Madame Alexander Middleton Doll Newborn Twins

I received product to facilitate this Madame Alexander Middleton Doll Newborn Twins post.  As always, all opinions are my own.

As a little girl, there was NOTHING better than receiving a beautiful new baby doll for Christmas.  It was my heart’s desire!   So now that my little girl loves dolls, I want nothing more than to fulfill her wish too.  And I found that Madame Alexander’s realistic, high quality dolls were the perfect choice!

Madame Alexander Middleton Doll Newborn Twins

They are absolutely gorgeous, but also meant to be played with and loved for a lifetime so children learn to form meaningful, enduring relationships.

Madame Alexander Middleton Doll Newborn Twins

Madame Alexander Middleton Doll Newborn Twins

Ever since we’ve stopped doing foster care, just over a year ago, our youngest daughter has become infatuated with dolls.  So when I saw the Madame Alexander Middleton Doll Newborn Twins, I knew she would be thrilled with this duo.

These sweet, beautifully handcrafted Madame Alexander Newborn twin baby dolls come in a charming boy/girl set.  The details make them extra special as you’ll find they even feature tiny folds and creases on their hands and feet for a realistic look.

Kids will love them as they are double the fun and double the love!  The girl twin come dressed in a playful pink outfit and hat and she even holds tight to a furry animal friend. The twin boy wears a soft blue and grey outfit while he cuddles a soft elephant toy.

Their lifelike eyes and light skin tone give these siblings a realistic look to bolster the imagination and everyone will love hugging and holding them as their super soft body is perfect for snuggling.

A Little Background On Madame Alexander

Many people ask if Madame Alexander is a real person. Not only was she real, she was an iconic figure in the world of toys.  She was as unique as the dolls she created.  As a pioneering businesswoman and exquisite doll designer, Madame Alexander helped shape the doll industry with her revolutionary innovations and vibrant vision.  She embodied a bold spirit and classic sense of style which she poured into each and every doll created.

Because she viewed dolls as valuable learning tools that could teach children empathy, compassion, and responsibility, Madame was passionate about making high-quality dolls that could be played with and loved.  Madame Alexander herself always said, “love is in the details” and that is extremely clear to see with the beautiful offerings from Madame Alexander Company.

Baby Doll Line:

Madame Alexander Baby Dolls are made to be played with safely and comfortably, with soft bodies and nontoxic materials. Few interactive features and simple accessories invite little ones to imagine a world of their own making.  Geared for ages 0+.

Collectible Doll Line:

The dazzling fashions, delicate features and enchanting characters of Madame Alexander’s Collectible Doll Line makes these dolls unmistakably Madame Alexander.  And with enduring quality, each treasured doll is meant to be passed from generation to generation. Ages 14+

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  • Michelle S

    These dolls are seriously gorgeous! I would have loved them when I was small.

  • ellen beck

    I adore Madame Alexander dolls. Throughout The years I have given them as birthday and Christmas presents and have never been disappointed and neither have my nieces. They really hold up to dressings, bathings and being ‘loved on’ for years. I thinkone niece still has every single one she has been given. The twins are really adorable!

  • Peggy Nunn

    I love these dolls. The are so life like. I know the girls will love the.

  • gloria patterson

    These are differently babies that would be well loved. My great niece goes through stages she will play with her babies all day. Next day will not touch them. But at bed times she wants a baby 🙂

  • monique s

    These are such beautiful dolls. You can see the quality in all the little details. Sure to be loved.

  • alice f

    I have heared of Madame Alexander dolls for years. However, I didn’t know just how lifelike they were! These two truly look like two little newborns.

  • Mia Rose

    These are so life like and beautifully designed with exquisite detail. The collectibles would be special to pass down for generations.

  • Ashley Chassereau Parks

    These are so pretty! I love that they are twins. I have two girls and they would enjoy sharing and playing with these! These look like great quality dolls & definitely would make a good Christmas gift!

  • Amy D

    My 4 year old daughter absolutely loves baby dolls. She is such a little mommy. I have never heard of these dolls before. I think I will put this on her Christmas list.

  • Lauryn R

    These dolls are beautiful and so realistic! My youngest daughter is obsessed with baby dolls and would absolutely love these adorable twins. 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Antoinette M

    These are beautiful dolls! Great gift for my niece!

  • Peggy Nunn

    I love these twin dolls. The girls will be so glad to get them. Thank you for the review.

  • Marilyn

    Being a twin these dolls are special to me.

  • Dana Rodriguez

    My mom used to collect Madame Alexander when she was alive. The details are so realistic!

  • monique s

    So cute they are twin dolls and have a realism about them.

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