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By Amber

April 29th, 2023

Thanks to Heirloom for sending me this amazing video book! As always, all opinions are my own.

This spring we took an epic week-long trip to Universal Studios and Walt Disney World with my mother-in-law. She hadn’t been to either before, so seeing her reaction to the magic of everything was amazing. It was especially wonderful because we and our kids got to experience it with her! As usual, I took a million photos and videos. I made an Heirloom Video Book for my parents for Christmas and I knew that making a Florida trip video book for my mother-in-law would be the perfect Mother’s Day gift this year! 

heirloom video book

Heirloom Video Books

The premise for Heirloom Video Books is fairly simple; you select photos, videos, and music that you want to include in your completed book. Then you send them to Heirloom via their website, and they will clip everything together to make a beautiful, cohesive project. For the book I created for my mother-in-law, I mostly used videos from our trip. I also included a few photos and then I chose a few songs that fit well with Universal and Disney. I’m absolutely in love with how it turned out and now I need to make a copy for myself! 

heirloom video book

When you’re building your book, you can choose from a horizontal or vertical layout for the video. Since I take the majority of my videos in a vertical layout for Instagram, that’s what I chose for this book. The video area is 5 inches tall and the videos play in HD. Your video can be up to 20 minutes long, but you can choose from up to 10 minutes or 10-20 minutes for your completed project and the pricing varies a little depending on length. I think my video ended up about 18 minutes long. 

heirloom video book

You can customize your Heirloom Video Book using the cover options that they have available, or you can design your own cover. Another way to customize your book is to put a personal message on the interior cover! The book comes with a charger so when the battery gets low, simply plug it in to recharge it. The book should play a minimum of six times before needing a charge, so rest assured your recipient will be able to watch their video (a few times!) once they receive it. 

heirloom covers

I love how simple Heirloom makes the whole process of making this video book from start to finish. What you end up with is a beautifully curated, personalized gift that can be treasured for years and passed down between families and generations. My mother-in-law lives in Idaho so we won’t be able to see her watch the video for the first time, but I know that she will love it. I hope it brings back all of the memories we made in February. We’re already talking about planning a trip back to Florida in a couple of years and I think this will keep the excitement alive until then! 

walt disney world

Heirloom offers expedited shipping and their production/shipping process is really quite fast regularly too. Check out their site for any questions you may have, or get working on a video book for Mother’s Day today! 






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  • gloria patterson

    OH this is perfect! My brother and sister in law are taking our mother on a cruise. Going to tell my sister in law about this so she can get lots of pictures and videos.

  • Maria Egan

    I have several photo books like this from family events and I love to look back at them and enjoy the memories of times together.

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