Nadine west july clothing review
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Nadine West sent me a subscription bag in exchange for this review. There are affiliate links in this post. All opinions are my own.

If you’re new to the idea of Nadine West, it’s a clothing service that mails you clothing and accessories monthly or bimonthly. When you sign up, you fill out a style profile letting them know your sizes and some fashion preferences. For example, if you want to conceal your belly and you refuse to wear yellow, but you love wearing florals – you can include all of that information in your style profile. When your shipment comes it’s in a big, very sturdy bubble mailer with everything delicately wrapped. It’s shocking how much they can fit into each bag, they really know how to pack small! You get to try everything on in the comfort of your own home, and then you mail back anything that you don’t wish to keep. You’re only charged for the items that you keep. Most of their items are in the $12-$35 range per piece. I’m not one to spend $100 on a single piece of clothing in most cases, so I love that Nadine West has affordable pieces.

I’ve been with Nadine West for a while and have found a lot of clothing that I just adore, and get lots of use out of. I think my favorite item so far came in this months’ bag. But I’m

getting ahead of myself! Let’s go one item (or at least one outfit) at a time.

Nadine west gold toned jewelry

The bracelet this month fit me really well which is a bit rare for me. I can’t really pinpoint why, but this just isn’t really my bracelet style so it’s not a keeper for me. It is $19.99 to keep. It is the type of bracelet that has the elastic bands holding each piece together. I think those types of bracelets are nice because they are well fitted, typically. However, they can easily be damaged if the elastic breaks. So the price feels a little steep in my view.

July nadine west sun dress

Over time, my Nadine West shipments have helped me to either change or recognize what I like more. I used to never buy yellow. I wouldn’t even try it on. Yet, after trying on yellow clothing that comes from Nadie West, I’ve found several favorites. This dress is a keeper for me! I like how these shipments encourage me to try on clothing in would have passed over in the store. This dress is $32.99 to keep.

Leaf earrings nadine west

The earrings sent this month are really pretty. I love how detailed the leaf design is. While I think these are gorgeous, they just aren’t really my style. They are $14.99 to keep.

Nadine west jewelry

Unfortunately, my necklace arrived damaged. Three rings that should have formed part of a pendent had broken off. My experience with Nadine West customer service has always been good. In the event that you, as a traditional customer, were to receive a damaged item from Nadine West I would just contact them in a timely manner with details about what happened, perhaps adding photos as well.

Nadine west outfit

The shorts shown here are rather thick, ungiving material, but they feel like they are high quality. I am not one t wear shorts other than jean-material or chinos so I knew these would be a no-go for me. They are $21.99 to keep.

The top I also knew would be a no-go for me. I don’t like the big ruffles at the top. Yes, you may notice that the dress I said I liked a lot also had ruffling around the top. I like that dress so much that I made ane exception, haha. This top is $24.49 to keep.

While neither of these items are my style, I do think they look worse together than they would with other items. The shorts are intended to flare at the bottom, and the shirt is supposed to draw your eye to the shoulder line. So it’s just too much going on, and not tight enough in the middle to give me any shape. I think the combination makes me look shapeless and heavier than I actually am. I don’t think it’s the fault of either item individually, they just do not belong together.

Nadine west summer outfits

These pants I also knew wouldn’t be for me, as I only wear leggings, jeggings or jeans. These are a thick material, somewhat similar to the shorts I mentioned above, and also rather stiff. The model shows them being worn very high waisted, with a snug fit and showing a couple of inches of ankle after the hem of the legs. So perhaps I wore them too low and they might be a bit big on me if they are supposed to be more fitted. They are $20.49 to keep.

I like the pale pink color of this top. I like how it’s thin and airy, I thought it would be great for summer. I would have kept this top except I’m not a fan of the black strings on either side of the collar. The image of the top from the Nadine West website shows the strings being knotted into a loose bow but that just isn’t me. The top is $24.49 to keep.

Nadine West Jean shorts outfit

Here is what I started jumping to at the beginning of the post. Jean shorts! I have never received anything else from Nadine West that was jean-like material. These are thin, sort of like jeggings but they have a real button closure, real pockets, etc. I’m calling them real jean shorts. They are advertised as being great for lifting your butt which is why I included a photo of either side. They are not sized with numbers, just s/m/l etc but they fit me pretty well. They are higher waisted than I usually buy, but that helps to hold in my love handles and belly some I think. I LOVE that Nadine West is now carrying (at least some) jean material items in their packages. Plus, these are just $21.49 to keep. Major winner for me!

The top here is a winner for me as well. It’s a thin, airy material that is really comfortable on hot summer days. The shoulders have wood-look buttons running across them which I thought was a cute detail. It is $19.49 to keep. I’ve found myself grabbing for this top regularly!

Nadine West camisole

The last item it his package was this very light cardigan. I think it looks cute. For whatever reason, I just dont’ tend to wear layers unless they are for added warmth. So this one isn’t a keeper for me just because I know I would forget to wear it. It is $25.99.

This was an interesting package! I will only keep and wear three items out of the 11 that I was sent, which is a lower ratio than usual. However, I LOVE that there were jean shorts sent, and I also really, really like the dress and the top that I’ve kept. No complaints at all from me!

Remember you can sign up for Nadine West and fill out your own style profile to get clothing and accessories sent to you. You’ll only pay for the items you keep!

Let me know what your favorite item was from this month’s shipment.

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  • Marisela Zuniga

    The jewelry is all really cute! The yellow dress looks great on you, it’s really cute

  • Lauryn R

    What great package with such a variety of items!! I really like jeans as well, so these shorts would definitely be a favorite for me too. I have such a hard time buying jeans online though, it seems like I can never get the right size.

  • Peggy Nunn

    You picked the clothes well this time. i like the jean shorts too. I might wear the cardigan.

  • Mia E.

    Being able to try on and decide on what to keep at home is a big plus. I agree that some of the items weren’t your style many were cute and I have a granddaughter that would adore the ruffled top.

  • ellen beck

    I agree, the dress is very flattering. I have never really seen you in that color, and it does look good. I think too the jean shorts are great. I kind of like the leaf earrings, maybe they would make a better necklace.

  • tabatha Bean

    Horrible site ,bbb says this company is not good ,they will charge your account for stuff you didnt keep

  • Donna

    I love those leaf earrings! They would look great with some of my fall outfits.

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