Boomer naturals face mask sizes
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I was sent masks from Boomer Naturals to try out. There are affiliate links in this post. All opinions are my own.

Back in April I shared my first Boomer Naturals Mask Review. It’s become a really popular post on this site. I’ve gotten a lot of comments, social media DMs, and emails asking for further information about Boomer Naturals Masks. The most common questions that I have received are about boomer natural mask sizes. Boomer Naturals sent me more masks in other sizes so that I can do a boomer naturals mask size comparison for you all.

Boomer naturals round face mask review

Boomer Natural Mask Sizes

Back in April, we were sent masks that were then called ‘regular’ size. Since then, they changed their sizing system up a bit. Those ‘regular’ size masks are now the measurements of ‘medium’ adult masks. Here is the full size chart including measurements.

Boomer natural mask sizes

(adult mask size chart above, child mask size chart below)

boomer naturals kids size mask sizes


As I reported back in April, the ‘regular’ mask sizes fit Ryan and I both fairly well. I am 5’1″ and wear size small clothing. Ryan is almost 5’11” and weighs over 200lbs. So, we sort of span the common adult-size ranges. However, when it comes to mask sizes, I think the width of your face matters more than the overall size of your head, or your body. Meaning, if you have a very round face, or very full cheeks, you may require a bigger mask size than someone who has more of an oval face. Ryan has somewhat of a long face and just doesn’t really carry much weight in his face. So I think someone else of his overall size, but who had a rounder face or chubbier cheeks, may require a bigger mask than he does. Still the regular or medium size mask that we got in April fit him well, and it fit me with a bit of gapping at the sides. Those masks were non-adjustable, meaning the ear pieces were just elastic loops that did not have an adjustment piece to shorten the ear straps. We found that they did not pull on my ears or his ears. As I mentioned in that last review, when we had ordered a few masks from local seamstresses, they were too small for Ryan. So, I think Boomer Naturals regular/medium masks are a bit more generously sized than some other masks. We found this to be true when he bought a large/XL size adult mask from our local grocery store (Meijer) one day when he forgot his mask at home. The store-bought large/XL mask was smaller than his ‘regular’ Boomer Naturals mask.

boomer naturals adjustable vs non-adjustable sizes

The pink mask is an adult regular or medium, the black mask underneath is an adult adjustable medium. They look the same size, but feel like they fit differently due to the adjustable ears. 

Boomer Naturals adjustable vs non-adjustable sizing

Around June, we bought Ryan a size medium adjustable mask. This mask was very soft (closer to a t-shirt material than our old masks had been) and had adjustable ear pieces. He prefers this mask over this original mask. It fits super comfortably, and doesnt’ gap, so he originally thought I had ordered him a larger size. It’s the same size as his ‘regular’ mask though. I think the masks with adjustable ear pieces allow for a more custom fit which made it feel bigger to him. However, the downside of the adjustable ear pieces is they are sort of rubbery bits that do get stretched out or worn out with a lot of adjusting. If you are using these masks for 30 days and then disposing of them for the nano-silver benefits, they will probably last you a month just fine. If you are using these masks like ‘regular’ cloth masks, washing and drying them and keeping them longer than 30 days, you will probably find that you’ll need to buy replacement ear adjustment pieces. Boomer Naturals doesn’t offer those, but they can be found on Amazon. (this link is the cheapest listing I could find with Prime shipping). The adjustable mask also had an adjustable nose wire. It is very thin, it almost feels like a paperclip in the top of the mask. Ryan said he doesn’t feel a dramatic difference in how the mask fits or in fogging in his glasses from having the wire, but it is still nice to have.

To help answer common questions I was getting on the last review, I wanted to see how the XL mask and a child size mask would fit us.

Boomer naturals child size mask petite adult

Boomer naturals child mask and adult mask size comparison

Purple is a child’s 8-12, pink is a reg/medium.

Can petite women fit a child-size face mask?

