joybeds natural bedding review
By Lakota

April 16th, 2019
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Thank you to Joybed for providing me with product in exchange for review purposes. All opinions belong to me. 

My husband and I have been floor sleeping for about two months. I first found out and considered floor sleeping after reading articles regarding the incredibly toxic materials most mattress are made out of. Not only are these chemicals toxic for your health but they are also non bonded. Non bonded chemicals mean that every time you touch or bump or move on the mattress these toxic chemicals are released into your breathing air. Most of these chemicals are the result of petroleum based flame retardants.
Shortly after reading more I realized we needed to make a change as a family. So I started researching truly organic mattresses and what I found was a very select few that actually fit the non toxic bill. Unfortunately those mattresses came with pretty high price tags. Within that natural mattress research I found the topic of floor sleeping.
Floor sleeping peaked my interest as it could be essentially free if you so choose but also I read so many articles discussing how healthy it could be for our bodies. So again I started researching and figured we should give it a try.
Our first move was to sell our old mattress and that only took a couple of days. From there we had a sleeping bag and just made a bed on the floor. I expected to be an achey mess the first couple of nights as I hadn’t used those muscles in That way in a long time. The explanation for that thought is those muscles aren’t used to holding your posture in shape when sleeping on a traditional mattress as the mattress sort of does that for you. Despite my own and my husbands thoughts we woke up feeling great. I do nurse my little one through the night which results in me laying in some odd positions for extended times so I did notice a pressure point on my hip region through the nights. I’m so glad I found Joybeds to safely help alleviate that issue and really make my floor bed a luxurious experience.
I received a California king size mattress topper from Joybed as well a the same size comforter. Both of these products are 100% natural. They are not coated with any flame retardants as they are made from wool which is naturally flame retardant.
Both pieces came in these awesome carrying bags that you can wear like a backpack. I love these as a bed in a bag option as well as any other carrying need I might have. Upon unboxing I was met with such a pleasant and natural smell, one that I just love experiencing every time I get into bed.
joybeds natural mattress review
The mattress topper also features two elastic straps that when used with a traditional mattress, hold the topper onto the bed without any sliding.
I was so excited to make the bed! The first night of sleep was heavenly. I normally run a Little hot at night and often get sweaty or overheated in our quilt and sheet we used to sleep with but the wool comforter has yet to make me too hot or sweaty even as the temperatures here in Michigan warm up. My husband was never too hot in our old bedding but does get pretty warm in the wool comforter and tends to need an arm out of the covers. As you can see in the picture below the thickness of the topper is about an inch and a half to two inches and my pressure points have entirely disappeared and I absolutely love everything about my new sleeping materials. I typically throw a waterproof material over where my son sleeps and then top everything with a regular fitted sheet and flat sheet.
My favorite part about sleeping on the floor is the habits formed. Every morning I take the time to care for my bed by making it and rolling it up for the day.
Rolling the bed up offers incredible amounts of bedroom space and also creates airflow to the area of the floor and underside of the topper. Not to mention a pretty awesome piece of furniture perfect for snuggling up and reading together on!
Now if I haven’t peaked your interest on floor sleeping but you’d still like to transition to a less toxic mattress Joybed has you covered there as well. Joybed offers completely organic mattresses to choose from if you’re into that as well. Check out Joybed’s site here to see all of the most comfortable and truly natural safe bedding options on the market!


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  • Alice F

    How interesting! I have not heard of Joybed until this article.

  • Michelle S

    I hadn’t heard of floor sleeping. I’m not sure it’s for me but if it works for people that’s great.

  • wen budro

    This looks great. My problem would be getting up from the floor.

  • gloria patterson

    This is a first for me, I know a lot people over the years that could not afford a bed that slept on the floor. I know they say a hard surface equals a good sleep. As for me I could not get down to try it out.

  • Interesting! Didn’t know this was a thing.
    I don’t mind sleeping on the floor or a hard surface. May have to give it a try.
    First I’ve learned about mattresses having toxic materials too. Think I’m going to have to do some research. I don’t like the idea of breathing in harmful toxins when I’m sleeping.

  • Sing

    Thank you for your review, I had done a search of joybed reviews and stumbled upon yours…

    Just a thought.. you chose floor sleeping because of toxic chemicals in most mattresses..etc, I totally agree, I too am researching different natural options.. my older 100% natural bamboo mattress i LOVED was manufactured by Dormia, in Maryland, unfortunately they went out of business several years ago😨. I need to purchase a smaller size, otherwise I would not be looking..

    What distracted me from your review was in your pics, you are sleeping on the floor on CARPET!!!! one of the most extremly toxic items in your house.. from glue to padding to fibers to the continual gases that it will emit throughout its lifetime… nothing is natural about the floor you are sleeping on. It emits VOCs continuously.. and is extremely bad😱 and you are actually laying right on it breathing in and absorbing all of those chemicals and toxins..

    I installed all high end natural hardwood floors with that are nailed in, NOT glued, because of this.

    Then again, I am not an expert, just a random person on oxygen(yes severe breathing and medical issues) I enjoyed this blog post review on the joybed products I am researching..

    I am now concerned with you and your family’s exposure to dangerous chemicals and VOCs etc from the carpet..

  • AM

    Researching Joybeds and came across this. The first thing that went through my mind, like the person mentioned previously, was that you are now sleeping on carpet. Probably couldn’t get much more toxic than that if you tried. Curious as to where you will make your family sleep now…in the bathtub? In a hammock in the backyard? Sometimes you have to use a little common sense.

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