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Nadine West sent me subscription bags of their clothing for review. There are affiliate links in this article. All opinions are my own.

If you’re unfamiliar with Nadine West, it’s a personalized fashion subscription service that delivers a curated selection of apparel and accessories right to your door. The process begins with completing an in-depth style profile, detailing your clothing sizes, color preferences, jewelry tones, and other style-related information. Armed with this data, Nadine West’s stylists handpick pieces they believe will align with your unique tastes and send them to you on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.

Upon receiving your Nadine West package, you’ll find a variety of items accompanied by a pricing list. You then have a few days to try everything on and decide which pieces you’d like to keep or return. Any unwanted items can be easily sent back using the prepaid shipping label provided. The best part? As long as you keep at least one item, the initial ~$10 styling fee is deducted from the total cost, so you only pay the remaining balance. This approach allows you to regularly update your wardrobe without committing to full retail prices.

I’m covering 4 bags in this review. 

Bag #1

This bag included six items. 

Nadine west dress

This dress is sort of a robe style, really thin and sort of a satin material that felt good against my skin. This isn’t the type of dress that I would wear though. It is $34.99 to keep.

Nadine West outift

The sweater and jeans shown here were both sent in this shipment. This sweater is one I would have loved when I was about 15-17! I’m not one to wear stripes much anymore so I decided to pass on keeping it. It is priced at $32.99.

These jeans are Express brand. I just love that Nadine West has gotten into sending regular jeans rather than only sending leggings. These are slightly flared and have a slit at the ankle. They’re too long on me, but that is normal for me when buying any jeans that aren’t marked as ‘short’. Honestly, even ‘short’ sizes are too long on me! These were also a bit too big for me around the waist, although it doesn’t really show up in photos. They fit well up to my natural waist, but then gapped at my waist. I opted not to keep these due to the fit but again am excited to see Nadine West sending jeans. They are priced at $44.99. 

Nadine west outfit

The top and the skirt here were both included in this shipment.

This top is cute, but it’s just not my style. It is $27.99

I’ve never been one to wear long skirts so this was a pass for me. It is $29.99.

nadine west dress

I’m sure some women could find a way to style this dress to make it look modern and stylish. I’m not someone with that sort of fashion skill so on me it just looks goofy, haha! It is $34.99. 

Bag #2

This bag also included 6 items. 

Nadine west red dress

I like the shade of this red, and the neckline. I also like that it’s soft and has long sleeves. I don’t really wear long dresses in general, and the specific style of this one at the bottom didn’t appeal to me. So, I opted not to keep it. This is $29.99.

Nadine west necklace

This necklace is a pretty simple silver chain style necklace. It is pretty and it is my style, but I tend to only wear fine jewelry so I can leave them on. Generally the jewelry that is sent doesn’t state what it’s made of, so I assume it’s costume jewelry. I opted not to keep it for that reason. It is $34.99. 

nadine west weird outfit

The shirt and bottoms were both sent in this shipment. Both of these are really bold pieces that I definitely would not usually wear. I thought it was fun to put them together as it gave me Joker vibes! The top is $19.99 and the bottoms are $24.99. 

Nadine west spring outfit

The top and jeans shown here were both sent in this shipment. I really loved the floral pattern on the top of the shirt, but I didn’t care for the purple band around the bottom. This top is $19.99.

The jeans are Express brand again, but these ones were two sizes smaller than the ones sent in the first bag that I reviewed above. I was a little surprised to see them send such a wide range of sizes, but these ones also almost-fit. They were slightly too snug. Perhaps they are considering the style of the specific jeans when deciding which size to send? The style profile only asks for small/medium/large/XL type sizing, not a number size. I’d love to see them update to request a number size for jeans. These are $44.99. 

Bag #3

Nadine west outfit

The top and bottoms worn here were both sent in this bag. The bottoms are a sweatpants type material but are a jogger style fit. I found these comfy and decided to keep them as I knew I’d get plenty of wear out of them around the house in the colder months. They are $29.99 to keep.

The top fit well and I sort of liked the pattern but also sort of felt like it wasn’t me. I went back and forth about whether I wanted to keep it but ultimately decided not to. It is $19.99 to keep.

Dress from Nadine West

I forgot to check the item list when I put this on. I thought the dress was a tunic style shirt! It is sometimes hard to tell when you’re a short woman, haha. For being similar to a t-shirt dress, I liked how this was slightly fitted around the bust and how it had cute sleeves. I probably would have kept it if it was a different color. I don’t wear much brown. It is priced at $29.99.

Nadine west floral dress

This was a pass for me due to the large florals and how the dress was long. Just not my style in multiple ways. It is priced at $34.99. 

Nadine west casual outfit

The top and bottoms shown here were both sent this shipment. These jeans are from the Express brand, and they were the size that is in between the other two sizes I was sent. So, it seems that Nadine West is sending a small range of sizes that might match your letter size (mine is M and they have sent me size 6, 8 and 10). These jeans fit the best out of all that I had been sent so far, though they do gap a little around my waist. They are priced at $44.99.

This top is cute and definitely my style, it just fit too tight. It’s the same size that Nadine West always sends me in tops, I think this brand or style was just a smaller fit than usual. It is $19.99 to keep.

Bag #4

This bag also included 6 items.

nadine west pretty outfit

I was excited to see this top! I love black tops with florals. It is $19.99 to keep and was definitely a keeper for me.

The bottoms shown here were also sent in this shipment. They are a cotton based jogger style pant. I kept these too as I love wearing bottoms like this around the house or to bed. They are $29.99.

Nadine west express jeans outfit

The jeans and top were both sent in this shipment. I like black tops and the style of this, but the shiny look and the material both made it not a winner for me. The top is $27.99.

The bottoms are Express brand again. They’re a little too long on me but jeans always are. They fit well enough that I chose to keep them. They are $44.99. 

tan dress nadine west

I was really close to keeping this dress! I like the color, the overlay and the subtle polka dots. I just wish it was a bit more fitted around the bust and/or waist. It is $34.99. 

nadine west sun dress

This summery dress was perfect to receive in late spring here in Michigan. I love the colors, the subtle floral pattern and just the overall happy vibe that it gives. This dress is $29.99. 


From these four bags, I kept a total of seven items. I am really loving the Express jeans that Nadine West has been sending me lately. I also like how them sending more jeans has reduced the amount of linen or similar bottoms. I used to receive more cotton-like pants that aren’t casual or athleisure type bottoms. I’m happy to receive leggings or joggers but otherwise don’t like to wear cotton bottoms and Nadine West used to send a lot more of those. That has been reduced since they have started partnering with Express, it seems. I’ve been pretty happy with my experience overall!

Remember you can sign up for Nadine West today. You’ll be charged about $10 for shipping, and if you decide to keep any item from the shipment, the shipping cost will be removed from the value of the item you keep. 


This post currently has 3 responses.

  • Maria Egan

    My favorite item in this selection is the express brand jeans. I like the fit and style of them. Nice to be able to keep clothes for a few days before having to make a decision.

  • Darla c

    Everything is well selected. The tops and dresses seem especially cute though. Partnering with Express for jeans is a good idea on their part.

  • Lauryn R

    I have to admit, nothing that you received is really my style. I know they are most likely what is “in” right now, but I am not sure I would keep anything. I would definitely consider myself very boring when it comes to fashion though. I think it would be fun to try new things, and I love that you can send them back if you don’t want to keep them. I also love the idea of doing it all from the comfort of home.

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