Stocking stuffer ideas for kids ages 0-18
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Stocking stuffer ideas for kids ages 0-18

tamagotchi games

Get ready to have a blast from the past and introduce your kids to their very own Tamagotchi Game!  Available in the original pets as well as a variety of other designs, Tamagotchi characters keep you busy!  Kids get to decide what they should do next as they care for their new friend: travel, feed, play, and more; the land of the handheld digital pet lives on!

Zoey Naturals Hair Conditioner

Zoey Naturals now offers hair conditioner and detangler for kids! The detangler is sulfate, paraben and phthalate free, and it is hypoallergenic! The conditioner is silicone free and hypoallergenic as well. They’re made cruelty free and vegan. These haircare products are a practical gift that will make kids feel special, having their own personal care items that you’ll feel good about using on them. The detangler sells for $10 and the conditioner for $14.

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Rubiks Christmas Tree

Winning Moves Games has a great assortment of Rubik’s puzzles. They have the classic Rubik’s cubes as well as several fun new designs. A Rubiks Christmas Tree is the perfect puzzle for anyone approximately 6 years of age and older. Use your problem-solving abilities to not only complete the puzzle but to create a colorful ornament that can be added to your holiday decorations. The Rubik’s Christmas Tree is a fun and festive puzzle. To learn more about Winning Moves Games, read Laurie’s full review.

Pande Pips from The Outbreak Store

Pande Pips from The Outbreak Store are a fun way to let kids customize their mask. They are reusable and let kids show off their personality. They are made to stick to N95s, KN95s, Loop Masks and other types of face coverings and clothing. The Outbreak Store also carries Mask Keepers: decorated lanyard straps that allow kids to keep their mask around their neck to prevent them from losing, dropping, or placing their mask on a dirty surface when they need a mask break. Lots of fun design choices are available for both the Pande Pips and Mask Keepers.

cry babies magic tears paci house

Cry Babies Magic Tears Paci Houses are an adorable stocking stuffer for kids, with seven dolls to collect! As you magically open the paci house with water, you’ll unveil an adorable baby doll with eight hidden accessories. Use the included baby bottle to feed water to your Cry Baby Magic Tears Doll, squeeze their belly, and watch them magically crying colorful tears!

Flintstones DVD

Get ready to enjoy a Yabba-dabba-doo! Christmas with the help of the classic Flintstones!  The Complete Series featuring all six episodes has recently been released on Blu-Ray and is ready to be welcomed into your home.  Featuring boulder sized fun for the entire family, all ages will crack up at the misadventures the Flintstones and Rubbles face each day.  Fred and Barney constantly find themselves between a rock and a hard place but don’t worry, it all works out.  Throughout all 166 episodes plus bonus content lets you enjoy Fred, Wilma, Barney, and Betty as well as their pets and children as they live their lives in Bedrock.  It’s a classic you will need to add to your collection!

Electrolyte Drink Mix

Ultima Replenisher’s Electrolyte Hydration Powder provides effective hydration with a powerful combination of electrolytes and trace minerals. Electrolyte Hydration Powder is free of sugar, calories, and carbs. It is made with real fruit flavor extracts and sweetened only with organic Stevia leaf.  Electrolyte Hydration Powder is currently available in eight delicious flavors. The Ultima Replenisher Electrolyte Hydration Powder Trial Sample pack includes six flavor stickpacks. The Trial Sample pack would make a fun stocking stuffer along with a new water bottle. Ultima Replenisher is Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Peanut-Free, Soy-Free, Caffeine-Free, Keto-Friendly, and Paleo-Friendly.

Joey Pouch

Joey Pouch are cotton eco friendly reusable sandwich bags that are washable and dishwasher safe. Joey Pouch are also BPA free with EVA food grade interior lining and 100% natural cotton exterior. Can be used in a variety of ways: a wet wipe pouch, pencil bag, snack organizer, small travel bag, wipes case for diaper bag, or pacifier case. Usable as freezable snack bags allowing cold snacks to stay cool and fresh. Sandwich bag measures 7 inches x 7 inches and the snack bag is 7 inches x 4 inches. Available in three fun designs.

MAM’s Winter Pacifiers make for an ideal stocking stuffer for baby this holiday season. Designed to keep infants calm and promote proper oral development, MAM pacifiers have a SkinSoft nipple that is easily accepted by babies and a shield that allows for maximum breathability for baby’s sensitive skin. This pack includes 2 BPA/BPS Free 6+ months pacifiers with an orthodontic nipple to promote proper oral development. Includes sterilizing storage case.

