By Amber

December 17th, 2018
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Thanks to PaleoPro for sending me product. As always, all opinions are my own.

Winter can be hard in Minnesota, for a variety of reasons. While I can deal with the snow and the cold (at least for the first couple months!) the one thing I hate every year is how much more susceptible my family is to getting sick. It seems like every public place is like a giant petri dish of germs. While we practice a few different immune-boosting supplements during winter, this year I’ve also added a few PaleoPro products, recently including Grass-Fed Bone Broth Collagen!


Paleo Pro Grass-Fed Bone Broth Collagen

Now, I’ll be honest. When I first heard of bone broth collagen I was a little leery. What would the flavor be like? We make bone broth at home with leftover chicken or beef bones, but I didn’t know if the collagen aspect would translate well through the powder. I was pleasantly surprised when I learned that PaleoPro offers Bone Broth Collagen in three options: Plain Naked, Aztec Vanilla, and Ancient Cacao. I chose the Ancient Cacao flavor because during winter I always crave hot chocolate. Since I don’t drink traditional hot chocolate often, I thought this would be a nice treat! I’ve been really impressed with the flavor; it’s like a rich cup of cocoa, but without the guilt!

One scoop added to a beverage of your choice (I like it mixed with water or almond milk) makes a great immune booster for your day. You can actually mix it with a cold or hot beverage depending on your mood! I’ll heat up water and then mix it in a blender bottle to ensure the powder dissolves. Then I pour it in my mug and enjoy it in the morning in place of a cup of coffee. I haven’t tried it cold yet, but I imagine it would be similar to a protein powder.

Speaking of protein, this Bone Broth Collagen from PaleoPro offers a whopping 16 grams of protein per serving! My husband uses it after a work out as his protein shake. This product is free from typical allergens like dairy, gluten, and soy, and is also low-sodium and non-GMO. It also contains turmeric, which is a known anti-inflammatory.

I’ve really been enjoying this delicious addition to my morning routine. Plus (fingers crossed) I’ve been much healthier so far this winter than the past few. Hopefully things will continue this way! Make sure you check out the other PaleoPro products I’ve been using including the Omega-3 Fish Oil and Greens Powder.

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  • Dana Rodriguez

    I am interested in trying this. I have heard a lot ob out the benefits lately!

  • Tamra Phelps

    It sounds pretty good. So many things like this can be gritty or taste bad but this one sounds nice.

  • ellen beck

    I have been really curious about the collagen and turmeric. I am seeing more and more of it popping up. I am in Iowa, and have had one doozt cold already and I would say a ‘half’ cold while hubby caught the whole thing. If this is an immune booster I might have to give it a go. I am impressed by the protein count!

  • gala

    What a great product. We don’t always have time to make a real collagen-full broth and this product is a God-sent

  • Dandi D

    This sounds like it has some great health benefits and I’d really like to try it!

  • Alice F

    Collagen is all the thing in the world of health supplements. I am not familiar with this particular product but it sounds like a quality product.

  • John Smith

    I have tried to make broths like this. Maybe this would be just the ticket, with a bit of cooking sherry, perhaps!

  • hannah

    I am really curious about how this boosts immunity, I’m all for the supplements to stay healthy.

  • Peggy Nunn

    I have always wondered about bone broth collagen. Now I know more. Thank you for the review.

  • Lauryn R

    This is very interesting, I have never heard of drinking bone broth collagen before! It definitely scares me a little bit, but the health benefits sound great! Thanks for sharing.

  • I have heard the benefits of bone broth but not mixed with collagen. This is very interesting!

  • gloria patterson

    This really does sound so good. I live in a senior high rise 100+ apartments and someone all ways has something. Germs every where! 🙂 I get the flu shot but this would also help protect my system

  • Sarah L

    I’d like to try the Ancient Cacao flavor since I like chocolate. Good amount of protein in this.

  • Ginger Wallace

    Can’t find anything why I should take this product. I’m using it now, but what is it good for? Can’t seem to find out any benefits on anything.

  • Ginger Wallace

    Can’t find anything why I should take this product. I’m using it now, but what is it good for? Can’t seem to find out any benefits on anything.

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