By Amber

November 29th, 2019

Thanks to Stuck on You for sending me these adorable bento box and cooler sets. As always, all opinions are my own.

As we head into the holiday season, I always try to think of gifts my kids will get excited about and that we’ll get a lot of use from. We own so many toys, and we always seem to end up with a van-full after Christmas with my family. While we (of course!) buy our kids toys, I also like to get them a few practical gifts. Stuck on You is one of my favorite companies for personalized gifts, and they make these great Bento Box & Cooler Bag Sets. I got my kids each one of these sets for Christmas!

Stuck on You Bento Box & Cooler Sets

These Bento Boxes from Stuck on You have been a family favorite for the past year. We take them to the park, to homeschool events, and more. They have so many design options, and you can personalize them in so many ways. Customize the color, design, name, font, and even more with these bento boxes. Inside, you’ll find a removable plastic insert that’s partitioned for a variety of foods. Plus, they’re top-shelf dishwasher safe!

The Bento Box Coolers are a great addition, particularly if you live in a warm state or will be storing the food for a couple hours. This is our first experience with the Coolers but I know we’re going to use them frequently. They also can be customized, just like the bento boxes! When you buy the Bento Box and Cooler Bag as a set, the designs will be the same, though you can always choose to purchase them separately if you want different designs as well.

Our kids are going to be so excited to open these on Christmas, and I look forward to adding to our Stuck on You collection with many of their other personalized gifts.





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  • John Smith

    Personally, I would buy the smiling shark as a gift for anyone. The color and design is so nice!

  • alice f

    Bento boxes are so cute! I enjoy seeing my friends post photos on social media of the lunches they make in their children’s bento boxes. The fact that these can be personalized makes them even better.

  • Sharon Rooney

    I love that you can have a customized name put on the boxes.
    When my daughter was young, almost all of the children had things with their names on it and her name at the time was not one of the popular names. I had to go to craft shows to get things with her name one it.

  • Sandy C

    I like these a lot! Especially that the vegetable section is the largest. I sure wish these available when I was a kid, with the cooler. I took a paper bag with a sandwich and a cookie, and they were always squished and too warm by lunchtime!

  • Dana Rodriguez

    They have the cutest products. These are perfect for packing lunches!

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