Happy Wax
By Asha

June 25th, 2021
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Thank you to Happy Wax for sending products for review in exchange for my honest opinion. 

Happy Wax

Summer is the perfect time for a fresh fruit margarita, pina colada or daiquiri. Now these delicious drinks come in wax melt form! If you love the scent of candles, but you worry about leaving a candle unattended (especially around kids and pets) then Happy Wax is the perfect solution!

Happy Wax provides a flame-free method of melting scented wax on a ceramic warmer to create fragrance. 

Happy Wax

Choose from 18 different Happy Wax warmer styles and 40 different scents. You can also mix and match scents like Watermelon Mojito, Mango Daiquiri, and Pina Colada to create your own custom fragrance!

Happy Wax wax melts are shaped like adorable little teddy bears. They use 100% all-natural soy wax and essential oils, and are always free of phthalates, paraben, and paraffins. I love that you don’t have to worry about starting a fire or inhaling any harmful chemicals.

Each 2oz Happy Wax melt pouch contains about 16 wax bears. The pouch will provide approximately 60 hours of scent. Typically they recommend melting two bears at one time to give about 8 hours of scent. 

A neat feature is by the press of the button, you can set the timer for 3, 6, or 9 hours and “set it and forget it”.

Happy Wax

Another feature I love is the “no-scrape” silicone wax melt removal dish. Other popular wax melt warmers I have owned just have the ceramic top to melt wax, and it can be difficult to remove all of the wax from the top of the warmer. With the Happy Wax warmer, it is extremely easy to remove the wax from the silicone dish once it has lost its fragrance. 

The Happy Wax warmer comes with a printed on design and features a built in ceramic heater. It is different from other ceramic wax warmers that I have owned in that there is no lightbulb heating the wax. I love that I won’t have to worry about changing lightbulbs! The warmer does product a warm soft glow from a built-in LED. 

With a rubberized anti-skid base, you can place your Happy Wax warmer safely and securely wherever you’d like without damaging any surfaces in your home.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with my new Happy Wax warmer and melts. The many features listed above set the warmer apart from others I have owned and the Happy Wax melts smell absolutely heavenly. 

Tell me in the comments: Which Happy Wax scent would you like to try?

Buy It: Head over to Happy Wax to see for yourself the great selection of products they offer.

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  • Leela

    My daughter loves candles. This would be perfect for her.

  • Lauryn R

    These are delicious sounding scents, definitely perfect for Summer! I love my warmers and wax melts are my favorite. Happy Wax sounds awesome!

  • Sarah L

    I like that the silicone wax melt removal dish makes it easy to clean.

  • Ashley Parks

    These sound like great scents for this time of year. I don’t have a warmer for my bedroom, but I think that would be a great way to make it more homey and cheerful!

  • gloria patterson

    I used to light candles all the time but just got away from them because they are messy. I have never the melts but they look like they would be great. No mess, no worry about fire etc. I need to get one of these

  • Dana Rodriguez

    I like the assortment of scents. I also really love the warmer!

  • monique s

    there variety of scents are great and seems like it would really give a nice scent

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