Gifts for Kids of All Ages with MindWare

By Lakota

December 4th, 2018

Thank you to MindWare for providing me with product in exchange for review purposes. All opinions are my own. 

This year I made sure to stop by MindWare to pick up gifts for each of my kids this year. I was able to get gifts for my newest addition now aged 8 months, my 4 year old who loves to craft and my 7 year old who loves outdoor play! MindWare specific brands are made to engage the thinking portion of your little ones while keeping the learning fun.

We lacked a perfect tree to hang our Platform Swing on and ended up hangin it from our pre-existing swing set. Our kids have loved the new addition to their swing and have been able to play in sun, rain and snow! The stretchy net provides a awesome grip to hold onto as well as just enough cushion to sit and relax on. If the net feels to firm a cushion is provided to add on top for comfort.

We often set aside time for my whole family to make a few different projects with air dry clay. We have made fairy houses, fairy doors, and tiny volcanoes as decorations around our house. Learning how to push and sculpt the clay is such a great sensory activity that also ends with a cool sculpture that you can paint and decorate.

My 8 month old loves to knock over towers right now. The Babu Stacker is great for little hands looking to know things over, chew on and eventually build up again. The colors and solid feel keep little hands reaching back for the blocks of the Babu Stacker. My older kids love figuring out different ways to stack this toy as well.


Feed the Woozle is a cooperative game that keeps players cheering each other on. There are a few different versions of play to ensure that this game keeps kids interested. My kids love having me read the yucky treats the Woozle snacks on and their favorite way to play is blindfolded. Encouraging each other to get the snacks into the Woozles mouth is so fun to watch and participate in with them, helping to direct the blindfolded hands to the mouth.

MindWare is the perfect one stop shop for all of the kids on your gift giving list list year.

I am a stay at home mother of two, who loves to create in every form, from cooking, to henna, to painting or sculpting, creating with my hands is my passion! I love to dance and let loose when the music flows right. Being outside is a special kind of therapy I think humans need more of as well as mindfulness! I love all things new and adventurous and am always looking to experience more of life 🙂

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