Stonz Wear Youth Mitts ~ Getting Ready For Winter

I received product from Stonz Wear to facilitate this post.  All opinions are my own.

We live in Minnesota.  And most years, winter seems to creep up on us.  Perhaps it’s because I wait to dig out all our snow gear?  For some reason I’ve always decided to drag my feet in preparation, (as if that will delay it’s impending arrival?).  That is, until the day they come storming in!  Then, it’s a big rush because the kids want to get outside and play!  And who can blame them!?  Seeing that first beautiful white snowfall feels magical.  And because winter is still relatively “new” at that point, there’s nothing but excitement and snowflakes in the air!  So this year, I’m on top of my game.  It’s still September but I’ve already started going through everyones gear and making sure we’re ready for old man winter to blow in.

Stonz Wear Youth Mitts ~ Getting Ready For Winter

Outdoor Play In The Snow Requires Top Notch Gloves

As a child, I loved playing in the snow.  What I did not love, was when the snow would get between my coat and gloves and freeze my wrists.  Frostbite is no joke!  It hurts terribly.  So I make sure to get my kiddos some of the best gloves out there that provide high performance while also protecting them well.

Stonz Wear Youth Mitts

We’ve tried a lot of gloves over the years.  Sadly, most fall short.  So after we discovered Stonz Wear Mitts a few years ago, we’ve never looked back.  (I actually wish they’d make them in a bigger size as our two older kids have sadly outgrown them.)

Features Include:

The Stonz Mitts are amazing!  Their great features include:

  • 100% Waterproof Construction
  • Windproof
  • 600D Coated Nylon Shell
  • 150g 3M™ Thinsulate™
  • Adjustable Toggles At The Wrist And Arm Hole For Customized Fit
  • Warm Fleece Lining
  • Enhanced Palm Grip
  • Fleece Thumb For Rubbing Cold, Wet Noses
  • Extra Wide Arm For Easy Placement Over Coat Sleeves
  • Clips To Store Pairs Together When Not In Use
  • Machine Washable & Dry-able (on low)

Stonz Wear Youth Mitts ~ Getting Ready For Winter

Stonz Mitts PERFORM!

We’ve found that Stonz Mitts perform amazing.  Really!  While the kids may come in complaining their noses are cold, they never have a complaint about their hands any more.  And since I can machine wash and dry (on low) our Mitts, I love that they are easy to care for.  Because of their wonderful wide arm hole design, the kids can even get them on by themselves.  I just have to secure the toggles a bit for a tight fit before they head out the door.  We love them!

Stonz Wear Youth Mitts ~ Getting Ready For Winter

All five of our kids have had pairs of Stonz Mitts over the years.  They are THAT amazing!  We just can’t get enough!  So don’t wait for the snowstorm scramble.  Head over to Stonz and get your kids geared up and ready now!

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