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Arcopédico L14 Ballerina Flats ~ Absolute Favorite Shoes EVER! {+ Giveaway} 12/8 | Emily Reviews
Arcopedico L14 Ballerina Flats

Do you have a favorite pair of shoes?  Or, if not just one pair, a favorite brand?  I know that many women find that perfect match and others end up continually searching.  Well, I found mine!  A few years ago, I discovered Arcopédico Footwear and my very first was was their L14 Flats.  I wore them almost daily for over two years and, even though they won’t “worn out”, they had seen their better days.  So I bought another pair.  And since then, I’ve tried out a few different styles from Arcopédico and every one has been great.  So I’m thrilled to partner with Arcopédico today and share more about those very first L14 Flats that I absolutely love.

Arcopedico L14 Ballerina Flats

Perfect For Mother, Perfect For Daughter

If you’re looking for comfort, Arcopédico delivers.  So much so, that my 12 year old daughter is constantly borrowing my shoes.  Although she’s one size smaller, she loves every my Arcopédico shoes and makes them work.  Typically, on any given day, you will find us both in my Arcopédico Shoes.  So if you want to wrap up something this year that any fashionista will love, pick up some Arcopédico Footwear.  They have some really great styles for all preferences.

Arcopedico L14 Ballerina Flats

ArcopédicoL14 Flats

Shine bright this holiday season with a pair of L14 Ballerina Flats.  Available in a variety of colors and patterns, they are my absolute number one recommendation!  My first (and second) pair of L14 Flats were the Pearl Flowers pattern but all the options are:

  • Lagrimas Black
  • Azul
  • Black
  • Brown Flower
  • Cafe
  • Camel
  • Cherry
  • Gold Sparkle
  • Pearl Flowers
  • Silver Sparkle
  • Turquoise Sparkle
  • White Sparkle

Arcopedico L14 Ballerina Flats

Functional Flats

The L14 Ballerina Flats are so versatile.  They can be worn at the office, around home, out on a date, and the slip on/off style is perfect for breezing through security at the airport which makes them also perfect for travel!  The Lytech upper is stylish, comfortable, and breathable.  It’s stretchy and forms around the foot so each wearer gets a personalized experience as the shoe encompasses any shape.   But don’t worry as it leaves room for wiggling and moving and I’ve never felt cramped in my L14 Flats.  Plus, they’re lightweight too!

Arcopedico L14 Ballerina Flats

This year, my daughter got her very first pair of L14 Flats and she couldn’t be happier.  She went with the Lagrimas Black and I chose Gold Sparkle.  We both adore our colors!  I was a little scared about the gold as I was worried that it would be too bold for me but they are perfect!  I’d call them a “muted Gold Sparkle”.

Arcopedico L14 Ballerina Flats

Seriously, it doesn’t matter if love shoes or hate them.  If you have feet, you should really check out Arcopédico Footwear.  They do not disappoint!

Arcopedico L14 Ballerina Flats

Buy It: Head over to Arcopédico to learn more about all that they offer. Arcopédico shoes can be purchased at independent shoe retailers throughout the United States.

Connect: Don’t forget to like Arcopédico on Facebook and follow them on Twitter and Google + for all the latest news and promotions.

Win It: Arcopédico is generously offering one of our lucky readers their very own pair of L14 Ballerina Flats! This giveaway is open to the US only and will end December 8th, 2017. For your chance to win, enter the Giveaway Tools below. Good luck!
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