Why I’m Taking Natrol Prenatal Multi Gummies & Giveaway (8/5)

Natrol prenatal multi

I was sent Natrol prenatal multi gummies for review. All opinions are my own.

I’m not pregnant or trying to get pregnant. So, you may find it odd that I take prenatal vitamins! I take them year round, and have for a couple of years now. I have a genetic disorder that affects my collagen, which can cause a lot of various symptoms because a large portion of our bodies are made of collagen. It’s kind of the ‘glue’ that holds us together, so I have loose joints as a result of my faulty collagen. It also makes my skin unnatural elastic, and my hair prone to breaking. While I can’t fix my genetic condition, I can support my body as much as possible despite the disorder. I saw a dermatologist about my hair and nail troubles a couple of years ago and he said that while most of the issues were likely caused by the collagen disorder, it couldn’t hurt to stay on prenatal vitamins. He explained that prenatal vitamins are “full of goodnesss” for hair and nail health among other things. So, I take prenatal year-round.

Natrol prenatal multi

When I first decided to try a prenatal, I bought some cheap ones from a local supermarket that included taking two pills per day. One was a regular capsule while the other was sort of a gel capsule. These gave me terrible heartburn, and some moderate nausea. I quit taking them after just a couple of days, and wondered how pregnant women manage to take those if they made a non-pregnant person feel so rough! I read online that gummy prenatals tend to be easier on the digestive system, so I’ve used gummies since then.

Natrol prenatal multi gummies

I recently switched to a new brand of gummies, Natrol’s Prenatal Multi Gummies. These just seem like a higher quality prenatal option. They nourish your body with 26 fruits and veggies, they use organic ingredients are non-GMO, gelatin-free and vegetarian! I can really tell the difference in these gummies compared to gelatin-based gummies. These are softer, while the others are more like slightly-stale gummy bears. The berry flavoring really seems like true berries, cherry and grapes, not fake fruit flavoring like other gummies. This completely makes sense because they are free from artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners and preservatives. The daily dosing is 3 gummies per day and they should be taken with a meal.

The 90 day supply will last about a month each, given the 3 per day guideline. They are currently being sold on Amazon for $7.93 per 90-count bottle which I find to be a nice price for higher quality prenatal vitamins.

Natrol also makes a variety of other vitamins such as a women’s multivitamin, men’s multivitamin, kids multivitamin, melatonin, and hair, skin & nails.

Win it: A 90 count bottle of Natrol Prenatal Multi Vitamins.

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