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My husband and I have five kids.  It honestly doesn’t feel like that many to me.  Growing up, I always wanted to have a dozen!  Honestly, I still do.  Sadly, neither pregnancy nor delivery has come easy to me though.  I’ve had five miscarriages along the way and four of our five kiddos were born via c-section.  The one VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) I managed did not go well and we almost lost our baby as well as me.  But with that said, it’s ironic how family size is viewed. 

While I don’t typically feel like five children is that many, and we even had up to eight kids at a time when we were fostering a couple years ago; many people do think we are a large family.  From time to time, though, I do have to agree.  So I’ve compiled a list of the times either I (or another mama of a ‘large’ family) didn’t realize we had large families until something was brought to our attention…

I Didn't Realize I Had A Large Family Till...

I Didn’t Realize I Had A Large Family Until……

  • It’s lunch time and I have to cook ‘party-sized’ entrees when buying frozen lasagna AND there aren’t leftovers.
  • I see a photo of a ‘large family’ and then count and realize they have either less or the same amount of kids as me!
  • When I buy bread and the cashier thinks I’m hoarding as I purchase 5+ loaves at a time.
  • During a pandemic when I’m buying 2 large packs of toilet paper.  We are NOT hoarding…..there’s just a lot of butts in the house!
  • We try to fit around someone else’s dining room table and realize our 10 foot table at home isn’t normal.
  • I’m at the grocery during 2020 and someone accuses me of “stocking up”……. but I have to reply “no I just have like a lot of kids and this is only about 1 1/2 to 2 weeks worth of food for us.
  • We go to church and because they rearranged rows to fit government limitations, we have to split into two rows as they only have 6 chairs together and we need 7.
  • I walk past someone who stopped for me in the grocery store and it feels like we’re in their way forever.
  • When I try to book a hotel room and we can’t stay in one regular room anymore and have to upgrade to a multi-room suite or 2 individual rooms.
  • Our family can’t ride together in a car.  We had to buy a big van to travel together.
  • Someone says “look at that lady with all the kids!” And i look around but they are talking about me.
  • I go to the playground and it’s packed with kids. Then I realize all but 2 are mine.
  • We order fast food and the worker keeps asking me if that’s all after only the third persons food and continues to ask after every addition.  How about if I just let you know when we’re done……?
  • When we polish off a 9×13 casserole dish meal with a pound of green beans.
  • We realize how many birthday cakes we make each year.
  • Until I take the kids to a buffet, where children aren’t allowed to serve their own plates, so I have to make 5+ trips to the buffet before I even get to sit down.
  • We are walking along, minding our business and I see some random stranger pointing and counting as we pass.
  • We’re walking in a parking lot and someone says “Are they all yours?” with amazement.  Then even more shock when I say we ‘ONLY’ have 5.

And how about some more examples!?

  • When we cap out of the family membership because we have more kids than allowed to use with the family pass.
  • I spend $60+ at McDonald’s for one family meal.  (Also why we have pretty much stopped eating fast food unless it’s an emergency.)
  • When we don’t get invited to a party because we have ‘too many kids’.
  • I over hear people debating whether they will eat a whole bag of XYZ before they go bad and I need two bags of XYZ to make it through the week.
  • We can’t all sit at the same table at a restaurant during covid restrictions.
  • When filling out paperwork. There’s never enough spaces for all the kids!
  • It’s time to pack for a vacation or overnight trip and there are SO many suitcases.
  • We buy tickets to an attraction and look at what the group rate policy is first. Also, when they don’t have a season pass that fits your family size.
  • It’s time to go to the dentist and we fill every room.
  • We go on a bike ride and people comment on ‘what a big group we have biking together’ but it’s only our family.
  • I make eggs and it takes an entire dozen to feed everyone!
  • I realize we can’t live without 2 refrigerators, 4 freezers, and 2 ovens.
  • We have to do multiple loads of laundry every single day, seven days a week just to keep caught up.
  • I need 2 carts at the grocery store.
  • When I see another family with a ton of kids pile out of a vehicle like they drive a clown car or something. They just keep coming!; But then I realize they have the same number of kids that we do.

One thing is certain, life with children is never dull.  Even with all the funny things that happen and strange looks, I wouldn’t have it any other way!  Plus, be sure to check out this 20+ Big Family Tips, Tricks, and Hacks to help make life in a big (or small) family easier!

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Tell me, what number of kids does a family need to have before you consider them to be a ‘big’ family?

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  • Sarah L

    A family is a bunch of people who love each other. No numbers involved.

  • Ashley Chassereau Parks

    I need 2 fridges and we only have 3 kiddos. They eat a lot!! We have friends who have 8 kids and they were struggling to get enough bread and eggs during the pandemic too. I remember her saying that she tried to explain to the cashier, but they didn’t believe her. Ah!

