1790 brand glass storage containers review
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1790 sent me their 18 piece glass food storage container set for review. There is an affiliate link in this post. All opinions are my own.

I try to avoid plastic in or around foods. I know that many people are only worried about plastic dishes or containers if they contain BPA. I have no scientific reason for my concern, but I just feel better staying away from plastics when we can. Almost 10 years ago, I got our first glass food storage container set. It was pretty expensive and only included four dishes, but I still have all four containers, and three lids all these years later. I like how they can be used to store foods, reheat foods in the microwave or oven, bake foods or freeze foods. However, we did lose one lid and a lid on another has hinges that are damaged. We’ve also been considering doing some meal prepping so I wanted some smaller dishes. So, this time around we went with the 1790’s 18 piece set.

It’s an 18 piece set, so it has 9 containers and 9 lids. It’s currently $32.95 on Amazon which is significantly cheaper than my old set. It includes four rectangular dishes, three circular dishes and two square dishes. The smaller dishes are a good size for an individual meal portion. I can see taking these in a lunch box or on a picnic. The larger dishes are ideal for storing leftovers from a large family meal.

11790 food storage container review790 food storage container review

The containers right after I took them out of the box (they had clingwrap on them).

Seems how there are just two people in my home, I tend to cook a larger portion once and we eat two or three times. It’s just easier and saves time. We’ve been using the 1790’s containers to hold our leftovers until we reheat them. I found that the glass in these is thinner than my old set was, but they seem nice and sturdy anyway. I have occasionally found that the lids don’t want to snap down into place on the first try. Sometimes flipping the lid the opposite direction does the trick. Other times I have to push on the blue rubbery lining as it is slightly out of place. I like how the blue part does come out because it makes it easier to clean well, but it can slide out of place at times.

1790 brand glass storage containers review

This larger rectangular container was great for holding a lot of our leftover dinner. We both had a plate, and there was enough for about four plates left over and it fit well in this container. This is veggies (potatoes, carrots, green beans and onions) with turkey smoked sausage. I promise it tastes better than it looks! 

I don’t tend to store liquid items, so I haven’t tested out the seal on these in that way, but they are advertised as being leakproof and spill proof. They have held up great for my use which is storing foods and reheating them. I don’t have a dishwasher so I haven’t tried them in a dishwasher but they are advertised as dishwasher safe.

1790 square storage container

This smaller square container was perfect for storing a leftover shredded chicken breast. 

I’ve found that all of the containers included are of good size for something. None of the containers are too tiny or too big to be practical in my household. The containers that are of the same shape do nest, so the three smaller rectangular dishes can fit inside of the biggest rectangle, and so on. They don’t take up too much space in my cupboard when nested, which is a nice perk.

1790 glass storage food containers nested

If you know someone with a big cupboard of random mismatched plastic containers that they use for storing food, I think this 1790’s 18 piece glass food storage set would make a great practical gift.

Buy it: Use the code emilyrev10  on Amazon to save 10% off of the 18 piece glass food storage set.

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  • Shirley

    I like staying away from plastic This looks like a good glass set to use for freezing and storing food

  • Lauryn R

    This is such a nice storage container set, I definitely want it now! I prefer glass over plastic as well, in fact I wish more things came in glass like they used to. There is just too much plastic waste in our world today. It holds up so much better too, like you said it lasts for years over plastic containers. Thank you so much for sharing the discount code!

  • Michelle S

    I really like how my lunch at work tastes in glass versus plastic. I would love a set like this as I only have two smallish round bowls now.

  • Sarah L

    I have one of these and haven’t had any trouble with the lid. It snaps down very well.

  • Monika Andersen

    How tall are these?

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