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Throwing Stars Jewelry sent me jewelry for review. All opinions are my own.

I’m the type of woman who likes jewelry, but isn’t good at accessorizing my outfits. So, rather than buy fashion or costume jewelry and swapping it out, I like to go with fine jewelry that is subtle enough that I can wear it with most anything. I tend to have a few pieces that I wear 24/7 for months or even a year or two at at time before replacing them. 

I had been wearing the same earrings for about a year now, so I thought it was time to look for something new. I like lightweight stud earrings that will coordinate with most any outfit. When I came across the Open Circle Outline Stud earrings on the Throwing Stars website, I thought they would be perfect. 

throwing stars open circle earrings

They are available in yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, or sterling silver. They’re also available in multiple sizes – 7mm, 10mm or 17mm. I went with yellow gold in 7mm. I like jewelry that is on the dainty side. 

When they came, they were exactly what I had hoped. Really small, yet really pretty. I feel like they fit my earlobes well. These will definitely be my live-in earrings for a while!

Throwing stars open circle earrings

I was also sent a paperclip chain bracelet. I’ve had my eye on paperclip chain bracelets and necklaces for a while. I liked how this one from Throwing Stars has an adorable little star on the end! This bracelet is available in different lengths and in two clasp styles. I requested a more traditional spring clasp but was sent the hook clasp. The hook clasp is basically just a curved hook so you can weave the end of the hook through a clip in the bracelet. 

paperclip bracelet throwing stars

I like the look of the hook-clasp, but it falls short for me in actual use. With paperclip chain bracelets, different “paperclips” in the chain end up laying against your skin at different angles. Some will lay smooth against your skin, while others will be turned at an angle. Due to that, if you wear this type of bracelet really tight, some of the bracelet pieces will indent into your skin. I had discovered this in the past when buying a paperclip bracelet and ordering my exact wrist size.

So this time, I ordered one that was a bit bigger than my actual wrist measurement, thinking that I could wear it a little looser. I can wear it that way, but if there is slack in the bracelet with the hook-style clasp, and you move just right (or just wrong? haha) the hook can fall out of place. If I thread the hook through a tighter part of the bracelet, then it can’t fall out but it’ll indent my skin. I’ve also had the hook snag on my cotton muslin blanket while sleeping. So, this just isn’t an ideal hook for me. 

throwing stars paperclip bracelet

Other than the hook, I really like this bracelet. It’s definitely one that I feel like can go with most any outfit. I find the detail of the little star on the end so cute, too! This bracelet is available in a spring clasp, so I’d definitely still recommend this bracelet, just with the other style of clasp. 

Throwing Stars offers lots of gorgeous fine jewelry. They have a lot of other pieces that appeal to me as someone who likes subtle jewelry, but they also have some statement pieces if that’s more your style. Check out the whole selection at



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