  • Peggy Nunn

    Those are funny. I only had two and that is enough for me. Please that want more and can afford them… bless you. Family is so important. I am glad you did get at least five.

  • monique s

    I love the crowded playground one with all but 2 being yours. too cute

  • Dandi D

    I grew up in a family of 7 and it was so much fun!

  • Leela

    We have eight kids. I think I have heard it all every time we go out.

  • Sue E

    I wanted to weep when I read of your five miscarriages!! I had two myself! The one I had was when I was 15. I was admitted to a hospital. The docs had a hard time stopping the bleeding and they had to do a D&C. I didn’t even know that I was 4 months a long! The doctor said we have to scrape the lining of your uterus. They told my mom that if the D&C doesn’t help stop the bleeding that they would have to do an hysterectomy! My mom didn’t tell me until I was out of the hospital. I’m glad too! I was already feeling guilty about the baby, let alone hearing that I may never be able to have children!! Thanks mom!
    I had one more miscarriage. I lost that baby between my last two babies! I knew what was happening this time and I was barely three months. I have to say if I went through 5, if I didn’t already have a child, I would adopt. I have always wanted to give a child a home and family of their own!
    I was blessed with 4 girls. I wanted to have a boy so bad, because I was a tomboy! I know you are not supposed to question God. I just couldn’t figure out why I had all girls. I didn’t like dresses, high heels 👠 makeup, doing my hair and nails, etc. I am good though because we are friends now. I have seen and believe that the number of kids that you have is not important! God doesn’t care about that either. I truly believe that He cares if you love, provide, and take care of them like a parent should. I have seen where two kids have been more trouble than a family with 4 kids and cost more than them too. I have always believed that girls cost too much with everything that they “need.” We had to get our one dog neutered, because he kept grabbing their pads out of the bathroom garbage! We would find them around the house chewed up. Pretty disgusting! We also drove my husband crazy a few times a month. At least one of us had our friend different times of the month! He always said he should have bought stock in pads and toilet paper 🧻 When we went shopping, we loaded up on that also – especially when there was a sale! Our neighbor had nine kids. All they did was run around the streets! Their parents worked a lot! There wasn’t any one looking after them. It was sad! In my opinion, our taxes are providing for one or more of them as adults now in a penitentiary!
    I ended up working full time. My husband was a union construction worker and if he didn’t work a certain amount of hours, we didn’t have health insurance. When he got laid off, unemployment didn’t cut it! Then I found out I had cancer. So everything happens for a reason! Your life can change in a heartbeat! The pandemic proved that!
    I tried helping with money for food for the mission. Families standing in lines wanting food and needing a place to live! Watching one child or ten was a heartbreaker! How do you pick which child eats or sleeps in a bed?? We are also responsible for teaching all of our children about God!! They will need Him the rest of their lives! I am so sorry that I have gone on and on! I am really happy that you have a great family!
    You are blessed and went through a lot to have them! I feel bad for couples that can’t have children!! One for them would be a big family! From these four girls, we now have 15 grandkids and one great granddaughter and another great grandson on the way! Be safe! We are all in this together! Every child matters & are important! God Bless all the families! May they always have food on the table and a roof over their heads! Thank you Miranda for sharing your family story and for reminding me that we all should look out for the children!

  • Lauryn R

    I have never really thought about what makes a big family before! I think to each their own and I would never judge anyone by how many kids they have. Kids are such a blessing! I have three kids but I want more.

  • Melissa

    Haha, I loved this!
    So many of those are accurate for our five kids too.
    I always laugh when we are out with the younger 4 and people are in shock at how many kids we have and then I have to tell them that I have a teenager as well.

  • gloria patterson

    I never really thought about number of kids in a family. My mother is 91 and there was 10 kids and she is the youngest. If you have the energy and the love have as many as you want

  • Dana Rodriguez

    I am so sorry about your losses. I am one of those people who could never carry to term so I get it. You have a beautiful family Miranda!

  • monique s

    I imagine the food shopping for all the hungry growing kids must be carts full

  • monique s

    I have to imagine that the loads of laundry must be crazy and with all of them growing new clothes and new shoes but on a massive scale…hee hee

  • monique s

    I also thing all the socks you must have and trying to sort our all the boys as your girls are different enough in age to not mix their socks up. LOL

  • Peggy Nunn

    Large families means there are more people to love. It is so nice to have siblings.

  • monique s

    The ordering of fast food, so funny about the staff person thinking your order is done after person 3.

  • monique s

    It feels like there is something every day that reminds you with laundry, food and errands.

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