Bonding With My Pugs During Treat Time With Pup-Peroni®

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Meijer is the main store that I shop at, for groceries and household items. We only have two stores in my small town that offer groceries and Meijer is superior to the other option in my opinion. I am also really partial to their Mperks rewards program. You sign up using your cell phone number, and then you can virtually clip coupons. At the check-out, you simply put in your phone number and it will remove any coupons that you’ve clipped that apply to the items you’ve purchased. It’s so much more convenient than physically clipping coupons. The program also offers rewards such as “save $3 on your next order, if you spend $20 or more in fresh produce.”. The rewards typically last 4 weeks, so it’s easy to earn the rewards each month if you shop there for all of your groceries.

Pup-peroni minis original beef dog treats

I recently saw that Mperks was offering 15% off of any Pup-Peroni® brand item, so I decided to check them out. I saw that they recently started stocking a new variety of Pup-Peroni called Pup-Peroni Triple Steak Flavor. I ultimately decided to go with the new Pup-Peroni Original Beef Flavor Minis Dog Treats in the 25oz bag. This size is recommended for smaller dogs, so I thought it would be good for my pugs. I like buying bigger bags of treats because then the price per ounce is a bit cheaper and I love saving money.

Pup-peroni minis dog treats

Pup-Peroni Original Beef Flavor Minis are very soft treats. They can easily be torn into super tiny pieces. When we adopted our pugs a few years back, they got extremely excited when we would get back inside from a walk or from letting them go potty. It was clear that they were used to getting a treat upon coming back inside. We’ve never tried to break this habit, we just indulge them with a treat each time they come in. They have a daily routine that they really seem to enjoy sticking to. One of their favorite times of each day is treat-time after coming in from outside! However, seeing as they go outside about four times per day on average, we don’t want to give them big treats. I like how I can tear each of these treats in half or even smaller and get a pretty clean break.

Pup-peroni minis original beef flavor for pugs

This is one of the Minis in full size (it had not been torn or broken).

My pugs are 13 and 14, so they don’t have the energy to run and play for long periods of time like they used to. We still play, but they often get bored or tired after 5 or 10 minutes. So, indulging them with little treats has become a new way for us to bond together. They may not enjoy playing with me as much anymore, but they still LOVE getting a treat. Pup-Peroni treats have a very meaty smell that gets them very excited to receive these. It’s not just a smell, either, there is real meat in every bite. Pup-Peroni treats are made in the USA. Frank even was sniffing the bag when we got home. “What did you buy us from Meijer, Mom?”

Meijer pup-peroni dog treats

With these treats tearing so well, they would be great for using for training. I was able to easily get them into pieces roughly the size of individual pieces of kibble. I love seeing how eager the pugs are to get their treat when they come in from outside!

Pup-peroni dog treats pug begging

The 15% off deal is still going. Clip your Pup-Peroni coupon for Mperks!

Do your dogs get as excited about their treat routine like mine do? What time of day(s) do they usually get their treats?

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  • John Smith

    Fun! Every species should get to enjoy some pepperoni-style kibble!

  • Sarah L

    I like how these can easily be broken into smaller pieces. I don’t currently have a dog.

  • Lauryn R

    Pupperonis are adorable! I love that they are small and soft, that makes them so much easier to give! And I know that this is a flavor that all dogs love. 🙂 Thanks for sharing, I need to go get my puppy some!

  • ellen beck

    Your pugs are adorable 🙂 I too have a senior, and you find new ways to bond, they do get tired quickly. Odin likes Pepperoni’s too. They work well for Odin , I give him smaller sizes too even though he is much larger then yours. He enjoys his treats and it too has become his routine!

  • gloria patterson

    My nieces dog loves Pup-Peroni his favorite treat! Have never been in a Meijer store but more and more stores are really using their online app. Krogers has a free item on their app every friday that you can load to your card. And they also mail out coupons and there usually 1 or 2 free items in these coupons.

  • elizabeth miller

    My dog loves these. He would eat the entire bag if we let him. I have to really watch my daughter with them because she will feed him the whole bag.

  • Laura

    Both of my dogs love Pupperoni also. I like that it’s easy to break, so you don’t have to overfeed them treats!

  • alice f

    My rescue dog Sparky LOVES pupperoni. He loves this treat and will be such a good boy when he knows a treat is coming his way.

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