Bemis Push 'N Clean Toilet Seat
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Thank you to Bemis for sending me product, to facilitate this post.  As always, all opinions are my own.

Who here loves to clean the bathroom?  Anyone?  I know it’s one of the least favorite chores around here.  And even MORE so after our boys were ‘potty trained’!  (Please tell me I’m not the only mother who knows what I’m talking about!?!)  But now, I’ve found something that is going to make this dreaded chore SO much easier.

Bemis Push ‘nClean Toilet Seat

Toilets, though arguably the most important seat in the house, are breeding places for germs and bacteria. Over 80 percent of consumers value hygiene and clean-ability when choosing a seat, yet limitations in functionality often keep cleaning them ranked among the worst of household chores. But no more!  Bemis has saved the day with their Bemis Push ‘nClean Seat.

Okay, not only is this seat super easy to clean, it also features the slow close lid, which is also a great feature to have with kids in the house.  Made from a durable plastic, this seat feels solid and should last a long time.  But the best part is the technology that makes it super easy to clean.  Featuring the innovative Push nClean design, these seats can be quickly removed with just a push and lift.  Which makes cleaning all those hard-to-reach areas much easier.

Bemis Push 'N Clean Toilet Seat

Step 1:

Simply raise the seat into the upright position and press gently but firmly straight down.

Bemis Push 'N Clean Toilet Seat

Step 2:

Pull straight up in a continuous gentle motion and the seat will release from the hinges.

Bemis Push 'N Clean Toilet Seat

Step 3:

Now you can get to those hard to clean areas!  Wasn’t that simple?!?

Bemis Push 'N Clean Toilet Seat

Check out the Bemis Push ‘nClean Toilet Seat In Action


  • Whisper Close
  • No Slamming Or Pinched Fingers
  • Easy Clean With No More Hard To Clean Areas
  • Easy To Attach and Release For Cleaning
  • A Seat That Never Loosens
  • Available in Elongated Or Round Options

Bemis Push 'N Clean Toilet Seat

Our toilet is actually less than 2 months old and the seat that came with it was ALREADY lose!  Sadly, it didn’t fit well from the start.  But immediately after installing this Bemis Push ‘nClean Seat, my husband declared it was a much better quality than the original option that came with our toilet.  We love it so much that we have two more toilets that we plan to get this Bemis seat for!   Highly recommend and it receives two enthusiastic thumbs up from our family.

Buy It: Head over to Bemis Seats to learn more.  And don’t forget to grab your own Bemis Push ‘N Clean Toilet Seat from Home Depot.

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