By Asha

September 2nd, 2020
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This summer my daughter and I did a fun activity we called “Letter Of the Day”. We got the idea from Sesame Street. Each weekday we would focus on one letter of the alphabet. It took us about five weeks to get through all 26 letters. We practiced writing the letter, found objects beginning with the letter, talked about animals names that began with the letter, read books with the letter in the title, made the letter out of different items such as toys and play doh, ate food that started with the letter, did crafts and activities that began with the letter, and much more.

I am sharing the ideas that we did but there are many more ideas that you can add. These are just a starting point for you. I hope you enjoy the activities as much as we did! *Note, this activity was mostly for my four-year-old daughter, but my 1.5-year-old son also partook in many of the activities too. It can be adapted from toddlers to school-age children.

A: Apple or applesauce for snack with apple juice. Apple Craft. Made the letter A into an Alligator.

B. Baked Brownies. Had Baked Beans for Lunch. Wore Blue, Black & Brown. Played with Buttons. Butterfly Craft.

C. Crab and Cloud Crafts. Played with Chalk. C foods included Crackers, Cheese Its, Chips, Cheese and Cookies.

D. Dot Painted the letter D with q-tips. Duck Shaped Pancakes. Dance Party.

E. Eggs and Eggo waffles in the shape of the letter E for lunch. Elephant Craft.

F. Fruit snacks. Picked Flowers. Fish Craft. Practiced our letters by drawing them in a tub of flour.

G. Goldfish and Graham crackers for snack. Wore Green. Worked together in the Garden.

H. Wore Hats. Discussed things that are Healthy for our bodies. Heart Craft. Talked about our Home.

I. Ice Cream Craft. Played with Ice. Went to the Ice Cream shop.

J. Jello Jigglers. Juice. Jumping Jacks. Jumped Rope.

K. Flew a Kite. Went to visit kittens at the Farm (you could visit a humane society?). Kite Craft.

L. Ladybug Craft. Went to the Library. Talked about things we Love.

M. Pampered Mom. Drank Milk. Snacked on Marshmallows. Drew Monsters.

N. Nuts for snack. Noodles for Lunch. Made Necklaces.

O. Wore Orange. Octopus Craft. We talked about Ocean animals. If you live near the Ocean you could take a day trip?

P. Play dough. Painted Rocks with Nail Polish. Wore Purple & Pink. Played at the Park. Penguin Craft.

Q. Made a Quilt Fort. Played the Quiet game. Queen Craft.

R. Wore Red. Ate Raisins. Drew Rainbows. Read. Went on a Rock Hunt. Listened to the Radio.

S. Snail Craft. Strawberries for Snack. Worked with Scissors to cut paper Snakes. Made the letter S with Stickers.

T. Tree Craft. Toast for breakfast. Turtle Craft. Painted her Toenails. Had a Tea Party.

U. Unicorn Craft. Umbrella Craft. Talked about her Uncles.

V. Watched a show that featured a Veterinarian. Vacuumed. Named as many vegetables as we could. Ate Vanilla Wafers.

W. Ate Watermelon. Played in the Water Table. Dug in the garden to find worms. Painted the driveway with Water.

X. Used different items around our home to make the letter X. Found things inside and outside the house that were X shaped. If I would do this day again I would do an X marks the spot treasure hunt! This idea just came to me as I was writing the post!

Y. Wore Yellow. Yogurt for snack. Found things around the house and outside that were yellow. Played with a Yo-Yo.

Z. Played Zoo with stuffed animals. Zebra Craft. You could visit a zoo. Drew & Cut Zig Zag Lines. Made Zucchini Cake.

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