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I’ve seen mothers debate whether nursing or formula feeding is more convenient. I think there are arguments to be made on both sides. Though it’s a little silly to debate because most mom’s don’t make the decision based on convenience. If you are a mom who uses formula for your baby, here are three “mom hacks” for moms use who formula.

  1. Prep bottles before bed if your baby is still waking up to eat. If you know your little one wakes up twice, mix two bottles and set them in the fridge before going to bed. This way, you don’t have to dance around with a crying baby at 2am while trying to shake he formula up.
  2. Keep water with you when traveling. You don’t want to get stuck looking for a water fountain so that you can mix formula. Keeping a water bottle in your diaper bag will allow you to have clean water to make a bottle with no mater where you’re at.
  3. Buy store brand formula to save money.

Of these, I would imagine #3 is going to stand out as the most unique hack. Most of us tend to assume that well-known brands offer higher quality products than store brand ones. Infant formula is regulated by the FDA, and all ingredients have to meet certain safety standards, which means all formula brands contain comparable essential nutrients to make sure that your baby stays healthy and receive the nutrients to grow. Visit the Store Brand formula website for more info. Also click on their social media buttons to check out their social accounts.

Parent’s NewsFEED is a great resource for parents. Its a place where you can get informed and a place to have fun and laugh while sharing in the experience of parenting.

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