HandsOn Gloves – Pet Grooming Accessory

Hands On Gloves Grooming Gloves

I received samples from Hands OnGloves to facilitate this post.  As always, all opinions are my own.

If you have pets, you probably know all about shedding.  From cats to dogs, to horses and more.  It’s just something that happens.  But if you’re looking for a better, easier way to help deal with pet grooming, HandsOn Gloves has a lot to offer.

Hands On Gloves Grooming Gloves

HandsOn Gloves

The revolutionary concept of the HandsOn Gloves go above and beyond any grooming brushes and scrubbers you’ve ever seen before.  They are a wearable glove with scrubbing modules on the fingers and palms, this glove helps you provide a deep, thorough clean.

Hands On Gloves Grooming Gloves

Plus, it’s amazing at helping de-shed!  And since most pets love getting petted, the connection and bonding that can helping while utilizing HandsOn Gloves instead of a brush is amazing.

Plus, it's amazing at helping de-shed!  And since most pets love getting petted, the connection and bonding that can helping while utilizing Hands On Gloves instead of a brush is amazing.

Wet or dry, The HandsOn Gloves Are 5 Fingered Grooming Gloves That Are Unbeatable

The best part is that you can actually use the HandsOn Gloves wet or dry!  Even when wet, these gloves are secure and will not slip around.  They are flexible and allow you to gently groom and care for your beloved pets.

Hands On Gloves Grooming Gloves

Groomed Pets And Clean Hands

One of the biggest things I dislike when it comes to grooming our pets is that my hands and nails would get really dirty.  Well, I’m thrilled to report that isn’t a problem any more!

Hands On Gloves Grooming Gloves

See The HandsOn Glove In Action

Our Final Thoughts About HandsOn Gloves

We love how simple the HandsOn Gloves are to use.  And I think our pets have noticed a difference as they seem to really enjoy being groomed and petted now when we’re using these gloves.  ESPECIALLY our dog!

Hands On Gloves Grooming Gloves

Connect With HandsOn Gloves

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  • Lissa Crane

    This is such a great idea! I have to get one for my fur babies! it would make life so much easier!

  • Beth Hern

    I love these gloves. With several pets that’s very hairy this really helps not having hair all over the house.

  • gloria patterson

    I love these gloves! Would have killed for them years ago had a long haired cat and she hated a brush.

  • Lauryn R

    These pet grooming gloves are awesome! I can see why they would like it much better, it’s pretty close to get pet with a real hand! I would definitely get a pair for our dog. Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Angela Saver

    Wow! These look awesome! I need some of these for our dog & cat. Thanks for sharing!

  • Peggy Nunn

    I have had these before. They are great. The get all the excess hair off and giving the animal a massage at the same time.

  • Sarah L

    Nah. I don’t think your dog likes them. Would be good to have if I still had a pet.

  • katie

    All of my family has multiple pets in their house so this would be an awesome gift. I would love to get this for a Christmas gift for each person, so much fur when we have all so many fur babies.

  • Shane Ashland

    Looks like a great way to spend quality time with your pet while being productive too!

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