Nadine West Personalized Outfit Service Review

I was sent a Nadine West personalized Outfit package for review. There are affiliate links in this post. All opinions are my own.

Several years ago Ryan was along with me while I was shopping. He saw a shirt on the rack that he thought I should try. It did not appeal to me, but I was heading to the dressing room with several items already. I threw it into my pile just to appease Ryan. However, once I got it on, I loved it! Since then, I’ve realized that I may be missing out if I only try on items that I think I will like when looking at them on the rack. I still have a hard time pushing my own boundaries.

I love the idea of Nadine West because it gives me some say in what is sent, but it’s still a surprise. You get to take a style profile choosing your general style (I chose trendy) and tell them which colors or items you will not wear. For example, I never wear scarves so I was able to share that. I was also able to share that I don’t care for wearing yellow or orange. At the end of the style quiz there is an area where you can leave any other notes. I used that area to explain how I can rarely find dresses that fit at an ideal length due to my height, and so on.

When you sign up for Nadine West you’ll get a pretty pink package in the mail. It seems fairly small, but they really know how to tightly package items there!

Nadine west trendy clothing option

When you sign up for Nadine West you’ll be charged $9.78 for shipping, however, if you decide to keep anything in your package that cost will be taken off of the cost of the item. The package also comes with a sheet that tells you the price of each item, and a prepaid shipping label. If you decide to return any of the items, you fix the sticker to the pink package that was sent to you, and fill it with whichever items you choose to return. You’re only charged for the items you keep!

My package included three clothing items, a hat and two pieces of jewelry. A pair of earrings, a necklace, a top, leggings and a cardigan. At least, I would call it a cardigan. The sheet listed it as a top. As you can see, my items ranged in price from $14.99 to $33.49.

Nadine West price list

Other fashion or style based clothing boxes tend to offer items that are much higher end than what I would be willing to pay in a typical store. I love how Nadine West offers clothing at price points similar to what I’m used to shopping at in store.

Nadine west package

When I first unpackaged everything, my first thought was how perfect the color choices were. The cardigan and top were nearly the same color and it’s a favorite of mine to wear. The leggings were burgundy and I love deep reds and purples, so at a glance everything felt like my colors!

Nadine west earrings

I have many “raw” gem jewelry items saved on my Etsy wish-list, so I was excited that the earrings reminded me of those. I have been trying to branch out more with jewelry in general. In the past i’ve stuck with very delicate, simple jewelry. However, I tend to wear relatively simple clothing, so I think getting more creative with my jewelry could help give me a more polished look. The earrings were a great step outside of my comfort zone without being too bold to appeal to me. I wasn’t sure about the necklace at first. I’m used to wearing very dainty necklaces with a small pendant. However, I have thought before that when wearing sweater dresses or simple sweaters that having a bolder necklace would work well. I tried it with a dress I have, but it was a bit too low in the neckline to match with this necklace. I think if I had a turtleneck or tight crewneck sweater or dress that it would look great so it was another ‘win’ for me.

Nadine west necklace

I love the look of cold-shoulder tops on others, but I hadn’t tried one for myself. The material of this top is very thin, so it is nearly transparent. I recently changed bra sizes and I need to buy a nude bra to pair with this shirt, as the lightest color bra I own still showed through, sorry about that. It was sent in my typical size, but it is designed to fit a bit loosely in the arms and it’s a bit longer than most of my shirts. This was my favorite item in the package! I like clothing that is simple but still cute. I like how it is a plain color but has the cold-shoulder so it doesn’t seem too plain. It is very comfy so I can feel relaxed and laid back without looking sloppy. The best of all worlds, in my opinion!

Nadine West open shoulder top

The cardigan was the only item in the package that really was not for me. In part, I just find really long tops to be a bit impractical as they swing around, I suppose. I don’t want it to catch on things as I move around. However, I think more so than anything else it just isn’t a look that I care for on myself. I don’t care for hi-low tops or dresses, and I rarely care for tunics. Most of the time that is because I think longer items make me appear shorter than I am, and at 5’1″ tall I’m not really out to look shorter. I didn’t actually feel like this made me appear shorter it just didn’t feel like “me” I suppose. It was very soft and I think it could look really cute on someone with a different style than my own.

Nadine west cardigan

The hat included is really thick, and as a very soft inner layer. This would be an awesome item for winter weather here in Michigan and I just love how soft it feels. The rose applique is not appealing to me but otherwise, it is a nice hat. I typically buy rather cheap winter hats but it was so thick and soft that I can definitely see paying $15.99 for it, if it had something other than the rose on it.

