Boomer Naturals adult face masks
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I was sent masks from Boomer Naturals. All opinions are my own. There are affiliate links in this post.

When it became clear that the spread of COVID can be reduced if everyone wears masks while around others, we started looking for face masks for my household. Ryan was given a fabric mask by someone who had donated them to his work because they were deemed an essential business. I turned to my local community to find a mask for myself and my father. All three masks that we originally got looked rectangular in shape but had folds so they could be pulled up over our nose and down over our chin.

My mask fit me alright. Ryan and my dad both had issues with their masks. Ryan’s wears were pulled forward by the elastics on his mask, which was particularly painful for him as he fights psoriasis on his ears which leave them sensitive to the touch. My dad’s mask pulled his ears also, but it also smushed his nose down! Clearly, not all faces are the same size. I tried ordering Ryan two types of “ear savers” so that he could use the mask without it pulling on his ears, but neither type worked well. So, we realized it was time to try a new type of mask.

Boomer naturals round face mask review

Boomer Naturals offers rounded masks which I liked the idea of because I thought it was a more natural face-shape than the rectangular masks we originally got. I requested one in pink and one in blue so Ryan & I could both try them out. When they arrived, we realized they cover our faces much better. The rounded shape does cover our mouth and nose more naturally than the more rectangular masks. The masks also extend farther along the sides of our face – extending to right in front of our ears while the rectangular masks ended partway across our cheeks.

Having more of your face covered provides more protection, from what I understand. However, the other big benefit to the masks being wider means that the elastic straps don’t have to stretch as far across our face and the elastic doesn’t have to tug on the ears. Ryan much prefers his Boomer Naturals rounded mask to the one he was wearing previously because it is big enough to where it doesn’t pull his ears, without using any ‘earsaver’ items with it. While these first masks were sent to me for review, we liked them so much that we have purchased more on our own.

Boomer Naturals rounded face mask

Yet, mine also fits me better despite my face being smaller. My glasses don’t fog up because the mask fits along my cheeks and nose better than my old mask. These masks are soft and are made of 65%cotton, 35% polyester. They’re 3 layers thick and are treated with a silver nanoparticles which have an antibacterial effect. These masks are designed to be washed and worn up to 30 times each. While we love the rounded design, they also have a pleated (more rectangular) style available as well. They are $9.40 each.

For more info on various Boomer Natural Mask sizes, please see my more recent review where I discuss 4 sizes: Boomer Naturals Mask Sizes Review.

Discount: Save $10 off any $20 order on the Boomer Naturals site! To get the deal click here, then come back and click here and place at least $20 worth of products in your basket. It should take $10 off your order when you go to check out.

Boomer naturals kids face maskBoomer naturals kids masks


Boomer Naturals Children’s face masks are also available in pleated or rounded shapes. They have some really fun prints! These are for children 2 and older and are made with the same fabrics as the adult masks, just in a smaller size. Kids masks are $7.40 each.

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  • ellen beck


  • monique s

    Great that these are natural and they look like they have a good fit

  • Mia E.

    I will have to check these out since the biggest issue I have is finding a mask that is comfortable to wear with glasses. I hate having foggy glasses.

  • Dana Rodriguez

    These sound like great masks. I like the different patterns they have too.

  • Sarah L

    Good to know about these masks. Wearing masks will be with us for a long time.

  • Barbara G

    These masks do not fit well. My mask and my husband’s mask constantly slipped down off our noses.
    This was even worse after the first washing (by hand as instructed). I would not buy these again.

  • Barbara G

    These masks do not fit well. My mask and my husband’s mask constantly slipped down off our noses.
    This was even worse after the first washing (by hand as instructed). I would not buy these again.

  • Michelle S

    I’m having a hard time finding one that’s easier to breathe in. These looks like a good option. Thanks for the review.

  • Donna

    I really like the way these masks fit. They look more comfortable to wear than my current mask. I also like that they don’t fog up your glasses. That has been a problem for me.

