Pet Plate – Order Nutritious, Ready To Eat Dog Food In Pre-Portioned Cups

Pet Plate - Order Nutritious, Ready To Eat Dog Food In Pre-Portioned Cups

Sending a big thank you to Pet Plate for sending our dog, Bear, samples of their food to facilitate this post.  All opinions are my own.

Do you have any pets in your life?  If so, you already know how important they become to the family.  They really are ‘one of the kids’.  While I tend to consider our pets pretty spoiled, I know we’re not alone in treating our furry friends extra special.  Because let’s be honest.  Besides your dog, who else loves you no matter what kind of mood you’re in?  Plus, they are the best at cheering others up.  So when it comes feeding time, we all want to make sure our dog is getting the best, right?!  And now, that task is easier than ever thanks to Pet Plate.

Pet Plate - Order Nutritious, Ready To Eat Dog Food In Pre-Portioned Cups

Who And What Is Pet Plate?

If this is the first time hearing about Pet Plate, I’ll share all the details.  Pet Plate is a dog food delivery subscription service (they hope to add meals for cats soon!) that delivers fresh made dog meals, right to your door.  And to be the best, they make sure to offer only the best of everything.

Pet Plate - Nutritious, Fresh Dog Food

Our Thoughts On Pet Plate

First off, I absolutely love the convenience of a dog food meal delivery service.  We love the meal services we’ve tried for humans and we are also loving the Pet Plate option our pets.  Knowing that what our sweet and loyal Bear is eating is actually safe for humans really helps ease my mind.

Pet Plate - Order Nutritious, Ready To Eat Dog Food In Pre-Portioned Cups

But the true test is what Bear thought.  And frankly, he LOVED it!  I’ve never seen him eat his food with such gusto before!  Usually, he’s a little timid to eat in front of people.  When I give him his food, he just kind of lingers and snacks for about 10 minutes before finally slowly eating it.  But that wasn’t an issue with Pet Plate!

Pet Plate - Order Nutritious, Ready To Eat Dog Food In Pre-Portioned Cups

He seriously polished off his Pet Plate food within a few minutes and happily looked up once finished.

Pet Plate - Order Nutritious, Ready To Eat Dog Food In Pre-Portioned Cups

Did you know?

Surprise!  Did you realize that there have been 45 different dog food recalls since just 2018!?  How scary!  So protect your pet with the best and subscribe to Pet Plate to ensure the highest quality, safest dog food for your best friend.  Because Pet Plate Dog Food is made with real ingredients AND every batch is tested for quality control, you’ll be able to rest easy.

Pet Plate - Nutritious, Fresh Dog Food

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  • Lauryn R

    This sounds awesome! What a great way to get your dog food that is really good for them and you do not have to worry about something bad being in it. I also love that they are pre-portioned. I would definitely try this! Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Carissa Joslyn

    My only concern about the pre portions would be added waste for the pre portioned packaging. we try to reduce as much waste as possible..although its rather hard to do! but other then that i love this idea. I’m a mom to 4 kids, 6 cats, 3 dogs and 2 horses. I don’t have a car so i never get to leave my house-that being said having a subscription for the pet food would be nice!

  • Jeanine Carlson

    So then, does the food come in containers that have to be refrigerated?


    This is one of the things I love about blogs like yours, is learning about great products that I have never heard of or seen elsewhere and may not have if not for here!
    I do have a couple of granddoggies we love to send gifts to and spoil even the one who is literally across the country from us. Haha.
    But, I’m especially happy to learn that they are thinking of coming out with human grade quality food for cats in the future too. We have an Oriental Shorthair purr purr princess named CHERISH bliss since she was 5 mos old she was our wedding gift to one another and she is as obsessed with us as we are with her and we seriously can’t do enough good to show her how loved and special she is. She is 13 now and we are literally savoring every priceless moment with our furbaby girl. We strongly believe trying to feed her as healthy as we can (as long as she will eat it of course haha) is one of the best things we can do to try to help her longevity.

  • Alice F

    Bear does appear to be enjoying his dinner! You are right, our pets do become one of the kids and we certainly want the best of all things (including food) for them.

  • katie

    This looks exactly like my family members who make their dog food. Unfortunately for my pup I don’t have time with my 4 year old running me around in circles so this may be something to get our pup to not be so jealous when we visit our family haha.

  • Shea Lawhorn

    I’ve been looking for a fresh pet food subscription and this one looks nice. I like that Pet Plate is balanced and makes it easy to feed your dog a homemade diet without going through the trouble of making it yourself.

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