5 Ways To Show Your Appreciation To Teachers + Smart Toys & Games Giveaway!
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I partnered with Smart Toys & Games to facilitate this ‘5 Ways to Show Your Appreciation to Teachers’ post.  As always, all opinions are my own.

5 Ways To Show Your Appreciation To Teachers

The last year has been hard on EVERYONE!  One of our best friends is a teacher for upper elementary and he said it’s been especially rough.  Trying to juggle the chaos of switching from distance learning, to hybrid, to full-time in person and the constant unknown was hard.  In a matter of hours, the entire plan would change and schedules had to be completely reworked.  So while most schools are now back to in-person, full time learning; it’s time to show some (extra) appreciation to the teachers as the school year winds down.  We’ve rounded up our top 5 EASY ways to show appreciation to teachers.

5 Ways To Show Your Appreciation To Teachers + Smart Toys & Games Giveaway!

1)  Write A Hand-Written Thank You

Don’t forget to get the kids involved in this!  Depending on the age of your child, they can either draw a picture or write a short hand-written note to go along with your own letter of appreciation.  The saying goes ‘a person who feels appreciated will always do more.’  Make sure the teachers (and everyone!) in your life know that you truly do appreciate them.

5 Ways To Show Your Appreciation To Teachers

2)  Send A Basket Of Their Favorite Snacks

Whether you drop hints and ask if you can slip it into the conversation or enlist your child or another teacher to be the sleuth….find out what their favorite snacks are and make up a goodie basket.  It’s the perfect gift that just may save their sanity on a crazy day!

5 Ways To Show Your Appreciation To Teachers

3)  Gift Items For Their Classrooms

Did you realize that most teachers have to supply the vast majority of fun and learning supplies for their classrooms?  Many times, games, toys, and equipment have been purchased directly by the teacher on their own dime.  So with that said, the teachers in my life have said they REALLY appreciate when they are gifted items for their classrooms.  (They’d much prefer it over another candle…)  So check out these new options from Smart Toys & Smart Games that would be perfect in the classroom or home settings!

Pirates Crossfire

Pirates Crossfire

Fire up your cannons… and your brains!

Can you navigate your ships to bring the enemy into the line of fire and sink his ships? Or will you keep the peace and avoid total war? Fire up your cannons – and your brains – to find out!

Pirates Crossfire offers 4 playing modes and includes 80 challenges (20 in each mode).


My First Acrobats

The sky is the limit with this new thrilling set!

With 6 different geometric building blocks, and 3 metal balls each with a different face; little ones will love creating the coolest looking acrobatic structures!

With 24 picture card challenges to complete, this set encourages the development of a range of cognitive skills and inspires creativity.

Apple Twist

Apple Twist

Get the caterpillars into shape!

Three hungry caterpillars want to eat from the same apple. Can you bend them into shape so that they all can fit? This logic game requires flexible thinking! The caterpillars are adjustable…and so is the apple game board!

4)  Surprise Them With A Specialty Coffee Or Drink One Morning From A Local Coffee Shop

Not only will you be giving your child’s teacher a boost, you’re also supporting local!  School days can get long and helping teachers start their day on the right foot can make all the difference.  Years ago when I did daycare, I had one family who would bring goodies from the local bakery a couple times a year.  They did it for no particular reason at all, just to show they cared and appreciated my work.  It made me feel so appreciated!

5 Ways To Show Your Appreciation To Teachers + Smart Toys & Games Giveaway!

5)  Summer Send Off – Get Them Beach Ready

Summer is just around the corner so a ‘last day of school’ gift of a beach bag filled with goodies is a great send off!  Include a beach towel, pair of sunglasses, sunblock, and a insulated water bottle.

5 Ways To Show Your Appreciation To Teachers + Smart Toys & Games Giveaway!

So tell me, what’s your favorite way to show appreciate to teachers?

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