September nadine west outfits
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I was set a clothing shipment from Nadine West. All opinions are my own. 

Nadine West is a women’s clothing subscription service. You fill out a style profile sharing which colors, prints and patterns you enjoy wearing, as well as your clothing sizes and other details about your personal sense of style. You pay a shipping fee of just under $10, and they mail you a large plastic envelope of clothing based on their understanding of your style. These items will be a surprise to you, yet based on your likes and dislikes! 

You get to try everything on in the comfort of your home. The package will also include a list of the clothing item names and what they cost, so you can decide what you want to like enough to want to keep and pay for. As long as you keep at least one item, the shipping cost will transfer to that item. For example, if you keep an item that is listed as $20, you’ll only have to pay about $10 more than you already have, because the shipping fee will transfer to that item, now. If you don’t keep anything, you’re out the shipping cost. However, I have used Nadine West for quite a long time now, and I have yet to receive a shipment where there wasn’t anything included that I really liked!

One of my favorite things about Nadine West is the price points. All items that they send are $45 or less, though many are even under $25 and you can even set your budget in your style profile if you want only very affordable items sent to you. Most other fashion subscription services send really expensive items, and that just isn’t my budget or lifestyle, personally. 

Your package will include a return mailing labels, so you send back anything that you don’t wish to keep or pay for. 

Okay, let’s move on to what was set in my September shipment! There were six total items.

The first item was this cuff-style bracelet with a knot in the front. It’s gold-toned, and actually matches a knotted ring that I have, which is kinda cool. I have smaller than average wrists, but bigger than average hands, which makes it hard for me to get some bracelets on. The space available on this bracelet to slip your hand/wrist in is particularly small, so it was painful to get this on. It’s very rigid so you can’t bend it to make the space easier without damaging the bracelet. Due to that, I won’t be wearing this. That’s a bummer though, as I do like the style. It is $11.99 to keep.

nadine west earrings

These earrings are slightly textured dangling hoop earrings. I think they are really pretty, and they are something I’d wear to a formal event. They aren’t super heavy, which is important to me. Overall, these are a winner for me! $17.99 to keep.

fall nadine west outfits

The top and the bottoms in the collage above were both set in this months’ bag. The top looks like a pretty basic blue shirt in the front, but has an open upper back with criss-cross straps. I really like that criss-cross back, but I just wish this was in a different color. I’m not one to wear bright blue shirts. I wish that the nadine west style profile would ask you what colors you wear in tops vs bottoms. Currently, you have to just say you do or don’t wear a color, and I do like to wear blue jeans, so that’s why I get sent blue shirts even though I don’t wear blue shirts. The top is $24.49 to keep. 

The bottoms here are jeggings, no real pockets and no zipper or buttons, but they look like dark jeans at a glance. They are so dark that it’s hard to get it to show up in photos, but they have a slight vertical stripe to them. They are $35.99 to keep, which surprises me, honestly. They are thin, definitely jeggings rather than jeans. I typically expect leggings to be notably cheaper than jeans and $35 is just more than I would expect to pay for these. I do like them, but I’m not sure that I feel they are worth that price. 

The top and bottoms shown here were also sent to me in this month’s nadine west shipment. The jeans are very stretchy and have an elastic waist so I’d call them jeggings rather than ‘true’ skinny jeans, but they have functioning pockets and definitely look like jeans at a glance. They have a little bit of distressing texture, and slight fading. I really like them! They are $24.19 to keep. 

I like the color of this top, but I don’t like the big, flowy sleeves. A bit to ‘hippy’ like for me, I suppose! It is $19.49 to keep.

Overall this was a good shipment for me. I liked both bottoms and the earrings. I would have liked the bracelet, it just didn’t fit me well. I would have liked the one top, if it was a different color. 

Remember, YOU can head to to get a stylist to send you surprise clothing based on your size and style preferences. Shipping is under $10, and will roll into the cost of any item that you choose to keep. 

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  • Peggy Nunn

    I like the earrings too. I like that they are not heavy.

  • monique s

    the back on the blue top is really stylish and pretty

  • Dana Rodriguez

    I like the same things you did. I agree.. they should add the color preferences option to your profile because there are some colors I just will not wear myself.

  • Lauryn R

    I think my favorite thing is the second pair of jeggings! I would be disappointed that the bracelet isn’t very comfortable, I don’t like a lot of bracelets due to my tiny wrists.

  • Mia Rose

    I need to update my wardrobe and being able to choose and try on clothes at home would be a good way for me to do that. The jeans in this shipment are ones that I would like.

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