My Mystery Party - A Murder Mystery Party At Home [Review]
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I received product from My Mystery Party to facilitate this post.  As always, all opinions are my own.

Have you heard about the murder mystery parties you can host right in your own home?!  I’ve been hearing about them for a couple years now and was really intrigued.  Then, my cousin hosted one a few months ago and we had a BLAST!  None of us knew what we were doing since it was our first one but the process is pretty simple so we figured it out along the way.  This time, it was my turn to host so I partnered with My Mystery Party to feature their Murder At The Luau Party Murder Mystery Party. 

A Murder Mystery Night is a great way to spend an evening with family or friends.  You can get together, eat, chat, play your character, and work to solve the mystery!  It’s like a real life Clue game!  While fun all year round, I think this would be an especially great way to spend a winter evening when the weather makes it undesirable to be outside!

My Mystery Party – A Murder Mystery Party At Home [Review]

If you’ve never attended or hosted a murder mystery party, you may have some questions.  But that’s okay, what I loved about the Murder At The Luau Party Murder Mystery Kit is the fact that everything I needed [except decor and food] was included in my package.

My Mystery Party - A Murder Mystery Party At Home [Review]

I love how My Mystery Party lets you chose to buy pdf style so you can print and stuff your own clue envelops (a great way to save a little money) OR you can purchase the kit all ready to go with everything done for you – clues stuffed, envelopes labeled, name tags included, and all!

My Mystery Party - A Murder Mystery Party At Home [Review]

My Mystery Party offers a variety of great party themes.  With it being summer here in MN though, the Luau party was calling my name!  (Bonus points because the dollar store had a ton of luau themed decor in stock for me too!

My Mystery Party - A Murder Mystery Party At Home [Review]

Party Kit Description:  The Backyard Luau themed murder mystery party for 8-15 gender flexible players, ages 13+ due to difficulty. Host in the backyard or other venue with or without a swimming pool!  Select the party ready option, and our staff will fold and slip the clue cards for rounds one, two, and three into the envelopes to prevent you from seeing spoilers on the round cards. 

My Mystery Party - A Murder Mystery Party At Home [Review]

Backyard Luau Mystery Party Synopsis – this gives the host a flow of the party.

Sun City is a small town outside of Hollywood that is a celebrity vacation destination with beautiful beaches, excellent weather and wonderful resorts. Darby Cerulean, a local magician of Sun City, is hosting a to-die-for backyard luau party. Everybody in Sun City is talking about what an epic party this will be. Rumors have flown around the grapevine that Darby’s guest list might not be exclusively the crème de la crème of high society, but why should anybody question Darby’s motives? Darby promises that it will be a fun time in the sun with exciting party games, wonderful luau-inspired delicacies, and stimulating conversation. You have received your invitation, and it is time to pick out your most festive luau attire for the party. This is where your story begins…

Decorating for our Luau party was a ton of fun!  I spent some time planning both the menu, desserts, drinks, and decor.  But it all came together easily and the results were fantastic!

Our Murder Mystery Night

We started by playing an ice-breaker, get-to-know you game that was loads of TP fun!

My Mystery Party - A Murder Mystery Party At Home [Review]

Throughout the night, we stayed in character, played our parts, and worked hard at solving the mystery.

I won’t include any spoilers from the Murder Mystery Luau, but I will say that we all had a really great time!

My Mystery Party - A Murder Mystery Party At Home [Review]

Feel free to drop any questions below and I”ll do my best to answer them without spoiling any surprises!

And be sure you visit the My Mystery Party website to learn more about all the great murder mystery party options they offer!

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  • Dana Rodriguez

    This sounds like so much fun. And that cake is cute!

  • Dandi D

    I’ve never done anything like this before, but it sounds like fun!

  • Mia E.

    I went to a mystery party years ago and it was lots of fun. It would be nice to host one sometime soon.

  • Nicole Norfleet

    Hi Miranda,
    I am doing this in 10 days for a friends birthday. Could you let me know some of the “must do’s and don’ts” that make your party a success. I’m nervous but excited. Will a group of 40-50 year olds enjoy this?


    • Hi Nicole.

      Oh fun! I think any age could potentially enjoy a murder mystery party (depending on personalities of course).

      DO: Decorate. Send a reminder to your guests. Encourage everyone to STAY IN CHARACTER the entire time! Once the mystery is over, then you can break character and just hang out to chat about normal life. Encourage everyone to dress their part too. The costumes help to make the night even more fun. UTILIZE NAME TAGS (which character names on them). While the first Murder Mystery Night we did was obvious (Mrs. White was the maid so I was in a maid’s costume. Ms. Scarlett wore a red dress. Etc.), the Luau Party theme wasn’t quite as obvious. So depending on what your party characters are, USE NAME TAGS! At the beginning of the night, go around and have everyone state their character name and a little background too. For food, make sure you prepare ahead of time so you’re not stuck in the kitchen during the party/game. Or serve crockpot foods. Start the night with an ice breaker game. We did a toilet paper costume game (suggested in my host manual from My Mystery Party). DO make sure to take photos!

      DON’T: Don’t break character is the biggest thing. Even if, at times, you’re not sure if ‘you’re playing the game right’, just keep going. It’s so much more fun and effective if you stay in character!

      PS> I found lots of the decor and paper products at our local dollar store that matched our theme.

      Good luck!

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