By Amber

November 25th, 2020
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Thanks to Codi for sending me a Codi toy and outfit. As always, all opinions are my own.

As the holidays approach, I’ve been having a blast searching online for gifts for our kids. The older they get the more excited they are about opening gifts on Christmas morning, and I think I found the perfect present for our son this year; a Codi RobotCodi is a screen-free, adorable interactive robot that stimulates children’s imaginations and creates a sense of adventure with stories and songs.

codi robot

Codi even encourages good habits like brushing teeth and cleaning up! Codi’s artificial intelligence learns from a child’s usage patterns to become more personalized and deliver a customized experience based on age and interests. Our son is currently loving music and I think he’s really going to enjoy Codi’s 100 classic songs!


Along with songs, Codi can tell 130 classic stories to stimulate the imagination without a screen. Codi also has a free parent app that allows you to do the following:

  • Control what you want or do not want your child to listen to
  • See what your child has been playing
  • Set volume controls
  • Set guided routines when it’s time to clean up, brush their teeth, etc.
  • Send messages back and forth, no matter how far apart you are!


Right now, Codi comes with an adorable blue snowsuit, but you can also purchase other outfits for this cute little robot. I know our son would love the dinosaur outfit too! Codi needs Wi-Fi for functionality, but can play all saved songs and stories offline. With ongoing software improvements and future content releases, Codi will grow with your child for years to come!





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