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In this day and age, I find that I truly take light for granted.  When the power is out, I’m completely lost.  Having flashlights is nice but a pain to have to carry.  So having a multi-purpose light available that allows for hands free use is great.  And not only is extra light nice when the powers out, it’s handy for reading, sewing, camping, checking on baby, and a multitude of other things.  So as the holidays continue creeping closer and I was looking for a fun stocking stuffer gift idea, I thought it was the perfect time to share with you.

Beam n Read Light offers several lighting options in their Beam n Read LED Hands-Free Lights line up.  But first, I wanted to share some comparisons with you:

  • Fixed Lighting VERSUS Beam n Read:  While table and floor lamps can be nice, they don’t have the ability to move with you.  The BnR Lights are a personal light that can go anywhere!
  • Flashlights VERSUS Beam n Read:  Flashlights require a hand for holding.  The BnR allows for two free hands to do needlework, reading, crafts, diaper changing, and many other tasks.  Plus, BnR has a dramatically longer battery run time.
  • Headlamps VERSUS Beam n Read:  The BnR won’t bounce around with head movement light headlamps will and also allows you to look at others without blinding them.

Beam n Read Light

Beam n Read Features:

While different models feature different numbers of light beams (the 6 LED light allows you to switch between 3 and 6), these are some great features that you can count on with all models.

  • Lightweight: The Beam n Read lights are lightweight and, therefore, easy to carry.
  • Energy Efficient:  The extra long battery run time saves money and is better for the environment.
  • Useful:  The possibilities are endless!
  • Shine:  The design behind Beam n Read provides a wide and bright hands free light experience.
Beam n Read Light
The Bean n Read Lights are truly versatile.  With no filter, the light shines a cool daylight-type light.  But with the orange filter, it creates a warm incandescent-type light by filtering out blue light.  And finally, the red filter gives a red light by filtering out both blue and green light.  So depending on preferences, there are different ways to use!   The red filter suppresses ambient light which is helpful if others are extra-sensitive to light. The red filter also minimizes night blindness when switching between lighted and dark conditions.  Just experiment to find your perfect light!  We’ve been really happy with our Beam n Read Lights!
Beam n Read Light

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  • elizabeth miller

    this is pretty cool. The main problem I have with my eyes is not enough light. The other day, I was trying to hold a light up small magnifier and thread a needle and just could not do it.

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