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I received product from Modarri in exchange for this post.  As always, all opinions are my own.

My boys (and husband) have been obsessed with Modarri cars for years now.  You can read one of my older Modarri reviews to learn more and see them in action.  But their mix-and-match building system and high quality features made them a toy that never gets old.  Not to mention, a toy you can never outgrow!  So when I heard about their new Monster Truck line-up, I knew it would be the perfect thing for my boys this Christmas.

Big Wheels Keep On Turnin’ With Modarri Customizable Turbo Monster Trucks

Just recently, Modarri announced that their brand new Jurassic BeastsTeam Sharkz and Space Invaders Turbo Monster Trucks have arrived.  And customers went crazy for this new lineup of chassis, fender, hood and frame mix-and-match parts that sit atop four large soft rubber tires.  As with all Modarri cars, these new Monster Trucks are interchangeable with other Modarri trucks.

It truly doesn’t matter what age you are.  Everyone finds designing and building cars fun.  The Modarri homepage even endorses their customers to “enjoy quality time spent with family sharing parts and exploring new creations!”

Fun To Play Or To Collect!

Perfect for the upcoming Holiday 2019 giving season, these massive Modarri trucks can catch some serious air!

Similar to their life-size counterparts, try racing your Jurassic Beasts Monster Truck over the ramps.  Or get ready to plow the Space Invaders Monster Truck through mud.  Finally, doing donuts with Team Sharkz Monster Truck is never a dull day. They are big, they’re bad and they are fully customizable thanks to the Modular Building System.

As always, safety is important.  So Modarri has designed their vehicle parts with retained screws that won’t fall out. Just loosen the screws with the included hex tool and swap out one part for another.

So tell me, who in your life would love to find a Modarri Car or brand new Monster Truck under the tree this Christmas?

Learn more: Visit the Modarri website for even more details.

Buy It: Head over to Amazon to see for yourself the great selection of Modarri products available.

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  • Donna

    My grandson would be so excited to receive one of these for Christmas. He loves to collect all kinds of toy cars and trucks, but monster trucks are his absolute favorite!

  • Michelle S

    These are really cool! We adopted an anonymous family this Christmas and the boy I’m buying for wants trucks. I think these would be a perfect choice.

  • Karen Propes

    I have been seeing this and now that I read about it, I really like it. I’m ordering one for each of my Grandchildren. They will love them. Thanks for sharing all the information.

  • Paula Adams

    You can never go wrong with monster trucks, cars, helicopters, motorcycles (or any other vehicle that moves) when it comes to little boys (and many big boys/men)! Looks like Modarri offers quite a nice selection of “ultimate” cars for males big and small! Any chance I could get a life-size version of the Supercharger for me???

  • Murphy

    This would be wonderful to take with us to the beach or park!! My nephews are all into toys!

  • Dandi D

    These look like so much fun and I know my son would absolutely love them!

  • Dana Rodriguez

    These look like they would be so much fun for kids. I love the selection they have also!

  • Lauryn R

    These monster trucks are so cute and I love that they are customizable! They will be perfect for my son who loves all motor vehicles.

  • Peggy Nunn

    I am sure the boys will love these. I like that you can customize them. Thank you for the review.

  • Ashley Chassereau Parks

    I think my little fella would be amazed by these. He is just starting to like cars a lot. My hubby would think they were neat since you “build” them the way you want.

  • Amelia Bayless

    My son would have an absolute blast with these! Such a cool idea.

  • alice f

    I know several little guys that would love these cars/trucks! They would make great birthday and Christmas gifts.

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