By Amber

December 22nd, 2020
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Thanks to CINEMOOD for sending me this amazing gift! As always, all opinions are my own.

It’s almost Christmas! Can you believe it? While the holidays might look different this year, the magic of the season isn’t lost on us; we are looking forward to Christmas morning and the excitement of spending time together as a family. In fact, I’m convinced that I found the absolute BEST family gift this holiday season – the CINEMOOD Portable Movie Theater!


Yes, that picture is accurate; this is a projector that’s small enough to fit into your hand! My husband has been asking for a projector forever (he has dreams of doing a small drive-in theater with the neighbor kids in the summer) and when I heard about CINEMOOD I knew it would be the perfect option. It might be tiny, but it is mighty! 


CINEMOOD creates up to a 12 foot projection in a dark environment and will run for up to 5 hours on a full charge. Plus, it doesn’t need to be plugged in or connected to a computer. It can connect to your home Wi-Fi to stream shows from services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube – or, you can download shows and movies to play when not connected to Wi-Fi! Better yet, it comes with a digital library including Disney e-books, cartoons, games, and more. 


It was a breeze to set up and connect to our Wi-Fi, and I also logged into our Netflix and Amazon Prime accounts to load our content for streaming. Our kids were absolutely amazed when I started playing one of their favorite Netflix shows right on the wall! I’m already so excited about the prospect of using this while traveling and my husband’s idea of an outdoor movie theater is sounding more and more possible! That is, once it’s warm out again because the temp here is a chilly 20°F right now. Until then, we’re going to be playing projections on our ceilings and walls which is still a super fun alternative!


Not only can you watch shows and movies on CINEMOOD, you can also play games and do puppet shows (which our kids love). All of the content is child-appropriate so you’ll never have to worry about your kids accessing anything they shouldn’t. If you’re wondering about sound, CINEMOOD has a built-in speaker and you can also connect headphones if you prefer. Kids can hold CINEMOOD in their hand or you can set it up for stable viewing; I set it on a chair in our dining room and the kids had a blast! 


Our kids already know about the CINEMOOD gift because I wanted to give it a try and get it set up before Christmas, but it will be a surprise for my husband! I can’t wait to see his face when he realizes what it is. I love that it’s small enough to fit in my purse and that we can have entertainment on-the-go! It will be especially great for visiting grandparents, too. I do have to say, I’m really looking forward to summer and projecting movies on our garage door with all the neighbor kids over. It sounds like the best time! Check out the video below to see everything CINEMOOD can do! 





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  • Rebecca Cook

    This is really cool. It does take up much room. And you can just take it along with you. And being able to play games is cool too. Netflix and Amazon What?

  • Rebecca Cook

    Doesn’t sorry

  • Donna

    This is so neat! I love the portable size and great features. It’s really convenient that you can use streaming services like Netflix with it.

  • Ashley Chassereau Parks

    This is a great gift idea!! My hubby wants to do a “drive in” movie for the kids during the summer too! haha! I love that you can download things to play later! I also love that it can run for 5 hours after charging! That would be easy to use for pool party nights!

  • monique s

    So fun to have a theater experience at home and that is it is compact is fantastic

  • Michelle S

    OMG – is this the best product ever! I’ve wanted a small projector for a while but they don’t seem to have the features that I want. This one would be perfect!

  • Helga

    Amazing how many innovations have been created with this technology. I like the small size of it and that its child-friendly.

  • Leela

    This would be great for the whole family.

  • Lauryn R

    This is the coolest projector ever, I can’t believe it fits in your hand! My family would definitely enjoy getting one of these for Christmas. Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Mia E.

    Our friends have used this to have outdoor movies for neighborhood families when the weather was nicer. Great way to have fun safely.

  • Maryann D.

    CINEMOOD is really cool, and I can’t believe how small that is! I like that it connects to Wi-Fi. What a really terrific and modern gift this is.

  • Coressa B Clark

    The fact that the Cinemood has a digital library sold me on this product, definitely adding to my future purchase list.

  • Amber Ludwig

    How genius is this!?!? I love that it’s so portable!! Convenience is really a clear winner. Im convincing hubby we need this in our gadget arsenal!

  • Sarah L

    That is an amazing product. I like that it’s so small, but still does the job.

  • ellen beck

    What a great gift! Family nights are so important, but being able to invite others is fun too. I hope you get many hours of enjoyment out of this!

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