PLAYMOBIL's Toddler Bath Toys Now Available!

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Every single one of our six kids has loved bath time as babies, toddlers, and preschoolers.  Our youngest little girl recently turned one and every morning, she walks over to the tub and points to get in.  She LOVES bath time and playing with toys in the tub.  So when I heard about PLAYMOBIL’s newest toddler bath toys line, I was super excited!

PLAYMOBIL’s Toddler Bath Toys Now Available

We’ve been huge fans of PLAYMOBIL for years.  My kids have a good sized collection, many of which they actually saved their own money up to purchase themselves!  (That’s how great their toys are!) The boys are big fans of their vintage cowboy sets while my daughter loves their newest equestrian lineup.  But now, with their newest releases, our little Ruby is also a PLAYMOBIL fan!

PLAYMOBIL's Toddler Bath Toys Now Available!

Fun Bath Toys Now Available

PLAYMOBIL is finally in the bath toys business the new addition to PLAYMOBIL’s 1.2.3. toddler line that contains interactive and imaginative bath toys to help kids enjoy endless bath time fun. Not only are these sets cute and whimsical, they also each playfully promote important developmental skills all while having fun in the tub! 

PLAYMOBIL's Toddler Bath Toys Now Available!

The PLAYMOBIL team has designed toys that are full of magic you can’t miss. Through the power of animation, your favorite toys will come to life.  Check out our favorites from their bath time play:

PLAYMOBIL's Toddler Bath Toys Now Available!

  1. Water Slide with Sea Animals:  Just attach this slide to the side of the tub with the built in suction cups and get ready for the fun to begin.  Send the fish and figurine zipping down the slide and into the bath in a flash.  Or, try to see how many you can catch in the bowl if you want to make it a game.  Once all your friends have had their turn down the slide, use the slotted scoop to retrieve them and go again.
  2. Seesaw with Boat:  There’s a floating boat, a floating seesaw, 2 characters, and a fish in this fun set!  Kids can use the boat as a cup and pour water onto the seesaw’s red dot, weighing down that side and sending the figure sliding down. Cause and effect play happens as you can open and close the red flap to decide where the figure will end up. With the red flap closed, the figure whizzes down the seesaw slide and lands in the water at the bottom. With the flap open, the figure will zoom down the slide, drop through the opening, and land in the water on the near side of the island. 
  3. Wheel with Baby Shark:  This water wheel easily attaches to the side of the tub with a suction cup, just like the water slide.  Pour water and watch the wheel spin or open the side fish door and place your character inside.

All three of these sets are great for exploration, dexterity, fine motor skills, and cause and effect play.

See The PLAYMOBIL Aqua Bath Time Toys In Action

The PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3 AQUA range brings plenty of benefits for avid children curious about water. These three new play sets with clever play functions offer lots of opportunities for first water experiments.


Tell me, do you know any kiddos who love bath time and would enjoy these fun toys?

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