YRYM HT Grill Mats Review {Easy Clean Up!}

Grill mats

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We love grilling in the summer. We feel like some foods taste better when grilled and it’s nice to not have to make the whole house hot just to make dinner. When we first got a grill we stuck with common meat for grilling such as hamburgers, hot dogs or bratwurst. Then over time we started getting more creative, adding in veggies, trying out steak, we even tried watermelon! When camping last summer we brought along a cast iron skillet and made bacon and eggs, though it didn’t really seem grilled because it was made in a pan.

Grill mat review

The mats come in a tiny box, but they uncurl and lay flat without an issue. 

With smaller items it can be tricky to keep them from falling through the grates. And cleaning the grill grate can take a lot of elbow grease. So I was excited to try out YRYM HT grill mats. They are PTFE Teflon Fiber grill mats and they can be used on all types of grills as long as you use the mat over a grill grate. The mats are thinner and more flexible than I expected. The set comes with 5 mats which are 13×16 each, but they can be cut easily with ordinary scissors to make them smaller or to custom-fit them to your grill if you wish. It also comes with two silicone brushes.

Grill mat review

I decided to test these out when we were grilling with my family for the 4th of July on my dad’s full sized gas grill. We used two mats on the lower half of the grill, and cut one mat length-wise to fit it over the top of the grill. We grilled burgers and brats, and made foil packs of corn on the cob.

Grill mats review

We had a small mishap with these mats. Because they provide a large flat surface, grease that comes out of your food can pool up on these mats and then run off in a big glob instead of in small drips which can cause a grease fire. So I would recommend cutting the mats into pieces instead of trying to cover your entire grill with the mats because then there will be more spaces for the grease to drip off in smaller amounts and reduce the risk of fire. Or, perhaps just use them for veggies or other small items that are low in grease. If you’re a fan of the grilled appearance, you can still get grill marks on your food while using these mats, they will just be more subtle.

Grill mat review

The food tasted great! We left the mats on the grill while we ate, and removed them later. They were super easy to clean because we could throw them right in the sink with other dishes. We don’t’ have a dishwasher, but they are dishwasher safe!

You can pick up YRYM HT grill mats on Amazon.com.

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  • Dandi D

    My husband loves to grill, so he would really appreciate these!

  • Lynne B

    I would definitely use these for stuff that falls through the grates, like skewers or veggies.

  • Sarah L

    I like grilled fish and veggies so these would be perfect for those.

  • ellen beck

    I have been very curious about this product. I like how you still get the grill flavor using it. It makes sense to use something like his for many foods you normally couldnt cook on a grill easily.

  • Lauryn R

    These mats sound amazing! They would make clean up SO MUCH easier! That is probably our least favorite part of grilling, cleaning the racks! Thank you so much for sharing, we are definitely going to get some of these.

  • Dana Rodriguez

    We have a set of these and love them. They work great!

  • Mia E.

    We have been doing lots of grilling lately to beat the heat and these look like they would work well for everything. Easy clean up is a big plus too.

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