 PILOT FriXion Clicker Erasable

Kids love color so brighten their day and their Christmas stocking with the help of Pilot’s FriXion Ball Clickers!   It’ll be easy for them to express their creative side with this 15 pack of vibrant pens.  Not only is this America’s #1 selling erasable pen brand, thanks to FriXion’s unique, thermo-sensitive ink formula; anyone will be able to write smoothly, erase cleanly, and create brilliantly!

Squirrel Popper, Indoor Toys, Ball Launcher specializes in all things…FUN. They have apparel, accessories, home decor, toys, collectibles, and more. What is more fun than a Squirrel Popper? The Squirrel Popper shoots soft foam balls from its mouth, up to 20 feet away! It is air-powered, meaning the harder you squeeze, the further the ball will travel. The Squirrel Popper comes with six soft foam balls. In addition to the Squirrel, has an Avacado Popper, Narwhal Popper, and Bass Popper. To learn more about, read Laurie’s full review.

Rocksteady Stadium Speaker

For the music lover, a new speaker is always a great choice. The Rocksteady Stadium sound system was designed to connect and pair effortlessly. Incredible battery life holding up to a 16-hour charge, and the portable design lets them bring the music with them at home or on the go.  A revolutionary listening experience with quality sound. The speakers seamlessly connect via Bluetooth, creating a completely customizable concert-like experience and eliminating the need to download apps or rely on unstable WiFi connections. Available as a single speaker, two-pack, or four-pack.

on track game

Tip your hat to history and ride the rails to victory with On Track, one of six new card games from TREND Enterprises, Inc. It’ll take concentration, a competitive spirit, and a bit of luck to triumph in this family-favorite game. Make the right connections to build a railroad from engine to terminal to WIN! Each player builds across a different geographic region: plains, deserts, coastlines, and mountains. Three-sided cards create a new landscape each time you play.

Wallace Jane Hair Accessories

Wallace Jane thoughtfully designs accessories to combine function with sophistication and beauty. Slip some hair ties or clips in her stocking this year. For little girls, Wallace Jane has lots of adorable choices, and more sophisticated and beautiful choices for the tweens and teens too! Pearl and resin clips, hair bows, topknot head wraps, and hair ties that are so beautiful they look more like jewelry than a hair accessory! Tons of styles, sure to make her smile.

TENZI dice game is fun for kids ages 7-97. All players roll their set of 10 dice as fast as they can to be the first to complete that round’s challenge. Challenges could be rolling five different pairs, all even numbers, all odd numbers, etc. The TENZI Party Pack Dice Game Bundle comes with 6 sets of 10 colored dice and a deck of cards with suggestions for 77 Ways to Play TENZI. Additional sets of TENZI dice can be purchased to allow for larger groups of players…the more the merrier. TENZI is a fun and fast game perfect for family game night!

Keto, Stocking Stuffer

Lakanto offers its customers a line of products that are sugar-free and sweetened with natural Monkfruit Sweetener. They have an assortment of chocolate treats, baking mixes, syrups, drink mixes, and more. Lakanto’s Chocolate Bark is made with 55% cacao, almonds, and a sprinkling of sea salt. It works well with dietary needs that are ketogenic, diabetic, candida, gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo, vegan, low-glycemic, and low-sugar. Chocolate Bark comes in a 5-ounce resealable pouch.


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  • Amber Ludwig

    Oh man, my 90’s childhood self is dying to see a Tamagotchi on here!! I think me myself and I need one in our stocking this year lol!! I had SO much fun with mine as a child!

  • Maryann D.

    I love that they have new Tamagotchi Games out now! My daughter enjoyed these years ago when she was younger. All of these gifts would make any child happy!

  • Coressa B Clark

    So many are struggling this year. I own a Thrift Shop in a tourist town. Feeling a need to help out our community more and more. Tourists are obsolete, when tourists don’t come thie County is the poorest in IN.

  • Helga

    I love that Squirrel Popper! And the Flinstones would be something I would watch with the kids!

  • gloria patterson

    Flintstones did not know they released it on dvd. So many good sunday morning memories. Lots of good stuff here.

  • Peggy Nunn

    I would like to try the Ultima Replenisher’s Electrolyte Hydration Powder. It is good for my family.

  • Sandy Pincombe

    I have two toddler Grandsons and the Joey pouches sure sound like an item there Mamas would use over and over

  • Mia E.

    The Tamagotchi Games would work for all of my grandkids and nephews of different ages. It would be fun for them all to have one.

  • Jennifer Fox

    Good ideas! My 7 year old wants a tamigotchi for the sheer fact that I said I had one as a kid!

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