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I received product in exchange for this post.

I know this is a little late since it would have been perfect to introduce to you before the holidays.  However, I wanted to still share a great new game with you today as your child may have received a gift card they will be looking to use up soon!

Bee Simulator – Eco-Friendly Interactive Adventure Video Game

If you are on the hunt for a video game that brings something new to the table.  Something other than the usual shooter or adventure franchise.  This may be just the game for you!  Let me briefly introduce you to Bee Simulator.

The Game

Imagine a PG version of Grand Theft Auto wrapped around an eco-friendly educational experience. A mission based arcade/adventure simulation for consoles and PC where you learn about the importance of Bees in our fragile ecosystem while fighting wasps, spiders, searching for pollen, and protecting your hive and your Queen Bee from human interaction.  Well, enter in Bee Simulator!

You Will Definitely Want To Check Out The Bee Simulator Trailer:

So get ready to finally see the world through the eyes of a bee.  You’ll be able to compete with other bees in races, collect pollen, perform waggle dances, and explore a world inspired by Central Park in New York.

Now Available For A Variety Of Devices

The Bee Simulator Game was released at the end of November and is now available for PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch!

This must-have new game is sure to please players of all ages.  Get ready for a brand new adventure that you’ll love!

Buy It: Head over to VARSAV Game Studio to learn more.  You can also visit your local retailers to find a copy today.

Connect: Don’t forget to like them on Facebook for all the latest news and promotions.

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