Weruva Presents: Cats in the Kitchen – From Chewy.com

Weruva Presents: Cats in the Kitchen - From Chewy.com

I received product from Chewy.com to facilitate this post.  All opinions are my own.

Pets can seriously become your life, right?!  Our family is a huge pet loving bunch.  It helps that we live on a farm!  And over the years, we’ve added to our crew.  Our current tally includes:

  • 2 Mini Horses (Ginger and Poppy)
  • 1 Big Horse (Dontae)
  • 4 Chickens (Only one has a name though as Violet became a quick favorite with her one blind eye.)
  • 1 Rooster (Fluffy)
  • 1 Large Outdoor Dog (Bear)
  • 10-30 Barn Cats At Any Given Time (Many with names that the kids could list out!)
  • 1 Small Yorkie House Dog (Angel)
  • 1 House Cat (Rosie)
  • And of course, since we live on a farm, we have a couple hundred head of cattle ranging from calves to heifers to cows.  Some are DEFINITELY pet quality too!

Weruva Presents: Cats in the Kitchen - From Chewy.com

And you just never know what this year may have in store!  There’s talk of adding another outdoor dog as Bear has been lonely since our other dog Sammy died last year.  (Sammy was over 15 years old and lived a great life.  He was my “first baby”.)

Everyone Needs To Eat!

And just like humans, these pets all need to eat as well.  And recently, we had the chance to partner with Chewy.com and check out Weruva.

Weruva Presents: Cats in the Kitchen

Inspired by the family kitchen motto where the kitchen is the heart of the home, Weruva offers gourmet recipes made with love.  Delicious meals, featuring the best ingredients, to keep your feline feeling great.

Weruva Presents: Cats in the Kitchen - From Chewy.com

This Variety Pack of Grain-Free Canned Cat Food features four delicious cuisine options including:

Funk In The Trunk Chicken Recipe In Pumpkin Consomme’
Goldie Lox Chicken And Salmon Recipe Au Jus
Chicken Frick ‘A Zee Chicken Recipe Au Jus
The Double Dip Chicken And Beef Recipe Au Jus

Weruva Presents: Cats in the Kitchen - From Chewy.com

Key Benefits Of Weruva: Cats In The Kitchen

  • Easy To Open Cans:  A great feature that feline owners are sure to appreciate.
  • Taurine:  Which helps support heart health and added vitamins and minerals for a complete and balanced diet.
  • FREE FROM:  Grains, potatoes, gluten, GMO ingredients, carrageenan, and MSG
  • Variety:  Cats will appreciate the variety of flavors they will experience, all with a luscious gravy coating.
  • Can Be Used As A Stand Alone Or Dry Food Topper:  A versatile cat food that can fit in your cat’s diet where it’s needed.

Weruva Presents: Cats in the Kitchen - From Chewy.com

And, just in case you’re wondering, Rosie gives Weruva 2 paws up!

Weruva Presents: Cats in the Kitchen - From Chewy.com

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  • Sarah L

    If I still had my cat I would look into these. Looks yummy and I like easy open cans.

  • Lissa Crane

    I love reviews on all things cats! l love my dog too, but it seems like cats don’t get much attention in the real world and they deserve it!

  • Alice F

    I know this is cat food but it looks tasty! Cats are so picky when it comes to food. Love that you have anyway form 10 to 30 cats LOL

  • Christina Almond

    This is a new cat food brand to me! We have two indoor house cats and are really careful to feed them only wholesome cat foods so this is certainly another option to research–thanks for the info! (I’ve ordered several times from Chewy.com–really handy service when, like me, you live rurally!)

  • Micheline

    I have never heard of this brand before, not your ordinary cat food. I will have to check and see if Chewy.com delivers to Canada.

  • katie

    I love when dog food looks like real food. I know my dog will eat it easier then. Sorry for your loss of your pup.

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