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My niece is expecting a baby late this spring, and we are all so excited! If you or someone close to you is expecting a baby in 2022, and you haven’t heard of Basic Invite, you’ll be excited by this post!

Basic Invite is an online retailer for invitations, announcements and photo cards. They have almost unlimited colors to choose from! This really sets Basic Invite apart from other companies, because you can choose the design you want and then customize it to your color preferences, rather than trying to find a design that is the right colors already. 

Basic invite custom baby shower invites

For example, this adorable Little Dinosaur Baby Shower Invite is automatically previewed in a few different greens. However, you had decided on the party color scheme of dark blues and deep oranges. You can then customize the colors to match! You can get really detailed if you wanted to. I decided I wanted to break up the text into two colors so that part would be an orange and part would be a blue, and it let me even though the original preview had a single text color for the main text area. You can even customize which dinosaurs are which color if you’d like to. There is a ton of creative freedom in the customization settings. 

Basic invite customized baby shower invites

Basic Invite lets you order a sample of your invite before placing a larger order. This is a really cool feature because you’ll know exactly what you’ll get if you place a larger order. You’ll see how the colors look in person, and you can feel the quality, too. 

The wide range of color options isn’t limited to the invite design. Basic Invite also offers 40 colors of envelopes to choose from! 

Basic Invite offers an address capturing service. These days, a lot of us don’t keep up-to-date address books. If you find that you need to collect mailing addresses fr the people you plan to invite, Basic Invite will make that process easier. You use the address capturing service when sharing on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and your friends and family members can share their address with you. The information will be stored in your Basic Invite account! 

Foil Cards! Want to get fancy? Gold, silver and rose-gold foil options are available in flat or raised foil on Basic Invite’s foil designs. 

Basic Invite also offers birth announcement, birthday party invites and more. Check them out for all of your events, not just online baby shower invites

Discount: Save 15% on your order with the coupon code 15FF51! 

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  • Peggy Nunn

    These are so pretty and simple. I really like the one with the picture of the baby on it.

  • Mia Rose

    So neat to have such a wide choice of options to make the invites so personal. There is something for everyone.

  • Lauryn R

    What a great place to buy baby shower invites! I love how much personalization you have to choose from, there is definitely something for every baby shower theme.

  • Helga

    I much prefer to create card using online services like this one. I like their selection of templates.

  • Peggy Nunn

    They have so many more products. You can get so much printing done here.

  • Sarah L

    I like that you can order a sample sent to you before you place the whole order. You can double check that it’s just what you wanted.

  • gloria patterson

    so pretty I have a friend who is going to be a grandmother in June so I think she would like ot look at these. She is already talking about having a family (big family) shower for her daughter

  • Laurie Nykaza

    I love the Little Dinosaur Baby Shower Invite its so cute and comes in great colors. It’s so nice to find a company that does such beautiful work. I do like the colors they use in all the invites they offer.

  • gloria patterson

    My friend has checked them out and she is planning on them doing the invite for her

  • Sue E

    I have to share this review to more people. I pinned it on one of my Pinterest boards. I shared to Twitter. When I am done, I am sharing this to my Facebook page! That’s how much I like this Basic Insight Company!! Only if they were around when I had babies! Or I knew about them before my girls started to have children! This is so cool to get a sample of your invitations before they go out. That’s a good way to do business!! I know when I throw a shower or party, I like everything to be perfect. Plus one of these invitations will probably be put into a baby memory keepsake book 📕 Awesome ideas 😎 Thank you for sharing!

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