  • Pascale Lee

    I just ordered another round of masks. My husband and I really like the way they fit and we have no issues with our glasses fogging up. We both feel confident in doing our best to remain safe. I have purchased from many vendors thus far and find these to be most comfortable. I just wonder why they need to be disposed of in 30 days. Can anyone answer please? Thank you.

    • I don’t think it is 30 days I think it is 30 use they say “Each cover may be worn and washed up to 30 times” on the site. So if you are sheltering at home and going out once a week, I think that would only count as 4 of your 30 uses? My understanding is that is because they are treated with silver nanoparticles which are naturally anti-bacterial and that effect will wear off when you wash the masks. I think that is also why they advise hand washing and air drying instead of putting through the washer and dryer. If you wanted to purchase them simply as a cloth barrier and aren’t concerned about the anti-bacterial benefits of the silver nanoparticles then I think you could just purchase them once.

  • Patsy

    Hello again Emily, can I get at least two masks with the lip balm. Thanks in advance!

  • Patsy

    Hello again Emily, can I get at least two masks with the lip balm. Thanks in advance!

  • My question is on the sizes. What size did you get. Medium or l/xl?

  • My question is on the sizes. What size did you get. Medium or l/xl?

  • Kathy

    Silver nanotechnology is known to be only antibacterial. Coronavirus is not a bacterium….it’s a virus…..silver nanotechnology might sound like it somehow offers antiviral properties but no peer-reviewed pubs support this hypothesis. If Boomer Naturals knows of such data, please make it available . The current ad can be construed to imply that silver nanotechnology might confer some protection against the virus

  • Jean

    Why are most masks made in Asia..either China or Vietnam?
    Aren’t any masks made here in US?
    I got fooled once by ordering expensive masks back in March from a company that didn’t reveal their masks were made in China. I never received them! How can I be assured the same thing won’t happen with you?

  • susan martin

    do you ship to Canada?

  • susan martin

    do you ship to Canada?

  • Alexis

    I’m looking for a mask like this one. Most reviews read to be a good mask. My question is how do you feel when breathing? I’m claustrophobic and have a huge issue with any type of mask on my face. I’ve tried a few but so far no luck

    • I haven’t tried surgical masks, but compared to the other fabric masks I have tried, this seems to be very similar in terms of breathability. I haven’t noticed any difference in that regard between the 3 masks I’ve tried.

  • Julie

    The regular fit is quite large, especially the prints, slip off my nose, no exchanges, bummer

    • Gary

      Thus far all masks I’ve tried without nose clips will slide down my face. For this and other masks I buy the self adhesive metal nose clips off Amazon and Ebay, less than $10 for a hundred. They do the trick well but won’t make it thru the wash so do have to be replaced each time the mask is washed.

      I’m skeptical of the “silver ion” technology but these masks pass the attempt to blow out the candle thru the mask test.

      • Carol

        I had a mask with the ear loops on them. I cut them out and rand a large piece of ribbon from the bottom up. I left enough space to pull it over my head. The bottom one goes near the bottom of my head and the top ribbon goes right at ear level. I used beads to attach it in two places. You tie the ribbon onto the small round bead, then you feed the ribbon from the other side through it and it goes over and you tie it to another small bead. That one has the ribbon run through the hole and it is the first one I tied on the other side. Basically it ends up being 2 slider ribbons. So I put it on reach back, pull the beads forward to opposite sides of my head and actually just lay them right there near my ears. No pulling and it stays nice and tight if it gets loose for some reason I just reach back and re tighten them. I can shop well over an hour and may have to adjust them one time. I wish people would start putting this on their masks. It takes a few more seconds that just looping them over your ears, but I think it is time well spent. I know I made it sound confusing on how to tie them and run the ribbon through going in the opposite direction. Hopefully it makes enough sense that you can make it work for you. If you can not get it to work, let me know and I will try to get a picture of them on here somehow.

