Pet gift ideas 2019 cat and dog gift guide
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Gift ideas for pets: 2019 gift guide for cats and dogs

Dogswell vitality holiday mini jerkies

Right now you can get Dogswell Vitality Mini Jerky treats in special holiday packaging that feels festive for the holiday! Real chicken is the first ingredient, they are made in the USA and they help support a healthy immune system and overall vitality! My dogs are older but these are soft enough for them to chew without trouble. They get really excited when they see the bag, too!

Buy it: These can be purchased at pet supply stores such as Petsmart, Petco, Soldan’s and more.

Bullymake Box is a subscription service for dogs. Bullymake Box specialized in toys for power chewers. Each box comes with 2-3 durable toys and 3-4 nutritious treats. All of the Bullymake toys are made in the USA and are exclusive to Bullymake Box. If your dog has food allergies, you can opt for a “toys only” box. Toys only boxes come with 4 toys. Worried about the toy size not fitting your dog, at checkout, you will specify your dog’s weight. Bullymake Box will then select the best toys suited for him/her.

Buy it:
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This incredible Classic Cat Tree from Armarkat is sure to please even your pickiest feline! With two hanging hammocks, two small huts, multiple scratching posts, and even a hanging rope tassel, it provides multiple gifts in one big package. The neutral colors will match any room, and will give your cats a place to escape and scope things out from a high vantage point. With a weight rating of 60 pounds, multiple cats can use this cat tree at the same time.

The Crazy Warm Pet Pad from The Green Pet Shop contains a naturally occurring mineral called tourmaline powder which activates from your pet’s body heat. The tourmaline acts as a conductor when it comes into contact with their body heat, taking “warm” to a whole new degree! Tourmaline Powder is said to reduce pain from arthritis and muscle strain giving your pet a restful relaxed feeling; both dogs and cats love this pad. Specifically designed to fit most crates, this pad can be used for travel or at home.

Cloud Star mini gingerbread biscuits for dogs

Cloud Star Wag More Bark Less Holiday Mini Biscuits are stinkin’ adorable. They are gingerbread man shaped soft little dog treats. They are grain-free and have no soy, corn, gluten or wheat. They are free from artificial colors and flavors. They are made in the USA. The treats are nice and small so they are appropriate for dogs of any size. They’re soft so you can even break them to make each piece extra tiny if you’d like.

Buy it: These can be purchased at pet stores like Petco and Petsmart or on Amazon.

This holiday season give your feline friend the gift of a Tiki Cat Limited Edition Holiday Gift Cat Variety Pack! It comes with protein-packed recipes including four canned cat foods, two broths, one pack of lickable cat treats and one pack of dry food. Each yummy goody is crafted with real, recognizable whole foods like chicken, tuna, pumpkin, prawns, quail egg and more! This holiday gift is purr-fect for felines from all life stages, making it especially great for homes with multiple cat companions.

richell pet stuff tower

Four years ago or so, we got a Richelle Pet Stuff tower. We still use ours everyday and I just love it. I like how it’s tall and skinny so it doesn’t take up much space. It has two storage drawers. We use this to store everything for our dogs except for their dry food. Leashes, harnesses, extra dog treats, toys, waste bags, etc are all in this tower. The top is a flat surface which we set an open bag of treats on. We leave this just inside our door so we can treat our dogs for going potty as soon as they come inside.

Buy it: Amazon.

Best Harness Big Pug

For pugs and many other small dog breeds, using a harness is recommended over using a collar. Collars can increase the odds of tracheal collapse which is common on many small dog breads. I also just like using a harness because if it pulls, whether it is on the human end or the dog end, it doesn’t put that pressure around their neck but instead spreads it over their chest and shoulders. We love puppia brand harnesses because they are soft and breathable. In other stiffer harnesses, our dogs looked uncomfortable when trying to lay down in the harness. We’ve had our Puppia harnesses for years and they are still going strong. Our favorite is the Puppia Ritefit.
Buy it: Amazon.

bladder sticks best bully sticks

Bladder sticks are a staple in our household. These are less-than-appealing for humans because they are made from bladder and they have an odor, but our dogs love these. We used to buy regular bully sticks but as our pugs have gotten older, we’ve begun to prefer bladder sticks. They are a bit softer than bully sticks so older and smaller dogs can handle them and my dogs get so excited to have one. Plus, they are quite a bit cheaper than bully sticks.

Buy it: Amazon.

PetSafe’s decorative dog steps come in two sizes, either two or three steps. They are furniture-grade quality and are very sturdy. They are great for reducing strain on the joints of a dog at any age. For older dogs who can no longer jump, they can provide the freedom to navigate up and down to the couch, bed or other high surfaces without assistance from people.

Buy it: Amazon.

Arty lobster dog sculpture

Arty Lobster makes 3D pet sculptures that are just like your pet! Send in photos of your pet and the sculpture will be created to look just like them. You’ll be sent a preview before the sculpture prints, so you can request any edits. These are a great, unique way to honor your pet in a keepsake that will be treasured for years. Sculptures can be made for a variety of pets, not just cats or dogs! They can even be customized with a collar or other special details.

Buy it:

Learn more: Arty Lobster review.

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  • Maryann D.

    I love seeing all the fun gifts to buy for my furry friends and relatives! I know my own cat would love the Classic Cat Tree from Armarkat.

  • gloria patterson

    A lot of great thing for pets and their owners to spoil them. The steps made me smile I have friends that have to get out of bed to pick the dog up. Richelle Pet Stuff tower this is what my brother needs for his spoiled babies

  • Helga

    Our doxie would like those steps! We have five cats and two dogs who would love those healthy treats.

  • kristen visser

    That is so awesome that you think about the pets as well 🙂 i spoiled my kitty early and gave him his christmas presents last week. he could really use a cat tree though 🙂

  • Viv Sluys

    That Armarkat cat tower looks amazing! We have 3 cats and no tower. We have been looking at buying or making a tower. I also have 2 dogs (my sisters’ each have a dog and no kids) on my list this year. We normally make them treats but we might buy this year.

  • Sandy C.

    The decorative Dog Steps are great. My neighbor has one for her puppy, who is always dying to jump on their bed, but can’t reach it without falling. She is just a little girl (Maltese mixed with something…) and it would be awful for her to fall. She is the best friend for my neighbor’s little boy who has some physical issues, and it would break his heart (and everyone elses’s!) if something happened to little Magic. Magic has no trouble getting on and off the bed now!

  • Lesley F

    We have 3 dogs who all have their own stockings and get presents under the tree along with the rest of the family. I am always looking for gift ideas for them so this will help a lot

  • Heather!

    The Richelle Pet Stuff Tower would be so perfect for our house! I recently have adopted three cats and am struggling to figure out the best way to store all their stuff. And there is a lot of stuff!

  • what great ideas… these would make any pet happy and in return pet lovers that adore them would be happy as well thanks for sharing your great ideas

  • Shannon Holmes

    What great pet gifts these are. Thanks so much for sharing.

  • Sarah L

    These are some really great suggestions. The dog I grew up with needed the Super Chewer things. He’d go right through regular ones.

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