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As an aunt with almost two dozen nieces and nephews, I absolutely love that creating a registry or a wish-list for children’s birthday parties is getting more common. Before wish-lists, I would ask what the child was into and would usually be given a character such as Spiderman. I’d head to the store to buy something Spidermam, only to get to the party and find that others bought the exact same toy. Or, that it’s a toy the child already owned. If I got an idea of my own, there’s always a little worry that the child or the mom may not approve. For example, some moms don’t care for arts and crafts gifts that are messy. Others might prefer to avoid toy weapons, even squirt guns. There are so many potential problems or conflicts that can arise if you try to come up with a gift on your own.

Gift registries are great for avoiding duplicate gifts. However, I’ve also visited registries only to find that there wasn’t an item available in the price range I was looking for. I recently learned about which solves this problem and provides several other benefits as well.

Buy Gift Save can help you with your entire event-planning process. To begin you can invite people using a personalized photo or video message. They can RSVP so you know how many people to expect. They can access the gift registry that you customize so that you can avoid duplicate gifts, and avoid the risk of anyone bringing an item that might not be mom-approved.
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Attendees choose a budget when they log in. If their budget amount doesn’t perfectly align with the cost of a gift on the registry, they can either put their budget towards a more expensive gift, or buy a slightly less expensive gift and have the difference put in a savings account for the child. If there is a more expensive gift on the list attendees can choose to put their amount towards the larger gift, which the site calls a crowd gift. This way, expensive gifts can be purchased by multiple attendees pooling their money together! This is an awesome option for older kids who would like to add expensive items to their registry without the assumption that a single person would purchase a high-end item for them.

Another fun benefit is cash gifts go directly into a child’s savings account. This way, if your event is hosted at an arcade, restaurant or chuck-e-cheese there isn’t the risk that your child will spend all of their cash gifts on tokens or overpriced items at the event!

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Perhaps the best benefit is how the remainder of the gift budget goes into a savings account for the child. While toys and gifts are fun, planning for the future is important, too. With BuyGiftSave you get to celebrate today while setting aside money for tomorrow at the same time.

me jorden birthdays

My sister was born 12 years and 2 days after me. Here we are sharing our 2nd and 14th birthday parties. She’ll be 14 this summer! 

Buy Gift Save

As a recipient, I love the concept of BuyGiftSave. I hope to see my family members begin using it in the near future. I love the concept of being able to help kids in my life celebrate their special day with a gift they don’t already have while also helping them plan for tomorrow in a quick and easy way. I have to admit, I love the online RSVP too! I am not in the habit of mailing things very often because I pay most bills online. I admit I have failed to RSVP to physical invitations a few time sin the past few years. Being able to RSVP via email is so much easier and it saves the parent or host the shipping expense, too!



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  • Barrie

    This is a perfect site for birthday parties. My favorite part is the gift registry. I don’t have near as many nieces and nephews to purchase for but it’s still a total bummer when I get excited about a gift I purchase for one of them only to find they received it from someone else!

  • Michelle S

    I’m not sure I love this idea. It seems to regimented for me. I prefer to get creative with gifts for kids and if we don’t know the kid well then I often do a gift card (Barnes & Noble, ToysRUs, etc.).

  • Lynne B

    I can see why this would be a convenient one-stop shopping site for birthday parties. I’m not sure how I feel about a gift registry for children’s birthdays. It seems a bit presumptuous to expect gifts. I always try to include a gift receipt to counter the issue of duplicate gifts.

  • ellen beck

    I have never tried a gift registry except for weddings. Those I like really well because then someone doesnt get 10 toasters! I didnt know there was one for kids, I thought it was more informal. I dont think my nieces or nephews have used one, but I might show this to their Mom.

  • Amber Ludwig

    Omgosh this is seriously GENIUS!!! I love the idea of being able to put money towards a more expensive gift if something isn’t in my price range. I also love that it does the invites and easy rsvp’s too!! Totally makes things so much easier!

  • Sarah L

    That’s a good idea for birthdays. Or anniversaries.

  • Wow! Thanks for sharing! I’d never heard of them! Always looking for great deals and companies to utilize!

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