This was a really common question which is why I requested a child-size mask from Boomer Naturals. They sent me be in the 8-12 year old size. Does this mask fit me? Well, sort of yes and sort of no. It’s significantly smaller in appearance than my ‘regular’ adult mask as you can see (purple is the child sized mask, pink is my ‘regular/medium’ adult mask). The child size mask doesn’t span my entire face, it ends an inch or so before my ears. However, it lays flat against my face so I think that aspect is fine. The child mask doesn’t gap like the adult mask does, which I feel makes it a slightly better fit in that one aspect. However, the pink adult mask never falls off my nose when I’m speaking. The purple child’s mask occasionally will fall off my nose, usually if I am making dramatic movements with my mouth/chin, like yawning. I have still used it a few times, and can do a lot of talking without it falling at all…and then other time sit seems to fall. I know that when it falls, that makes it pretty useless until it is pulled back up. Personally, I am more bothered by a mask that falls down than I am one that isn’t a super snug fit. So overall, I prefer the adult regular mask to the child size mask, as at least the adult regular mask stays up.

I made this chart to combine the two size charts for easier comparison of all the sizes at once.


Child 2-78.3″4.5″
Child 8-129.2″5″
Adult Small9.5″5.3″
Adult reg/med10″5.8″
Adult large10.3″6.3″
Adult L/XL10.3″6.5″
Adult XL10.6″6.8″


When comparing the Child 8-12 and the adult small, there is only a .3″ width difference and a .3″ height difference. Yet, when comparing the child mask with the regular mask, there is only a .8 inch difference in width and height…yet that .8 seems like a big difference, as the child size slips off my nose, and the adult regular mask pushes up close to my eyes, and gaps at the ear sections. So while these measurement differences sound small, I think they do matter. I haven’t tried an adult small yet, but I think it would be the best fit for my face, based on my experience with the child 8-12 being too short to stay up nicely, and the adult regular gaping and being unusually high up on my nose.

Boomer medium vs xl mask sizing

Pink is an adult reg/medium, black is an adult XL non-adjustable.

The adult regular vs XL boomer natural mask sizing

Ryan’s has tried the adult regular non-adjustable, the adult regular adjustable, and the adult XL non-adjustable. The best fit for him is the adult medium adjustable mask. It feels like it fits bigger than the non-adjustable mask. He’s able to wear the XL non-adjustable mask but it just doesn’t have the customized fit, and is a bit tall. When comparing the medium vs XL sizing, you’ll see that there is a .6 inch width difference, and a full inch of height difference.

If you find that common masks in stores that are L/XL are a bit snug but wearable (like they were for Ryan) the adult regular adjustable may still fit. If those types of masks are just too tight to wear, then I’d recommend the boomer natural XL size.

Overall, my takeaway is that the smaller sizes are pretty well aligned with what you would expect. I would expect to fit an adult small, and I think that is the most ideal size for me. With the larger sizes, I think they skew a bit generous. I’d expect Ryan to need a large to XL in most masks, but the adult regular fits.


Some other questions I’ve received about Boomer Naturals:

Why do they say they are good for 30 days or 30 uses?

This is due to the nano-silver properties that are believed to be anti-bacterial. If you aren’t looking to buy these masks for their anti-bacterial properties and instead just want to use them like any other cloth mask, you can use them longer. If the anti-bacterial properties matter to you then you want to replace them every 30 days.

Do they have an adjustable nose wire?

The adjustable masks in the adult sites have thin nose wires, the rest do not.

Are there discount codes, coupon codes or promo codes for boomer natural masks? Yes. Get an additional 15% discount sitewide with coupon code SCHOOL15 through 9/30. Or click my link here to get $10 off your order of $20 or more. Or Use code SALE10 at check out for 10% OFF! (no known expiration). Pick your deal!

I hope this post has helped those of you who had remaining questions about mask sizing. Feel free to leave any additional questions below and I will do my best to help.


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  • Peggy Nunn

    I will have to check these out. I have the issue of not fitting well or my glasses fogging.

  • Sarah L

    We are all learning about masks these days. I have one that I really like that fits well and a couple of others that I change up.

    • Definitely! Before all of this started, I never would have realized how head sizes (face sizes? lol) vary so much! It’s surprising to me how many people either find that most masks are too big or most masks are too small. I would have expected ‘one size fits mosts’ masks to work pretty well for most adults but that just doesn’t seem to be how it works. Then again, I guess it’s not really that faces are that different in size, but that faces are sort of small overall – so too small falls off the nose and too big goes up almost into your eyes, etc.

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