2018 blog holiday gift guide
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Emily Reviews Blog Holiday Gift Guide

Here at Emily Reviews we have done a blog holiday gift guide for 9 years now! Our holiday gift guide will run from November 1st through December 15th this year. As we have always done, we plan to provide our readers with gift ideas for their whole family. We will be including the following categories to our holiday gift guide this year:

  • Gifts for men
  • Gifts for women
  • Gifts for teens
  • Gifts for big kids (roughly ages 8-12)
  • Gifts for little kids (roughly ages 3-7)
  • Gifts for babies and toddlers
  • Stocking stuffers for adults
  • Stocking stuffers for kids
  • Gift ideas for pets

If you haven’t seen our past gift guides, feel free to check out our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide to get a feel for how it goes. Last year we included over 200 items in our gift guides! We pride ourselves in showcasing a wide range of gift types and gift values in hopes that everyone who views our guide will find an item that fits their budget and their family.

We are now accepting submissions for each of these categories. If you are a brand, business or PR rep who would like to have your brand or product considered for our gift guide you can email me your pitch at Emilyreviewscom@gmail.com.

There is no fee or payment involved with our gift guide for brands who send product samples valued at $25 or higher. As a unique benefit during our gift guide each year, we offer perks to brands depending on what they send. The level of promotion that we provide varies depending on the retail value of the samples sent for review. For example, a brand who sends one $25 item will be a “Level A” sponsor who will be included in a gift guide round-up. At our highest level, a brand who sends $300 worth of product samples will be a “Level G” sponsor which will be included in two gift-guide round-up posts, a review or featured post all about the brand, an email newsletter shout-out, Instagram promotion and a sidebar ad. Most years we have a few sponsors who want to go above and beyond Level G. If that is you feel free to email us and we can work out unique perks in addition to these. You can look over all of the promotional levels that we offer during the holiday gift guide in our holiday gift guide media kit.

Frequently asked questions about our blog holiday gift guide:

What does it cost to be included? It’s free! We have product value requirements for each level of the gift guide, but this is based on the retail value of the products sent to us. There is no fee or payment. For example, Level C requires a $75 minimum product value. This could be met by sending three items that sell for $25 each.

I don’t want to send product, can I still be included? Yes! If you prefer to pay for coverage instead of sending product that is a possibility. Email me with your idea at Emilyreviewscom@Gmail.com.

How many pageviews do you get? How many Twitter followers do you have? Our stats can be found in our Holiday Gift Guide media kit.

Can I participate if my business is located outside of the US? Sure, as long as you are willing to ship to US locations.

Can I participate as an Etsy shop, independent sales or very small business? Absolutely! We love to support businesses of all sizes.

When is the due date for sending pitches? The sooner the better! We can theoretically accept pitches through about 12/7/2019 if shipping is speedy and our schedule is not already filled, but mid November or before is much more ideal.

What is your target demographic? Our largest demographic is women ages 25-44 living in the USA. These women are typically mothers and the primary shopper for their household. Additional demographics can be seen in our holiday gift guide media kit.

Is your holiday gift guide for a specific holiday? No. All writers at Emily Reviews celebrate Christmas but our holiday gift ideas are intended to be used for any winter holiday that our readers are seeking gift ideas for.

What is the price range for gifts? Typically the majority of our gift ideas are in the $15-$150 range but we also have several very affordable stocking stuffer ideas, and several big gift ideas that are in the $200+ range as well. Our readers have a variety of gift needs and budgets so we are happy to include a wide range.

More questions? If you have remaining questions about the holiday gift guide feel free to email them to me at EmilyReviewsCom@gmail.com.

Ready to tell us about your products that you’d like included in our gift guide? Feel free to email your pitch to me at EmilyReviewscom@Gmail.com. If you own multiple businesses or are a PR rep who covers multiple brands feel free to email me about any/all items you would like included in our blog holiday gift guide.


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