Nadine West Review 2019 {Pants & Chino Shorts!}

Nadine west july outfits review

Nadine West sent me a shipment in exchange for my review. There are affiliate links in this post. All opinions are my own.

If you’ve seen my past reviews then you know I love Nadine West‘s clothing subscription service. If you’re new, they you fill out a style profile and tell them your sizes, color preferences and other information. Then they mail you anywhere from 5 to 15 items to try on in the comfort of your own home. The shipment includes a return shipping label so you can return anything you don’t want to pay for. Then you’re only charged for the items that you keep. All of their items are reasonably priced (maxing out around $35 but often being cheaper, I’ve been sent items as affordable as $7-$8!). When trying to come up with downsides to Nadine West, I genuinely have a hard time because I really, really like their service. However, one of the things that does come to mind is how their pants and shorts rarely ever match my style. I like denim or jegging style shorts and pants, or sometimes khaki or chino style bottoms. I don’t really ever wear cloth pants or shorts, culottes, “paper bag shorts” etc. I’ve gotten plenty of leggings that I love from Nadine West but their other bottoms don’t really match any styles that I see people wearing in my area such as culottes, paper bag shorts, etc. So, I was really excited that my shipment this month included a pair of chino-like shorts and a pair of black jegging style pants. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this is a sign that Nadine West has ventured into new types of bottoms!  Anyway, on to all of the items that I was sent this month.

July Nadine West bracelet

This bracelet is cute and simple ad would go with almost anything. I seem to have smaller wrists as bracelets are often big on me but this fit great. It’s a keeper for me. It is $14.99 to keep.

Nadine West pink dress

Is anyone out there short enough where you can sometimes try on a piece of clothing and be uncertain of whether it’s a top or a dress? That’s how I felt with this! I thought it was so short that maybe it was intended to be a shirt on a taller person. Thankfully, when logging into the Nadine West site and looking at your shipment, they tell you if something is a dress or a top. This is intended as a dress but I am 5’1″ and it’s rather short on me. On the model’s photo, the sleeves completely revealed her shoulders, leaving the fabric around her biceps area. Even with the sleeves sort of sneaking up my shoulders, the chest area and armpit areas felt really tight on me. I think this is more like an XS than a small in size because I never really have trouble with tops or dresses being small around my chest area. I think this is cute, it was just too small for me. It is $29.99 to keep.

Nadine west slit dress

This dress is a really thin, breathable material that would be great for summer. It’s long on me but again, I am 5’1″. I’ve never been a fan of full-length dresses on myself, and the slit in the front isn’t my style. It’s nice, it just isn’t right for me. This dress is $29.99 to keep.

Nadine West summer dress

I love the style of this dress. I think it’s a bit tight on me through the belly area right now but I’ve put on weight in my belly in the past year that I hope to take back off. I’m sort of between sizes as a result of this, particularly in items that hug the belly area. I’m definitely keeping this dress for when I get my body back where I want it to be. It is $29.99 to keep.

I like dangled earrings but my ears don’t tolerate heavy earrings very well. These are awesomely lightweight! I think they are pretty, and they are in a good spot where they could be dressed up or dressed down. I appreciate jewelry that can work with a lot of different items. They are $13.99 to keep. (Ps – this photo shows the detailing for a top that is shown lower!)

Nadine west july necklace

Unfortunately, this months’ necklace arrived broken. If this happens to you, email Nadine West with photos explaining how the item arrived damaged.

Nadine west july outfit

Purple is my favorite color and I love it in basically all shades. When I first saw the lace-like detail of the top of this top, I thought I would love this shirt. I really, really wish it didn’t have the black strings on it. I’d love the top without the strings, but with them, it’s not for me. It is $24.49 to keep.