Nadine west hat accessory

Last in the package was burgundy leggings.  I really like burgandy and own many tops in that color, but I did not have any bottoms in burgundy. I was happy to add these to my wardrobe. They are fleece on the inside making them comfy and cozy in the winter.

Nadine west leggings

Overall I really enjoyed the experience and was impressed that they got my style right on the first try! After you receive your first Nadine West package you can leave feedback about the items to receive so that your future packages will be further personalized to your tastes.

Try it: Want to try Nadine West? Use the code NADINE to get free shipping on your first package.

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This post currently has 19 responses.

  • John Smith

    An interesting way to try new things!

  • Jeanine Carlson

    I am so particular that I’d have a hard time ordering and getting sizes that I would be happy with. I don’t have much luck with online clothing purchases and I hate having to return things. My kidlet, on the other hand, could wear anything and make it look cute!

  • Janet W.

    All of the styles look so good on you! I love trying on new clothing.

  • Cynthia R

    I looked at their site and saw several shirts and jewelry I liked!

  • Lauryn R

    I love all of the items that you received! I am not a fan of going shopping at all, so if I can order clothes online and have them delivered to my door, all the better! I am also not very good at stepping out of my boundaries, so it would be really fun to have surprise pieces sent to me. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  • Amy D

    I love the flower hat and gold necklace! That red sweater looks gorgeous on you! This service is good for someone like me who hates to shop for clothes and doesn’t have the time because I have small children that keep me quite busy.

  • Sarah L

    An interesting way to try new clothes. I can see why you don’t like the long top. Doesn’t look good on you. I like the had with the rose.

  • Courtney S.

    The cold shoulder top is so cute! Services like this are so fun! It makes shopping a surprise 🙂

  • ellen beck

    I really like the colors they chose for you, they are all working for you.The tunic, yes I agree with you. It looks pretty, but youre smaller so I can see where you wouldnt wear it much.. I love the earrings and think they would be darling with your new hat!

  • Maryann D.

    The clothing and jewelry look wonderful! I think I would enjoy Nadine West personalized Outfit package also.

  • You received a very nice selection. I liked the earrings. I really like the cardigan. I would get that. I am always cold and I thing that would cover enough of everything to help.

  • Dana Rodriguez

    That was a lot of items in a small package! I really like the cold shoulder top! I am really short too so I know what you mean about the cardigan.

  • Angela Nichols

    I loved that cold shoulder top on you. I am such a control freak that this would be hard for me to do, plus I am really, really…did I say really… picky. This is a great detailed review!

  • TS

    Package was delivered after the return by date with twice as many clothes than normal (almost $100 plus shipping). Would not recommend.

  • LisaDee

    I have never received 6 items… and I have never received anything worth wearing. After 3 orders I give up. I think they make these “we’ll-send-it-for-free-for-a-review” packages better than actual paying customers.

    • I watch two YouTube channels who get Nadine West packages for review and they seem to get 4 items per bag most of the time. I am not certain how they determine how many items to send but based on seeing YouTubers in the review program get just 4 items in a bag, from what I have watched, it doesn’t seem to be simply a matter of being a blogger or influencer. They make money when you keep the items you are sent, so it would be an odd choice to intentionally send “worse” items to regular customers because they “win” if you like and decide to pay for the items you are sent. It just seems to be in their best interest to try to send you items that you’ll want to pay to keep.

  • Was a bit disappointed in my last shipment. I did keep the super cute camisole, but nothing else. The drab olive flare dress was totally not my style. The floral jacket was cute, but very itchy. Comfort is my tip priority!!!Cut out sleeve floral top would have been great without the ultra large wasn’t to my liking. I prefer silver, and as far as bracelets, I love wide bulky bracelets. Please keep these things in mind with future shipments. Thanks! Looking forward to next package!

  • Please consider more comfortable clothes for me. Don’t like itchy fabrics. I like trendy, biho clothes, but this package did not meet my expectations. The olive green flare dress was especially disappointing. I wouldn’t be caught dead in it. I did love the camisole you sent. Cut out shoulder blue floral top was cute, but I won’t wear anything with such large flowers! Hopefully next package will better suit me!

  • Cristina Mena

    Hi I got pants and shirt the shirt fit fine however the pants was too small and loves the jewelry had to send it back

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