Bluram 3mp spotlight security camera

Blurams sent me a camera for review. All opinions are my own.

I’ve lived in the country most of my life. A few times over the years I’ve had people ask me if I feel scared going outside at night when we live in the country. This has always confused me because I feel more secure home alone at night when we live in the middle of nowhere. Homes outside of city limits usually have longer driveways and houses are spaced farther apart which would make getting into, and running away from a house harder than breaking into a home in town. 

We’ve been living in town almost a year now, and while I don’t feel like I am particularly in danger, we have had some issues with “porch pirates”. At least, I think that is what has happened because the carriers say they delivered a package but when I look for it an hour or two after the delivery time it’s nowhere to be seen.

I know others have had luck with discouraging theft by having security cameras, or catching thieves if they do steal after the camera is installed. So, I thought it was time that we tried a security camera. Many security camera companies require you to pay a monthly fee for cloud storage, and I didn’t want to get locked into another monthly bill. I was glad to find Blurams which doesn’t require any sort of monthly service. You just pay for the camera once and it’s yours. 

Blurams spotlight security camera

We were sent the Blurams 3MP outdoor security camera with spotlight. With this camera purchase, you are given cloud storage to capture 24 hours worth of active activity. Meaning, if the camera recognizes movement it will record for a short period and that video will be stored for 24 hours. If you want to record everything then you can upgrade to a paid cloud storage program or an SD card. For our uses though, we’re happy with the free cloud storage that records activity. 

Blurams spotlight camera

This Blurams Outdoor Spotlight Cam 2K camera that I was sent is a new release from the Blurams brand. It has really competitive features for an affordable price. It has 3MP resolution, color night vision is IP66 weatherproof, has two high-gain antennas to get a great Wi-Fi signal (or you can use ethernet connection).

We placed ours near our front door under an awning. The wire goes through the window near our A/c and plugs in inside. It has picked up anytime people stop by without issue. It does also pick up movements that are not people. We have some plans on or porch and when the wind blows the plants around it sometimes detects that movement. We also have had alarms for birds and squirrels, but none for small bugs like moths. 

BluRams 3mp spotlight camera daylight quality

This is a screenshot of what the camera quality looks like during the day. 

It has intelligent spotlights settings so if you’d like, you can set the camera to turn a spotlight on if it detects movement. They can provide up to 30 feet of night vision! It also has a siren alarm that you can manually trigger to warn off anyone you see on your property who shouldn’t be there. This feature is cool because it allows you to see true color rather than black and white. If you had a trespasser or intruder show up, by using the spotlight you could see the color of their clothing, vehicle, etc thanks to the spotlight which could make a difference in catching the individual. 

blurams security camera quality at night without spotlight

The image reversed, I think Ryan took the screenshot with his phone upside down (oops!). Anyway, this is an example of what the footage can look like if you use the camera at night without the spotlight on. I look rather creepy this way, huh! 

Blurams spolight camera a night with spotlight on

Here is a nighttime photo taken just a minute or two after the one above, but this one had the spotlight on. As you can tell, it really improves the image a lot to be able to see color. For this reason, I think the spotlight feature is really beneficial. 

The system will store 24 hours of event footage (Such as when it has recognized a person approaching) without a cloud storage fee. So if you were to believe something was stolen, you could check the footage within 24 hours and it should be there. You can also use local storage with a microSD card up to 128mb. 

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