The pants included fall into that category of “Do people really wear clothes like this?” because I never see items like this worn in my area. Though, I do live in the midwest so I know we are not as adventurous in fashion as people on the coasts. After taking photos, I noticed that on my profile the model wearing these pants has her lower calf showing. I wore these as high up as I could (they are high-waisted, ending at my natural waist) so perhaps they would look better on someone with longer legs. They would be $11.99 to keep.

Nadine West black skinny jeans

These are the pants I was excited about! While they are thin and stretchy, sort of like jeggings, they have a button and fly, and real pockets, making them ‘real pants’ in my mind. Being simple black skinny jeans, they could be worn as business casual or as regular casual. I am happy to add these to my wardrobe. They are $20.99 to keep.

Nadine west cardigans

Nadine West has helped me to realize that I only wear layers when they are functional. I love cardigans in the winter for added warmth, and I’ll wear a scarf if it’s really cold outside. I won’t wear kimono cardigans or fashion scarves because they aren’t functional. I don’t know why this is because I think this cardigan looks cute on. I know I wouldn’t remember to wear it though so it’s a pass for me. It is $29.49 to keep.

Nadine west chino shorts

These are the shorts I was excited to receive because this chino-like look is one I would really wear. The blue is a bit bright for me, and the waist is a bit too snug (Again, I’m between sizes so this is my fault not theirs!). I’m so excited to see Nadine West branching out into new types of bottoms like this though. These are $19.99 to keep.

Nadine west floral top

When I first tried this shirt on, I was somewhat on the fence. It’s a little more loose fitting than I typically like my tops, but I liked how it was still feminine despite being a bit looser fitting. For example, the overlapping, raised shoulder details are really cutesie! Ryan said he liked it, so I decided to keep it. I’ve found myself wearing it a LOT. I’m so glad I decided to give it a try because it’s comfortable and cute. It is $25.99 to keep.

The shorts that I’m wearing here were also from Nadine West. They are a simple, cotton-type short with a wide elastic waistband. They aren’t something I would wear as an outfit, but I’ve kept them as pajama shorts because they are so cozy. They are $17.19 to keep.

Nadine west red top

(Yes this is a new backdrop…spoiler alert…I moved recently!)

When I pulled this red open-shoulder flowy top out of the package I knew I would keep it. I decided to wear it to a BBQ thinking we would take photos at the event so it wouldn’t matter if I was in the wash when I was ready to try on my other Nadine West outfits. Well, I got grease on it by accident and it stained. So, I apologize for the stain showing on the photo. I really liked this shirt though. It is $26.99 to keep. If anyone has advice for getting grease stains out please let me know!

So, that was all 4 items that I was sent this month. I’d love to hear which pieces are your favorite. Remember you can head to Nadine West to take the style quiz and get sent items based on your style preferences today!

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  • Sarah L

    I love the cardigan. The colors are lovely. But I understand that it’s not something you would wear.

  • ellen beck

    I love the bracelt, very pretty. I also love that minty green dress, the color is great on you. I also like the purple top but I agree the black strings throw i off. Maybe it is a Midwest thing, I agree on your whole take on it.

  • John Smith

    Nice pattern with the blue and red top!

  • Peggy Nunn

    Those are so nice. I really liked that purple top but whoever thought those black ribbons were good…. not me. I like the jeggings too. You did real well this month.

  • Dana Rodriguez

    I like the maxi dress and the black and white top. The purple top would be cute if it didn’t have the black tie at the top. The bracelet is really pretty!

  • Sara Tarver

    Cute outfits!

  • Lauryn R

    What a fun collection you received this time! I think my favorite item is the jeans, they look so nice on you! I also have such a hard time finding shorts like this, but I really like the bright blue! Thank you so much for sharing. 🙂

  • Mia E.

    The skinny jeans and the bracelet are my favorites. I also really like the red open shoulder top.

  • Julie Waldron

    I like the green dress(I love the back!) and the red cold shoulder top. As for the grease stain, maybe try scrubbing it with a little Dawn dish soap?

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