haven safari hammock
By Amber

June 7th, 2022

Thanks to Haven for sending me this great hammock tent. As always, all opinions are my own.

Does your family enjoy camping? We do, but we don’t get out to camp as much as we’d like to! Lately we’ve been super into backyard camping at my parents’ house because they live near the woods and we can get the feeling of camping without all the work. When I learned about the Haven Safari Hammock Tent, I thought it sounded like something we’d love – and I was right! As you can see, the entire set-up comes in a compact set of bags. These don’t take up much space and are very lightweight and easy to carry.

haven safari

Haven Safari Hammock Tent

This innovative hammock tent has so many awesome features. The first is an insulated, inflatable pad which gives the hammock a nice shape and is very comfortable. This pad can be inflated manually but we used Haven’s PowerPump which I would highly recommend. You can use this small pump to inflate the pad and then utilize the remaining battery to charge your USB devices! The pad will help keep you warm during winter camping or cool summer and fall nights. 

haven powerpump

Setting up the Haven Safari might seem intimidating but it’s not too difficult. It did take us a few tries to find the right height with the straps and to get the pad positioned correctly, so I’d say there’s a learning curve but it’s doable even for amateurs like us. Inside the Haven Safari you’ll find three pockets on each end. One of the pockets is perfect for a cell phone, and the other two can hold your necessities and supplies.

haven safari pockets

When all assembled, the Haven Safari is 30″ by 80″ and holds up to 350 pounds. My husband can lay comfortably in it with room for camping gear at his feet if necessary. 

haven safari hammock

Living in Minnesota, one of my favorite features is the mosquito net. You can zip into it to keep the pesky bugs out, or you can remove it completely if they’re not an issue where you live. While we were setting up, the mosquitos were VERY friendly so we were super happy with the mosquito net! 

haven safari hammock tent

The Haven Safari also comes with a polyester canvas rainfly. It attaches at multiple points around the hammock to protect you completely from any precipitation. We have the Southwest style but you can also choose from Camo, Green, or Sand colors. 

haven safari kids

Our kids absolutely love the Haven Safari, too! We don’t leave them unattended in it for safety, but they think it’s super fun to hang out in (like any hammock!) and they’re looking forward to some backyard campouts this summer. This would make a great Father’s Day gift for the upcoming holiday, too! 





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  • Barrie

    What an awesome way to camp! I love that the bottom blows up for comfort. This would be great as a hammock in the backyard too.

  • Peggy Nunn

    I love that idea. I like the net that closes.

  • Lauryn R

    This is the coolest hammock ever; I really love the tent idea! I think it would be perfect for backyard (or real, of course) camping, or even just chilling in the yard reading or something. This is definitely something that I know my whole family would fight over, I would probably have to get more than one! What a great idea, thanks for your review!

  • Leela

    I love this! I have always loved hammocks and never had one like this before.

  • Mia Rose

    This hammock is such a step up from other ones I have seen, with the rain fly and mosquito net. Great for camping and backyard fun.

  • JeanD

    This hammock is one of the neatest I have seen. My boys go camping a lot and I think this would be absolutely great for them – Of course we would need at least two. Love the netting.

  • Lisa P.

    That’s a really cool hammock or tent. I like that it zips closed for privacy and to keep the bugs and sun off of you. I don’t know why this type of hammock or tent isn’t more popular. It’s such a great idea.

  • Brett

    This hammock is perfect for the weekend adventure person looking to bring something other than the car as a back up on a nice short camping night somewhere but doesn’t want to hall or set up a tent every time. I would definitley look into getting this. Definite plus it’s enclosed and has quick set up time.

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