Playmobil dragons set
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Playmobil sent me toys for inclusion in my holiday gift guide. All opinions are my own.

I’ve been a fan of Playmobil products since I first came across them while working in a preschool. The kids all loved them, they were great for creative play. Plus they have such a wide range of products that you can find a set for pretty much any interest out there. From being a doctor to a vet, to fantasy-based play (like dragons!) they have a little something for every child.

Playmobil dragons set

The Dragons line from Playmobil is perfect for fans of How To Train Your Dragon. Though I’m actually considering giving this to my nephew who I don’t think has seen the movie. He loves “cool guys” with neat weapons. I think he would find the torch, wings and helmet extra cool – and of course dragons are cool too. This set is currently $29.99 on Amazon.

Playmobil mobile groomer set

My sisters family got their first dog over the summer. Not surprisingly, her children are all about dogs now! I think this mobile pet groomer Playmobil set will delight my 6 year old niece. It comes with a pet grooming table and accessories, the worker and a fun car. I can see the car being used with other playmobil sets as well. This set is currently $19.85 on Amazon.

Playmobil pirate treasure set

For stocking stuffers, there are pretty small sets available. This Playmobil 9087 “special plus” set is a pirate with a treasure set. I like how this is a female pirate as you don’t see that very often! The set includes the figure, a treasure chest, a monkey, a pile of “gold”, some gems and trinkets. This set is currently $15.95 on Amazon. It may be worth looking around as that seems a bit high to me.

This post is just a teeny tiny glimpse into what Playmobil has to offer. Visit the Playmobil site to see their product range.

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  • playmobile has been around for so many years this activity is so very fun and would make a great gift

  • Sandy Klocinski

    Playmobile has been a staple for kids toys since my daughter was a baby

  • Helga

    Playmobil is a trusted brand. I like the City Life set. They have so many fun themes for kids to choose from.

  • Amy B

    I played with Playmobil in the early 90s and they were so hard to find and buy, love that they’ve gained s ton of popularity. Solid quality toys.

  • Amy B

    I played with Playmobil in the early 90s and they were so hard to find and buy, love that they’ve gained s ton of popularity. Solid quality toys.

  • Mia Rose

    I have always like getting Playmobile sets for my grandkids since they are durable and kids can really be creative and set up so many different scenarios with the pieces. My grandson would love anything to do with How to Train Your Dragon.

  • Donna Porter

    Playmobil is a great high quality brand that has been around for a long time. My nephew is a big fan of How To Train Your Dragon so this would be the perfect gift for him!

  • Peggy Nunn

    These are great toys. All the kids will want them. I will probably get some. Thank you for the idea.

  • Michelle S

    My son loved his Playmobil toys as he grew. I love that they had items that grew with his interest and abilities.

  • hannah

    The Playmobil city life collection would be a great gift!

  • ellen beck

    I ama big fan of Plamobil. I love their toys and how well constructed they are. They really stand up to being played with. The dragon toy looks fun and I bet kids would love it.

  • Donna

    I love Playmobil products! The How To Train Your Dragon set looks fantastic. My grandson would really have fun with it.

  • Ashley Chassereau Parks

    My kids haven’t seen the movie either, but I think they would like this too. They think dragons are cool! We have never had a Playmobil toy set before…. it sounds like a fun quality toy!

  • Laurie Nykaza

    We love Playmobile toys they are so cute and made so well. They don’t seem to break or wear out so they are a great toy for the kids to play with. A great gift for the kids for the holidays too.

  • Dana Rodriguez

    They have the cutest toys and so durable. I know our grandson would love any of these.

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