  • Lindsay J Max

    How can you presume to review a product when you don’t even address whether or not the major claim of the masks, that they block aerosolized particles of the Covid-19 virus, is true or not? Who cares how comfortable they are if they do nothing to prevent infection?

  • Ted


    What size did you and your husband use? Someone else asked about sizes but I didn’t see your response. Thanks so much!

    • When we got ours I am pretty sure they were all just ‘adult size’ but I just measured our masks and they are 5 inches by just over 9 inches which is the measurements listed for the ‘regular’ adult size now. I wear this mask and it works but it is a bit big, but I am a smaller person so all the masks i’ve tried are a big bit on me. Ryan is just shy of 5’11” and over 200lbs, and had trouble with some other masks being uncomfortably tight. But his face shape is sort of oval, definitely not wide or ’round’, he doesn’t have chubby cheeks, etc. And I think head shape is a big factor because that is of course, how wide your face is between your ears is what determines how much space the mask has to cover. So for men of about his size but with a wider/rounder head, the L/XL size may be a better fit. For Ryan, he’s able to wear the boomer naturals mask at work all day, usually around 9 hours, without it bothering his ears or face.

      • Ted Morrison

        I appreciate your thorough and descriptive answer to my question. I am not a big guy and I will try the normal adult size. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer. Best regards!

  • Julianne Bryson


    I, too, have bought masks from Boomers. I’ve been having issues with my masks all falling down my face as I talk. It seems that when my chin moves, and since the mask falls under it, it shimmys down my face until it’s situated under my mouth! Then I find myself adjusting it constantly. I tried a child’s large as well, PLUS the new ones that adjust on the nose/ears. They’re all the same. Even my family has issues with them. Not sure what’s wrong, maybe the shape? Does anyone else have these problems? I want to like them, but they don’t give me confidence when I go out.

    • I find that i’m able to speak and move my mouth without mine pulling down off my nose. I wonder if you may have a longer face (or longer distance between your nose and chin, anyway) to where it barely is tall enough to cover both so any movement makes it fall down too low? I say that because I’ve noticed my dads mask (not from boomer naturals) barely is tall enough for him as-is, and I’ve noticed that his falls off his nose a lot more easily as a result of that. It’s barely ‘hanging on’ to the tip of his nose so when it wiggles as he talks, it falls.

      Where for me, with my boomer naturals mask, it’s taller than I probably need, really – it covers a majority of my nose, so it would have to be tugged down more than a full inch before it could fall off my nose, so it never falls.

      • Julianne Bryson

        Hahaha, I’ve never thought of my face being too long, but I’ve never had to wear masks either. Maybe it is, and the rest of my family. Either way, I think Boomer is going to ‘make it right’ for me. Whatever that means. They read my review and want to do something about it. So. . . good!

        • It is really strange to think about our face “sizes” isn’t it? Haha. When this first started I got masks from a local seamstress for myself, my partner and my dad. I tried mine on shortly after picking it up and it fit but was slightly big. So I thought my dad’s would fit him just fine as he’s like 5’6″ or something, kinda smaller for a guy. Well, he never tried it on until he got ready to go to a doctor’s appointment – and it was really tight! It flattened his nose, and pulled his ears forward. I was so surprised that his face/head was that much different than mine. Just never would have thought about this type of thing before masks.

  • Lorraine Sojka

    I recently purchased 2 masks. I like the feel of the material and the design, however, I found the nose clip was very flimsy and too pliable. I decided to open the seam and remove the clip. I was surprised to find the clip was a bag tie like you would use on a loaf of bread. For the quality of the material and the sewing, I couldn’t believe this is what was used. Will not buy again.

  • mke

    A mask needs to at least N95 or P100 level to help against COVID. The pretty masks that people are wearing are not able to protect as well as an N95 mask. Yes, fit is important or you won’t wear the mask. But the Covid is so small (and many bacterial are large by comparison) that it sails through the Boomer masks. Don’t waste your money.

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