Amber Ludwig

    I love thrity-one!! Their quality is seriously unmatchable and their prints are too cute!! I am convinced that have a storage solution for anything and everything!!

  • gloria patterson

    This is something I need to checked out. Teaching my great niece who is 4 to love crafting. I have all kinds of paints, markers etcc etc. Plus all the other stuff that is stuck everwhere.

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