By Amber

November 19th, 2020
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Thanks to Purrble for sending me product. As always, all opinions are my own.


Purrble is an adorable, interactive plush friend that helps kids calm down and manage their emotions. Purrble is designed to be discovered by children, allowing them to build a special bond. Purrble arrives in a “live animal” box as a gift from Dr. Pita Treebury – a scientist who needs help taking care of the Purrbles. The Purrble has a fast heart rate that can be slowed by rocking, singing, and stroking – and in turn, your child’s heart rate will slow to match their furry friend. As children practice calming Purrble, they’re building self-regulation skills, too!


  • Buy it: Amazon
  • Win it: One lucky reader will take home a Purrble! This is a US giveaway ending 12/3. Enter using the form below, and good luck!




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  • Maryann D.

    A Purrble is an absolutely wonderful gift! I would love this myself. I think it is terrific that this can calm a child and help with emotions!

  • Helga

    That would be a great gift for my niece. She loves cats. The purring sounds so soothing.

  • elizabeth miller

    This is such a great idea for helping kids find comfort and managing how they feel. Kids need things like this especially with all this lockdown.

  • Amber Ludwig

    I would gift this to my 7 year old! This would be a purrrfect toy to get him to calm and chill out when he gets worked up!

  • My 4 year old grandson, London, would love this adorable toy. I hope he gets the opportunity to receive it.

  • cindy legg

    i would probably give this to my grandson he is autistic. i think he might benefit from this. i love that they have response to fidgeting and touch.

  • Trish Taylor-Kay

    Did they fill out the form correctly? I gave my name and email address and then clicked “Log in.“ Did I do it correctly?

    I think this would be great in the classroom for my first graders, some of whom have issues with anxiety.

    • I tried looking at the entries in this giveaway using the username you put on the comment form here and I tried searching for first name ‘trish’ and no entries show up for either of those. Once you log in, you should see some blue rows that tell you what else you can do to earn entries, you have to submit a least 1 to get a chance to win. The first that you see after logging into the form should say “visit the sponsor’s site” and have a space where you can leave an answer to the question, and a green submit button. If you submit that, you’ll have 1 entry and 1 chance to win. Then other additional, optional entries will show up such as following on Twitter, tweeting, visiting a Facebook page, etc. The more of those that you submit, the more chances you’ll have to win, each one being 1 more chance, etc. But the rest are not required, just the first entry ‘visit sponsors site’ is required.

  • Sarah L

    I want purrble for myself. I need some calm. I get nervous. I’m in the target age group of 3-103.

  • Sarah L

    I visit on FB, come back and click that I did. But I get error message: This entry type uses confirmation. You must click the link to visit the page on Facebook before submitting this entry type.

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