Nadine West 2023 review

Nadine West sent me clothing for review. There are affiliate links in this post. All opinions are my own.

Nadine West is a clothing and fashion subscription service for women. You sign up and share your clothing sizing and some of your styling preferences. For example, you can share if you like wearing scarves or sunglasses, what tones of jewelry you like, what colors, patterns or prints you like to wear and so on. 

Then monthly or bimonthly (you choose!) a Nadine West stylist will organize an assortment of clothing and accessories to send to you, that they hope you’ll like. You pay a shipping fee (just shy of $10) upfront. Your shipment will also include a prepaid mailing label, and a list of the products included in your shipment and what they cost.

You’re able to check out everything at home and decide what you’d like to keep and pay for, and what you’d like to return. If you keep at least one item, your almost-$10 shipping fee will be taken off the cost of one item. For example, if you keep a $20 item, you’d only be charged another $10 (approximately). 

You only have a few days between when the shipment arrives and when you need to decide what to keep and return, so make sure you return any unwanted items in a timely fashion. After making your choices, head to the Nadine West website and rate/review the items that you were sent. Your stylist will be able to use that information about what you did and didn’t like from your first bag to better customize your second bag! 

Nadine West 2023 Review

I’m actually going to cover two shipments in my first review for 2023, as I got behind during my holiday gift guide. The first bag I’m covering in this review included five items. 

Nadine west pants

The first item was a pair of brown dress pants. I work from home so I don’t really ever have occasions where I wear dress pants. I rarely dress up, and when I do I wear a dress. So, these wouldn’t have been an item I would keep no matter what. However, they were really small. So small that I couldn’t even get them on! I have gained weight which is certainly part of the equation, but these were definitely smaller than most clothing items of this size. These are $27.99 to keep.

Nadine west outfit 2023

The top and bottoms were both sent in this shipment. These pants are the same size as the brown pants, but these fit much better! The bottoms are jean-like leggings so they don’t have a real button or fly despite looking like pants. They’re very comfortable. They are $37.99 to keep. I do like these, but the price feels a bit steep.

The top is definitely my style. I like really simple tops when it comes to colors or patterns, but I like when they have small details toa dd interest. The fluttery sleeves on this adds such a cute, feminine touch. I’m working on losing weight and hope this will be cuter on me come summertime! It is $32.99 to keep.

nadine west outfit 2023

The top and bottoms here were both sent this shipment, but the bottoms were already reviewed in the paragraph above. 

I went back and forth over whether I wanted to keep this top or not. I really like black tops with floral details. Something about the mix between dark and feminine appeals to me. I think if this had short-sleeves, I would have kept it. I rarely wear sleeveless tops because I don’t love the look of my upper arms. When I do wear sleeveless tops, I tend to just wear a few that I REALLY love. So while I liked this, it wasn’t an absolute favorite so I opted not to keep it in the end. It is $27.99 to keep.

Nadine west dress

Last but not least, this black dress that has a lacey overlay. I love this dress! I don’t love how it fits me right now, I could use a larger size. Again though, I am trying to lose weight and hope it’ll fit better in a few months. It is $39.99 and I decided to keep it. 

Overall, this was a good shipment for me! I kept 3 of the 5 items, and almost kept a 4th. 

The second shipment included six items.

Nadine west earrings

This shipment included some large but lightweight gold earrings. I only wear small earrings so these weren’t something I’d keep. These are $21.49. 

nadine west necklace

Second was this gold-toned necklace with multiple chains and some round orbs. I think this necklace is pretty, but I tend to only wear fine jewelry 99% of the time. I didn’t think I’d get much wear out of this myself, so I’ll pass it on to someone else. This is $39.99 to keep.

nadine west dress

This was this green bodycon style dress. I was able to get this on, but I promise you, nobody wants to see what it looked like on me! It was definitely too small. It is $34.99 to keep but I decided to pass on it. 

nadine west outfit

The top and bottoms were both sent this shipment. I thought the top would be cute if I manage to lose some weight in my mid-section so I opted to keep it. It is $27.99.

The bottoms are black jeggings. If my jeans drawer wasn’t already overflowing, I probably would have kept these. They were definitely comfortable. I don’t wear black bottoms very often at all though, and I already have a pair of black jeggings so I opted to pass on these. They are $37.99.

nadine west cardigan

Last but not least, this dolman style cardigan. I’ve loved cardigans for years, and my love for them isn’t fading even though they aren’t quite as ‘in’ as they used to be. I especially love dolman cardigans! I like how this cardigan is short enough in front that you can see the top I’m wearing well, but the back is a little longer to cover my backside. When wearing leggings I sometimes prefer to have my backside covered. I’m sure I’ll get lots of wear out of this! It is $39.99. 

This shipment was pretty good. While I only kept 2 of the 6 items, I considered keeping a third. Of the two items that I kept, I really LOVE the cardigan. This cardigan alone makes it feel like a good shipment to me! 

If you’re curious what Nadine West would send you, head to to take the style quiz!

This post currently has 5 responses.

  • Leela

    I like the blue top and jeans.

  • Helga

    I like the earrings and the floral tops. The cardigan is a good staple to have.

  • Maria Egan

    The dolman style cardigan is my favorite item and something that I would love to have in my own wardrobe.

  • Christine Sandidge

    Don’t do it! This company is awful. Not only are the clothes very cheaply made, but the customer service is horrible! I have requested 3-4 times now for them to cancel my subscription after seeing numerous complaints about them. Now I am experiencing some of those same issues. I have had to cancel my CC and get a new one because I do not trust them to have my info! RUN AWAY

  • Lauryn R

    My favorite item you received is the dolman style cardigan! I also love cardigans; I am always cold, and they are a nice way to stay warm without feeling like I have too much bulk.

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